Corrugated boxes market have always been an indispensable constituent of the manufacturing sector, as it is completely reliant on such boxes for shipping and handling of finished products. The list of end-users in the market is never ending and majority of the demand is sponsored by food & beverages, electronic goods, home & personal care goods, chemicals, textile goods, glassware & ceramics and paper products. The conventional packaging materials such as glass and plastic are witnessing tremendous criticism on the grounds of ecological concerns and non-biodegradability. Consequently, packaging trends in the profile of sustainable packaging and paperboard packaging are shaping up the global corrugated boxes market size towards augmentation. Apart from ecologically efficient packaging trends, another pivotal factor adding impetus to the global corrugated boxes market share is the robustly flourishing e-commerce sector and processed food industry. Regulations are tightening globally over the application of plastic in packaging, and there are enforcements directing industries to opt for recyclable practices. Hence, corrugate boxes made up of paperboards or linerboards delivers adequate opportunities to industrialists to adhere regulations.

The global Corrugated Boxes Market size was estimated to be $177.12 billion in 2018. As the demand for packaging in the key end-use sectors such as food & beverages, electrical & electronics, and e-commerce industries is growing, the uptake for corrugated boxes is expected to witness significant growth. Apart from the trade growth of application industries, low-cost of corrugated boxes along with optimal protection that it delivers to products is an important marker driving factor. Secondary packaging solution in industries are highly dependent on corrugated boxes such as gaylord box, rigid box, mailing boxes, custom mailer boxes. Hence, the market is projected to be progressing at a global CAGR of 5.21% during the forecast period of 2019-2025. As APAC’s manufacturing sector is witnessing robust growth, the region leads the market in terms of demand.                                                                          

The trend of processed food amalgamated with e-commerce is adding further impetus to corrugated boxes market size:

Growing e-commerce industry is one of the primary factors driving the global corrugated boxes market size. As the corrugated boxes are lightweight and ecological compared to its counterparts such as wooden, plastic and steel boxes, it is preferred by the e-commerce sector. Heavily reliant on efficient transportation for increased bottom line, lightweight of shipments is of utmost importance for the e-commerce vendors.

1.61 billion people globally purchased goods online in 2016 with total sales value estimated to be 1.9 trillion. As the trend of e-commerce remains unchallenged, the value is forecast to reach $4.06 trillion by 2020. As the safety of product is critical for online retailers, they favor corrugated boxes which have demonstrated to be a powerful material particularly for shipping operations. Another factor catalyzing the market development is the uptake of packaged and processed food. This has, thus, prompted the corrugated boxes market growth, especially in the e-commerce sector. Food and beverage sector is among the largest application segment in global corrugated boxes market share. The growing trend of online sale of food and beverages amalgamated with robustly expanding trend of hypermarkets that necessitates efficient packaging of food and beverages is adding impetus to the market growth. For instance, after an acute analysis of Walmart Inc. supercenters, retail giant’s sales of food and non-food grocery reached $136.2 billion in 2016. Similarly, out of the $648 billion of retail food and non-food products in 2016, specialized food stores, accounted for the 3.4% of the total. Moreover, the top 20 supermarket and supercenter retailers accounted for 66.6 % of U.S. grocery store sales. Hence, the governing trend of supermarket and supercenters and its strong growth is directly proportional to the corrugated boxes market demand.

Similar to the retail sector, the e-commerce sales of food and beverages are also amplifying. The retail e-commerce sales for the second quarter of 2019 in the US were $146.2 billion, an increase of 4.2 % from the first quarter of 2019. Apart from the food retail services, corrugated boxes is gaining further traction from bourgeoning food outlets. Fast food vendors prefer smaller version of such boxes for cost and ecologically efficient packaging solution. Hence, as the trend of fast food is developing globally, it is adding traction to the market demand. More than 36 % of adults that is more than 1 in 3 consume fast food on a given day in the United States.

APAC with its prosperous manufacturing sector’s GDP leads the global corrugated boxes market demand:

The global population will be 9.9 billion by the year 2050. Additionally, as per the Industrial Development Organization (IDO), UN, there is a demand for industrial development in order to provide the world population with affordable and sustainable goods. Hence, manufacturing sector is the asylum sought globally to provide for the global demand.

After an acute analysis of the regional corrugated boxes market share, APAC is estimated to be the leading region globally. The region constituting two of the global leaders in manufacturing, China and India, held 45.8% of the global demand in 2018. Both these nations are witnessing exuberant growth in its sectors that are highly dependent on corrugated boxes for packaging such as automotive OEM, chemical, textile and food and beverages. Some important factors in support of the argument:

· Majority of the manufacturing sector is reliant on corrugated boxes for shipping of finished products, hence growth in APAC’s manufacturing output exhibits market sustainability and growth. The economy of China, India, Indonesia and Japan is highly reliant on its manufacturing output. The percentage of GDP subjected towards manufacturing is 29.4%, 14.9%, 19.8% and 20.7% respectively. Similarly, manufacturing sector of India and Indonesia is growing at 8.1% and 5.9% respectively. In 2018, manufacturing sector added $4.003 trillion to China’s economy.

· Corrugated boxes are extensively employed by the chemical sector for packaging and transit of chemicals and finished products. As the APAC’s chemical sector is witnessing exuberant growth, the corrugated boxes market demand is gaining sound traction in the region. APAC is the global leader with 51% share in global chemical industry’s GVA of $1.1 trillion (2017). The GDP contribution that was recorded to be $2.6 trillion was also the highest in APAC for the same year. Out of this entire contribution, China alone had a share of $1.5 trillion in 2017.

·Similarly, in the automotive industry, it is vital to opt for efficient solutions for packaging that can provide crucial shield for high value goods and automotive parts. The manufacturing of a vehicle involves numerous components, and hence similar amount of packaging solutions. The vehicle industry consumes more than 40% of the overall industrial and transport packaging globally. As the APAC’s automotive sector is flourishing with strong presence of automotive OEMs in China and India, the corrugate boxes market growth is leveraging this scenario. China alone in 2018 manufactured 27.8 million vehicles out of 95.6 million units produced globally. Similarly, growth rate for automotive production in India was 8.0%, Indonesia 10.3% and Malaysia 12.2%.

·Apart from the demand for corrugate boxes from various industrial verticals, APAC particularly China is also a leading exporter of cartons, boxes and cases, of corrugated paper or paperboard. China is the third leading exporter globally with a growth rate of 20% (2017 – 2018, export only). The total export value recorded by China in 2018 was $1.18 billion, and it was 11.3% of the global value ($9.02 billion).

Corrugated Boxes Market Companies:

Some of the key players with majority of the global corrugated market share are The International Paper Company, Nine Dragons Paper Limited, WestRock Company, Smurfit Kappa Group, Lee & Man Group, Alliabox International SL, Bio-Pappel Sab De Cv, Carter Holt Harvey Limited, Cascades Incorporated, and Ds Smith PLC.

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