Smart Camera Market: By Integration (Integrated, Compact, Distributed) By Application (Robotics, Security, Traffic Surveillance, Others) By Industry (Defense, Aerospace, Automobile, Others) By Component (Sensors, LED, Storage Hardware, Others) - Forecast(2018 - 2023)

By: IndustryARC

Since 1990’s, smart cameras have attracted significant interest from research groups and many industry segments especially in video surveillance and manufacturing industries.

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Barcode Printers Market: by Technology (Dot Matrix, Inkjet, Laser, others) Printer Type (Desktop, Mobile, Industrial & Ticket Printers, Others) Industry Verticals (Healthcare, Entertainment, Retail, Shipping, and others) & Geography - Forecast(2019 - 2025)

By: IndustryARC

Due to abundant potential as an effective tool for advertisement and graphical designing that replicate the images, graphics, and written texts on substrate, printers’ market size is estimated to be $105.67 billion as of 2018.

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Building Insulation Market: By Insulation Material (Wool Insulation, Plastic Foams, and Others); By Application (Roof Insulation, Wall Insulation, and Floor Insulation) - Forecast(2018 - 2023)

By: IndustryARC

The building insulation market is flourishing across the globe due to the popularity of various building insulation materials which also helps in energy saving while controlling the greenhouse gas emissions.

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Cable Management System Market: By Product(Raceway, Cable Tray, Ladder, Chain & Reel, Others) Material(Metallic, Non-metallic) Industry (Supply Chain, Manufacturing, IT, Telecommunication, Energy, Utility, Oil, Gas, Mining) - Forecast(2018 - 2023)

By: IndustryARC

Cable Management delivers end-users with different benefits such as reduction labor and operational cost, enhanced safety, increased adaptability and low maintenance.

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Automotive Battery Market: By Battery Type (Lead Acid Batteries, Lithium Ion Batteries, Nickel Cadmium, Others); By Function (Electric Propulsion, SLI); By Engine Type (ICE vs EV); By Vehicle Type (Passenger, Two wheeler, Commercial); By Geography - Forecast (2018-2023)

By: IndustryARC

As automotive batteries are integral component of electric powered vehicles, this will further increase the demand of automotive batteries.

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Circuit Breaker Market: by Applications (Automotive Transportation Equipment, Residential Building Construction, Electronics & Electrical Equipment, Others) Voltage Level(High, Medium & Low Voltage) Type(SF6, Vacuum Circuit Breaker & Others) End-users(Residential, Commercial, Industrial & Others) - Forecast(2018 - 2023)

By: IndustryARC

Rising grid investments globally to replace ageing grids in order to upgrade to new efficient networks coupled with the need for effective load management are factors bolstering the global circuit breaker market.

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Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) Market Analysis: by Authentication Model (Two-factor, Three-factor, Four-factor and Five-factor); Application (Government, Travel & Immigration, Banking & Finance, Defense, Retail and Others) and Geography - Forecast(2018 - 2023)

By: IndustryARC

Multi-factor authentication provides a high degree of security, thereby ensures confidentiality of sensitive and personal information.

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PCB Design Software Market: By Complexity (High, Mainstream, Low); By Types (PCB Layout, Schematic Capture); By Verticals (Transportation, Healthcare, Education, Semiconductors, Others) - Forecast (2017-2023)

By: IndustryARC

PCB Design Software significantly reduces production costs and create superior design for the end-products

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3D Camera Market: By Type (3D laser scanning sensors, 3D fringe projection, 3D profile sensors, 3D stereo cameras); By Products (smartphones, tablets, professional cameras, hobbyist cameras); By technology (time of flight, stereo vision, structured light, sheet of light triangulation); By application (gaming, general photography, healthcare, automotive, industrial, logistics, security & surveillance, architecture & engineering) By Geography - Forecast(2019-2025)

By: IndustryARC

The increasing usage of 3D cameras in making 3D movies, photography, smartphones, and navigation systems are the factors driving the growth of the market during the forecast period of 2019 to 2025.

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3D Imaging Market: By Technology (Stereoscopy, Anaglyph, Volumetric display, Parallax barrier, Holography, Lenticular Lens & Others) Type(3D Modeling, 3D Scanning, Layout & Animation, 3D Rendering, Image Reconstruction & Others) Application(Gaming, Industrial, Healthcare, Automotive, Aerospace & Defense, Others) - Forecast(2018 - 2023)

By: IndustryARC

3D image sensors, cameras and displays are all used in conjunction with each other to provide high resolution images.

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