Radio Modem Market Analysis: By Frequency (License Free, UHF, Wi-Fi, VHF); By Communication Channel and Operating Range; By Application (Automotive, Traffic Management Systems, Electronic Toll Collection & Emergency Management System)-With Forecast (2018-2023)

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A radio modem is a device which transmits data wirelessly over a multipoint link or just a point to point link. These devices are not used readily by the general public, but rather used across by law enforcement, military and emergency response agencies. In a radio modem, there is no associated network such as a mobile or satellite network and as such, there is charge or cost associated with data transfer between different modems.  A radio modem can usually transfer data between a range of 15 to 50 Km. The type and number of obstructions between two radio modems play a crucial role in the range of these devices. A range of 15 to 50 m would be possible with as minimal obstruction as possible with almost clear line of sight. In case of radio modems being used in a densely populated city, the range can drop down to as low as 10Km. The range however can be boosted with the aid of signal boosters to as high as 100 Km.

In terms of frequency bands, radio modems which operate on the license free band are contributing the highest to the overall radio modem market. Further to this, in the initial years of the onset of radio modems, point to point communication channel had occupied almost the entire market. However, that scenario has changed completely with point to multi-point communication channel growing exponentially over the last three years. In terms of cost for using radio modems, its fairly low considering that the only cost which an agency would have to incur is the cost of the device itself while data transfer would be free. License free band is available in most countries. However, because of this easy availability of license free bands, there are chances of congestion on these channels which makes the use of radio modems redundant. Furthermore, emergency response agencies would have to use other bands to ensure that their channels are not congested.  

The revenue generation is coming in from product sales with minimal revenue generation from operating channels as data transfer is not charged.

Radio Modem Market

In terms of Radio modem frequency bands, the market has been divided into the following (License Free, UHF, Wi-Fi, VHF). The Radio modem market has also been segmented by the following communication technologies Point to Multi-Point and Point to Point. The Radio modem market has also been segmented by the following operating ranges
Short and Long. In terms of Radio modem applications, the market has been divided into the following Automotive, Traffic Management Systems, Electronic Toll Collection and Emergency Management System. The Radio modem market has also been segmented by the following geographies Americas, APAC, Europe and RoW.

Following are just a few of the companies that are operating in the Radio modem market:
  • Adeunis RF
  • Arada Systems In.
  • ATIM Radio Communications
  • Auto Talks Ltd.
  • B&B Electronics Mfg


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