An alarming rise in obesity disorder impelled by insalubrious diet and the hectic pace of modern lifestyles among the urban population has become a global concern. Approximately 650 million adults were obese in 2018 worldwide. With fewer calories, less fat and carbohydrates content, almost no sugar, and more proteins, drinkable meals are the eminent food item for people with obesity disorder. Switching from regular food to a calorie-restricted liquid meal once or twice a day has been proved to help people lose weight in less time. In that context, growing consumer preference towards replacing their routine meals with nutrient-rich diet that contain low fiber content and high-quality ingredients are the key factors fueling the growth of the drinkable meals market. Surging demand for low calorie and protein-rich food which helps to maintain a healthy weight have augmented the intake of drinkable meals. Subsequently, increasing demand for personalized nutrient combinations is also a key factor fueling the demand for drinkable meals market.

The global drinkable meals market size was valued at $41.5 million as of 2018 and is expected to grow with a CAGR of 5.8% throughout the forecast period 2019-2025.

Easy eating: Drinkable Meals are vital in an On-the-go World

Changing healthy food habits and food convenience are the most influencing factors aiding the growth of the drinkable meals market. Nowadays, consumers are becoming more health-conscious and looking for food items with more nutritional values. Ready-to-eat food products are being considered as the closest alternative to regular food in order to save time and which can be consumed at any meal time such as during breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Drinkable meals are processed food products that provide a blend of macronutrients and energy to the consumers replacing the main meals. They are also used to provide extra nutrition for patients during and after treatment for several diseases to attain dietary balance. Moreover, the evolution of novel meal replacement formulations made with non-GMO food ingredients having optimum nutritional properties is boosting the drinkable meals market. The lack of appetite in the elderly population and those with digestive issues such as ulcerative colitis, gastritis, and others turned as a barrier for preparation of fresh food, thus increasing the growth of this market in the global front. Thus, the time saved by drinkable meals along with their nutritional benefits are spurring the drinkable meals market growth. On the other hand, the increasing number of health clubs around the world also has a positive impact on nutrient-rich drinkable meal products. In 2017, the health club market size of the U.S. alone was valued at $30 billion. These sturdy health club sectors are further amplifying the awareness of the drinkable meals market.

Healthy Eating in a Hurry - Drinkable Meals and its Indisputable Benefit of Saving Time

The proactive interest to maintain physical health is motivating the young and adult population towards the intake of nutritional supplements in a single meal due to their hectic work schedules. Most of the meal replacement drinks serve as a means of fast weight loss. Rapid surge in the e-commerce business along with the introduction of innovative meal replacement products that offer better health benefits will also aid the drinkable meals market growth globally. Also, an increased effort by retailers to shift online to gain better visibility and offer purchasing convenience is enhancing the online drinkable meals market sales. E-commerce platforms such as and offer a wide variety of protein shakes, protein bars, meal replacement protein powders, and other dietary supplements for online purchase. Nowadays, consumers are ready to spend more on food items with more health benefits. Attractive packaging, in-store promotions, and health claims in labels are some of the common strategies that companies have adopted in recent times. A declining trend towards away-from-home dining surging the at-home cooking trend are other favorable factors constituting the growing demand for convenience food items like drinkable meals globally. As a result, the drinkable meals market is rising with the evolution of e-commerce.

North America Holding Major Share of the Drinkable meals Market

North America generated 38.8% of the global drinkable meals market revenue share in 2018. Increasing geriatric population and proactive healthcare practices of people will spur the growth of the drinkable meals market in this region. A high rate of obesity, cardiovascular, and other health-related problems among the population are other influencing factors for this market growth in North America. More than 130 million adults are estimated to have some form of cardiovascular disease by 2035. These growing numbers, which in turn, shift the focus of the American population towards healthy, nutrient-dense, and less-calorie food intake in the form of daily meal. As a result, the drinkable meals market growth in this region is surging in upcoming years. A rise in working women population has all made the practice of preparing whole meals quite infrequent. The need to replace whole meals with food that can be quickly prepared yet has equivalent nutritional value has boosted the global market for drinkable meals. Consequently, approximately 25.1 million mothers of children 18 and younger are in the workforce, representing a third of the nation's working women. Many have felt that cooking family meals, including school lunches for children, is a burden and time-consuming process, which in turn, creating the perfect storm in the North American drinkable meals market.

The application segment that will be creating the most lucrative opportunities for the drinkable meals market is the meal replacement products. This application segment is projected to grow at a CAGR of 4.9% through to 2025. Increased demand for convenience products is the key trend that has strongly favored the meal replacement food products. A surge in protein bars and meal replacement protein shake intake increases the demand for more meal replacement food products. Flax milk is non-dairy milk alternative which contains no cholesterol or lactose and used to prevent and treat heart diseases. Cream of Rice is an excellent source of iron and when prepared with water it is naturally free from fat, cholesterol, sodium, and gluten. On the other hand, changing food consumption patterns among consumers, increased willingness to spend on such convenience food and the lack of time to cook at home are also catering the demand for meal replacement products. The use of numerous meal replacement products in weight-loss regimens has also lead to their widespread popularity in the upcoming years. Consequently, the nutrients available in the drinkable meals aiding the weight-loss regime are favoring the growth of the drinkable meals market.

The Major Players in the Drinkable Meals Market:

Prominent players in the drinkable meals market include Ample Foods Inc., Ambronite, Huel, Jake Nutritionals B.V., Joylent joy, Mana Foods, Queal, and Soylent. These companies are continuously investing in research and development activities to provide innovative and cost-effective product portfolio.  

Soylent, an American-based contrarian food replacement company has introduced its new product Soylent Squared, chewable mini-meal on April 18, 2019. This product is a 100 calorie snack-size protein bar. With this product launch, Soylent turned in to complete a nutrition platform in the United States.

Ambronite, Finland-based plant-based meal replacement food Products Company has introduced its new products such as AmbroGreens, Ambronite Balanced Meal Shake, and AmbroBite into the market on June 27, 2019. These products provide plenty of fiber, food-based vitamins, and minerals. These products are swiftly accepted and became a trending items by the consumers in the market. 

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