Micro Irrigation System Market

Micro irrigation refers to a family of irrigation systems that apply water through small devices. Micro-irrigation refers to low-pressure irrigation systems that sprinkle, spray or drip water. These devices supply water onto the surface of soil that is near the plant or below the soil surface directly into the plant root region. Emission devices deliver water in three different methods namely drip, bubbler and micro-sprinkler depending on how the emitters are placed in the plastic polyethylene distribution line. Micro-sprinklers are emitters commonly known as sprinkler or spray heads. Micro irrigation systems are extremely popular not only in arid regions and urban locations but also in humid regions where water supply is limited and expensive. In irrigated agriculture, micro-irrigation is extensively used for mulched crops, row crops, gardens, greenhouses, orchards, and nurseries. In urban sites, micro-irrigation is used for ornamental planting. The water discharge patterns differ with emission devices, as they are designed for specific applications according to agricultural requirements. Cultivators and landscapers have adapted micro-irrigation systems to suit their needs for precision water application resulting the growth for the micro irrigation systems.

The global micro irrigation systems market is estimated to reach $XXbn in 2021, growing CAGR of XX% from $XXbn in 2016. Growing demand for increased crop production and measures for protection against drought conditions are the major drivers of the micro irrigation systems market. The micro irrigation systems market remains to grow with the intensifying market opportunities and high demand in most of the countries. Micro irrigation systems also deliver water and fertilizer nutrients to plant root systems through the help of drip irrigation, that offers more efficient alternative to flood and sprinkler irrigation systems.

Micro irrigation systems market is classified on bases of type into sprinkler irrigation, surface drip irrigation and sub-surface drip irrigation; by application into field crops, plantation crops, orchard crops, turf and forage grasses.  Micro-irrigation components include pump, valves, flow meters, filters and others.

Drip irrigation system is a useful technique as it helps in reducing water wastage and protects against draught. The demand for drip irrigation systems resulted from their efficient use of water and improvement in crop yield. The factors that are driving the market are growing population resulting in increase of food requirement and growth in greenhouse production.

Micro Irrigation System Market

Asia is the leading market for Micro irrigation system with China leading the charge. Asia Pacific region is forecast to have highest growth in the next few years followed by Americas due to growing adoption of Micro irrigation system in agricultural applications. In Americas, Agricultural crop industries are the major end users of Micro Irrigation System Market.

Sample Companies Profiled in this Report are:
  • Netafim Limited
  • The Toro company
  • Jain irrigation systems Ltd
  • Rain Bird Corporation
  • 10+.


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