Amusement Park and Water Park Market - Forecast(2020 - 2025)

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The number of amusement and water parks present globally has been on the rise in recent years, driven by improved consumer spending capacity in APAC region as well as the launch of specific theme parks focused on the entertainment sector. The Global Amusement and Water Park Market has been tracked by IndustryARC since 2015 till date 2019 based on various parameters includes revenue generation by various channels including Park Entry Tickets, Premium/Skip the Line Ticketing, Corporate Events, Ride Ticketing, Food and Beverage, Merchandise/Retail, Hotel Facilities, Souvenirs/Photography Features, Parking Facilities, Amenities and Information/Map Desks and Others.

One of the most important factor impacting the Amusement and Water Park market is the revenue generated from the admission fees which is paid by the customers upon entry. There are varying models present in the Amusement park sector for Admission fees. Some parks do not charge admission fee and instead have a per ride ticket that needs to be paid. Other Amusement parks instead only charge an amusement park entry fee but not a ride fee with all rides being free. The most common however is an admission fee being charged with certain rides only being chargeable upon entry. 

U.S is one of the key leader in the global Amusement and Water Park market due to the significant presence of Entertainment Company Theme Parks in the region, facilitated by being a major early proponent of such events followed by the growing support from the presence of Hollywood Movie Studios. Many U.S Companies are expanding their amusement and water park presence globally focusing on Asia and Middle East regions in particular.

There are a number of factors that affect the revenue generation of water park operations companies. One of the major factors affecting the amusement park revenue generation is the food and beverage revenues. The high margin on these products combined with the customer demand for them will lead to extensive revenue generation from this sector. The presence of Hotel Facilities is another major factor driving up the market. However a lack of customer demand for the hotel facilities can quickly lead to significant losses and thus hotel facilities are present in parks where footfall is significant.

