The India UAV drone market share will be highly disrupted by aerial camera technology and the expansion of drone usage in several businesses. Enhanced camera technology in UAV drones includes thermal tracking and improved night vision helps drones in scanning their vicinity while recording details about any potential dangers. Drone camera lens technology is also going under a phenomenal change with companies now making customized lenses for improving photography and videography technologies. UAV professional drones are now being solicited for monitoring ground activities in a variety of industries including agriculture, survey engineering, public safety, defense, mining, oil & gas, and others. Intelligence agencies and defense has been creating a consistent demand for spy drone, quadcopter, multi rotor drones, and parrot drone for surveillance purposes. Owing to the consistent innovation in the improvement of drone technology such as multi-rotor drones, the demand for UAV drones is rising prominently in India, thus contributing to the growth of the India UAV drone market share.

Smart technology is the latest trend to have helped the India UAV drone market in gaining prominence. A new feature included in UAV drones is ‘safe return home’ that eliminates human intervention and helps the drone function in autonomous mode. This feature assists in the prevention of drone accidents or loss by enabling the drone to keep track of its own position. Another important feature is the ‘headless flight’ that has eliminated the monotonous tactic of flying straight and empowered UAV drones with maneuvers that help in flying, turning, and performing acrobatics. The third feature that has provided growth to the India UAV growth market is ‘track target’ which allows a drone to focus on a single target and follow it around for accessing additional information. Features such as these have helped key market players in gaining consumer interest that results in an increase of expenditure on UAV drones. Due to the success of these features, drones are now being employed in many Indian industries for accelerating production and minimizing errors.

The India UAV Drone Market size in 2018 has been evaluated at $564.8 million. The market will further grow at an outstanding rate of 19.9% during the forecast period 2019-2025.

Infrastructure as the Most Important Segment of the India UAV Drone Market

On the basis of end-user industry, the India UAV drone market is divided into defense, law enforcement, commercial, industrial, construction, mining, agriculture, and others. As per IndustryARC’s research, infrastructure has been estimated to be the most promising segment of the India UAV drone market. Infrastructure is an important sector for the growth of the Indian economy and the country is doing relatively well in terms of infrastructural development. India was ranked 44th out of 167 countries that were assessed by the World Bank under Logistics Performance Index. In 2017, the Indian government added logistics into India’s infrastructure sector which has helped in attracting investment. In 2018, the Asian Infrastructure Structure Bank pledged to fund India with $200 million for accelerating infrastructural development in the country. These statistics and information point out towards the expanse of the infrastructure sector in India. The Indian infrastructural industry is still in its nascent stage and has immense potential for further growth. According to the Indian Brand Equity Foundation, the country still requires investment worth $50 trillion to enable pan-India sustainable living by the end of 2022. These growth opportunities in the infrastructural sector have rendered industry players with employing options such as UAV drones that accelerate production. Large scale infrastructure projects are using drones for monitoring remote areas and hunting for potential irregularities that need to be corrected. Inspection is now an indispensable part of infrastructure as nearly every railway line, bridge, and similar structure requires a thorough examination for any damage. Infrastructure industry players are also increasingly adopting UAV drones for their cost-effectiveness. These factors have made infrastructure as a pivotal segment for the growth of the India UAV drone market. The segment will grow with a robust CAGR of 25.8% during the forecast period 2019-2025.

Industries Assisting the growth of the India UAV Drone Market

India’s economy is growing at a fast-paced with the adoption of new technologies and the development of several industries. India is manufacturing at a prolific rate and is gradually emerging as an important hub for global production. According to the International Monetary Fund, India’s economy has been estimated to rise at an above-average growth rate of 7.7%. This growth will be imperative in the subsequent rise of the India UAV drone market. Several industries in the country are adopting the use of UAV drones such as:-

·     Agriculture Industry- India’s economy is largely agriculture-based and has been this way owing to the excellent climate for the production of a large number of crops. India is also the world’s second-largest fruit producer. Furthermore, according to the Indian Brand Equity Foundation, 284.83 million tons of estimated food grains were produced in Indian between 2017 and 2018. These numbers are reflective of the agriculture industry size in India and the massive potential it holds for growth in the future. UAV drones have become an indispensable part of the agriculture industry. Drones are being used for the analysis of agricultural fields in order to estimate the crop cycle and soil health. UAV drones also monitor crops and the weather conditions around it in order to alert the farmers in case of potential damage. Further, farmers are using these instruments in analyzing irrigational needs of crops by estimating which areas of the field are dry or are over-irrigated. These practical and functional uses have made drones incredibly important to the farmers. Therefore, the agriculture sector will be pivotal in ensuring the growth of the India UAV drone market in the near future.

India UAV Drone Market: Key Players

With a visible increase in the adoption of drones in several Indian industries, several key players of the India UAV drone market have started innovating products and expanding their business. The companies that form the major players of this market are General Atomics, Northrop Grumman, Parrot, DJI, 3D Robotics, Textron, ideaForge, Edall Systems, Skylark Drones, Asteria Aerospace, Area360, Johnette Technologies, Aarav Unmanned Systems, BubbleFly, and Drona Aviation.

Drona Aviation is now offering a do-it-yourself platform for clients to customize their own drones. In 2018, Kentucky Fried Chicken, a popular fast food conglomerate collaborated with Drona Aviation to release ‘Kentucky Fried Object (KFO).’ This offer was available only to 24 customers who got drones manufactured by Drona Aviation. This was an excellent marketing strategy that was pivotal in increasing the growth of the India UAV drone market.

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