The sourdough market brewing new growth scopes: The bakery industry’s indulgence in natural bacterial culture

The Resurgence Of Sourdough Setting New Parameters For Modern Bakery:

The sourdough market is budding with recent re-popularity conjured up due to the realization of the hard-to-digest artificially processed bakery goods. The most convenient food biotechnology, sourdough culture is transforming the industrial bread-making process which is allegedly impacting gut health. Additionally, the growing trend and high preference for healthy natural foods are disrupting the sourdough market demand in recent years. With higher nutritional content and simplistic yet effective fermentation caused by naturally occurring bacteria instead of industrial yeasts has triggered consumer interest. Besides, the sourdough incorporation is claimed to reduce the phytic acid content in food which can interfere with the natural digestive activity. Offering a natural tangy flavor to the resulting food products, sourdough culture has also opened up new scopes for the bread industry to proliferate their business footprint. Currently, as the organic trend has rapidly captured the attention of the health-conscious population worldwide, the sourdough market is simultaneously experiencing propelling growth prospects. This will eventually elevate aided by the government standards on organic food products in the forthcoming years creating better scopes for the sourdough OEMs to generate huge profits. Concurrently, the global sourdough market is anticipated to increase at a 6.7% CAGR during the forecast period of 2019-2025. Also, this market leveraged a revenue of $2.5 billion in 2018 induced by the re-emergence of the bread industry in the global market.

Bread Industry And Europe’s Dominance Ensuring Healthy Economy:

Levain bread and rye bread that are leavened by sourdough are already popular in the northern part of Europe. The macroeconomic bakery industry is exploiting a healthy section of the net sourdough production across the world. This marks a better scope for the sourdough market to gain a huge demand hike which resultantly increases its global footprint and the economic output. The key application segment for sourdough remains the bread manufacturing which will experience a CAGR of 5.7% through to 2025. The US bakery industry is facing huge success and acquires an annual economy of $153 billion currently. However, the bakery industry in Europe has set a comeback to the current bakery business and is emerging as one of the key regions for the sourdough market expansion. The second-largest food sector in the European Union, the UK bread industry has an annual turnover of over 4.32 billion which places it in an advantageous position for the ongoing sourdough business. Moreover, Europe is rapidly exploring newer possibilities with the organic food drive enforced by government regulations in this region. The EU, recently, passed a legislation supporting the consumer interest towards organic products which will be effective from January 2021. This will offer a radical boost to the sourdough market in this region.
Furthermore, owing to the hike in artisanal bakers and the introduction of specialty bakery products in this region, Europe contributed a regional share of 33.6% to the global sourdough market.

Major Players In The Global Sourdough Market:

The sourdough market share is actively upheaved by the constantly growing business of the key companies. With investment in R&D activities and adopting new techniques, these major players carve an important place in the global sourdough market. Some of these pioneers include Truckee Sourdough Company, Puratos, Riverside Sourdough, Lallemand, Alpha Baking Co. Inc., Josey Baker Bread, Gold Coast Bakeries, Bread SRSLY, Boudin SF, Morabito Baking Co. Inc., and others.

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