The major player in the amusement park market globally is Disney. The Disney blueprint is a highly themed environment with interaction with its vast universe of media properties, including Pixar, Star Wars, and Marvel.  Rides and attractions are family-oriented, rather than thrill-based, and dark rides are the norm.  Focusing on its attraction mix does not do the park justice, because as much investment and deliberation is invested in its landscaping and environmental theming as in the attraction hardware.  The gold standard in theme parks along all metrics, from profitability, recognition, sustainability, and design. Characteristic of Disney parks is their ability to earn revenues from ancillary segments such as merchandise and food and beverage – which are often on par with, and sometimes greater than, revenues from ticket sales. This revenue generation from merchandizing does not exist for most parks and is a significant revenue boost for Disney as well as for Legoland and Universal Studios, other parks where merchandizing plays a major role.
1.Global Amusement Park and Water Park Market Database - Market Overview
1.1 Definitions and Scope
2.Global Amusement Park and Water Park Market Database - Executive Summary
2.1 Market Revenue, Market Size and Key Trends
2.2 Key trends by Park Type
2.3 Key trends segmented by Geography
3.Global Amusement Park and Water Park Market Database - Industry Market Entry Scenario Premium
3.1 Regulatory Framework Overview
3.2 New Business and Ease of Doing business index
3.3 Case studies of successful ventures
4.Global Amusement Park and Water Park Market Database - Market Forces
4.1 Market Drivers
4.2 Market Constraints
4.3 Market Opportunities
5.Global Amusement Park and Water Park Market – Strategic Analysis
5.1 Product/Market Life Cycle Analysis
5.2 Porters five force model
5.2.1 Bargaining power of suppliers
5.2.2 Bargaining powers of customers
5.2.3 Threat of new entrants
5.2.4 Rivalry among existing players
5.2.5 Threat of substitutes
6.Global Amusement Park and Water Park Market – By Component (Market Size -$Million)
6.1 Standalone Waterparks
6.2 Theme Park/Amusement Park
6.3 Integrated Water Parks (Hotel + Water Park)
6.4 Adventure Sports
7.Amusement and Waterpark Market by Park Type 
7.1 Indoor Facilities
7.2 Outdoor Facilities
8.Amusement and Waterpark Market by Revenue Generation Channels 
8.1 Park Entry Tickets
8.2 Premium/Skip the Line Ticketing
8.3 Corporate Events
8.4 Ride Ticketing
8.5 Food and Beverage
8.6 Merchandise/Retail
8.7 Hotel Facilities
8.8 Souvenirs/Photography Features
8.9 Parking Facilities
8.10 Amenities and Information/Map Desks
8.11 Others
9.Amusement and Waterpark Market by Attraction Type
9.1 Water Rides
9.1.1 Uphill Water Coaster
9.1.2 Bumper Boats
9.1.3 Fish Slide
9.1.4 AquaLoop
9.1.5 Bowl Ride
9.1.6 Surfing Ride
9.1.7 Funnel Ride
9.1.8 Speed Slide
9.1.9 Halfpipe Slide
9.1.10 Log Flume
9.1.11 Parasailing/Jet Skis/Paddle Boards
9.1.12 Old Mill Rides
9.1.13 Towed Boat Rides
9.1.14 River Rapids
9.2 Relaxation Attractions
9.2.1 Canal/River/Lake Boat Rides
9.2.2 Railway Rides
9.2.3 Historical/Theme Ridethroughs
9.2.4 Theater (including 4D Theater Experiences)
9.2.5 Haunted House
9.2.6 Mazes
9.2.7 Beach Side Events
9.3 Dry Rides
9.3.1 Flat Rides
9.3.2 Dark Rides
9.3.3 Drop Tower
9.3.4 Pendulum Rides
9.3.5 Motion Simulator Rides and VR Rides
9.3.6 Flying Theater Rides
9.3.7 Swing Rides
9.4 Night Time Experiences
9.4.1 Stage Shows
9.4.2 Nightclubs
9.4.3 Movie/Theater Experiences
9.5 Family Rides
9.5.1 Family Raft Ride
9.5.2 Dodgem
9.5.3 Merry Go Round/Carousel
9.5.4 Vehicle Track Rides
9.5.5 Go-Karts
9.5.6 Observation Decks
9.5.7 Ferris Wheel
9.6 Creative Projections and Light Shows
9.6.1 Drone Displays
9.6.2 Laser Lighting
9.6.3 Liquid Lighting
9.6.4 Theater Light Show
10.Amusement and Waterpark Market by Customer Type
10.1 Parkgoers
10.2 Corporate Clients
10.3 Educational Institutes
10.4 Families
11. Global Amusement Park and Water Park Market -  By Countries (Market Size -$Million)
11.1 Europe
11.1.1 Germany Europa-Park Phantasialand Legoland Deutschland Heide Park Resort Steinwasen Park
11.1.2 France Disneyland Paris Asterix Park Futuroscope Walt Disney Studios Park Jardin d’Acclimation
11.1.3 U.K Alton Towers Blackpool Pleasure Beach Thrope Park Chessington World of Adventures Drayton Manor Theme Park
11.1.4 Italy Gardaland Mirabilandia Leolandia Etna Land Rainbow Magicland
11.1.5 Spain Port Adventura Tibidabo Amusement Park Parque Warner Madrid Terra Mitica Siam Park
11.1.6 Benelux Walibi Belgium Aqualibi Efteling Walibi Holland Julianatoren Apeldoom
11.1.7 Russia Divo Ostrov Sotschi Park Sochi Adventure Park Bolshoy Sochinskiy Island of Dreams
11.1.8 Nordic Region Gronalund Legoland Resort Tusenfyrd Linanmaki Liseberg
11.2 North America
11.2.1 U.S Disney Land Disney World Cedar Point Six Flags Great Adventure Universal Studios Orlando
11.2.2 Canada La Ronde Canada’s Wonderland Calaway Park Calypso Waterpark Marineland
11.2.3 Mexico Xcaret Park Six Flags Mexico Xei-Ha Park Selva Magica La Feria Chapultepec Mágico
11.3 South America
11.3.1 Brazil Beto Carrero World Beach Park Hopi Hari Arraial Eco Parque Terra Encantada
11.3.2 Argentina Parque de la Costa Holy Land Republica de los Ninos Ciudad Park Aquasol Pakr Acuatico
11.4 Middle East
11.4.1 U.A.E Ferrari World Abu Dhabi Legoland Dubai Wild Wadi Themepark Yas Waterworld Aquaventure Waterpark
11.4.2 Bahrain Wahooo Waterpark Lost Paradise of Dilmun Water Park Adhari Park Magic Planet Marine Mania Water Park
11.4.3 Qatar Gondolania Aqua Park Qatar Circus Land Angry Birds World Qatar Entertainment World Village
11.4.4 Saudi Arabia
11.4.4. 1Salaam Park
11.4.4. 2Al Shallal Theme Park
11.4.4. 3Aseer National Park
11.5 Africa
11.5.1 South Africa
11.5.1. 1Gold Reef City Ratanga Junction uShaka Marine World
11.5.2 Egypt Dreampark FabyLand B&D Park
11.6 APAC
11.7 Japan
11.7.1 Tokyo Disneyland
11.7.2 Universal Studios Japan
11.7.3 Edo Wonderland
11.7.4 Legoland Japan Resort
11.7.5 Fuji Q-Highland
11.8 China
11.8.1 Chimelong Paradise
11.8.2 Happy Valley Shenzhen
11.8.3 Chimelong Ocean Kingdom
11.8.4 Window of the World
11.8.5 Shanghai Disneyland
11.9 India
11.9.1 Essel World
11.9.2 Wonderland
11.9.3 Nicco Park
11.9.4 Aquatica
11.9.5 Imagica Theme Park
11.10 South Korea
11.10.1 Everland
11.10.2 Seoul Land
11.10.3 Caribbean Bay
11.10.4 Yongma Land
11.10.5 Ocean World
11.11 Australia
11.11.1 Dreamworld
11.11.2 Warner Bros. Movie World
11.11.3 Adventure World
11.11.4 WhiteWater World
11.11.5 Wet’n’Wild Gold Coast
12. Global Amusement Park and Water Park Market - Entropy
13. Global Amusement Park and Water Park Market Company Analysis
13.1 Company Revenue, Water/Adventure Parks, M&A, Developments
13.2 Company 1
13.3 Company 2
13.4 Company 3
13.5 Company 4
13.6 Company 5
13.7 Company 6
13.8 Company 7
13.9 Company 8
13.10 Company 9
13.11 Company 10
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