Adventure Sports and Water Sports Market - Forecast(2023 - 2028)

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The fast-paced and hectic lifestyle of people around the world has compelled individuals to seek out new ways to de-stress and relax. The rising need to de-stress and break away from regular, mundane activities has resulted in an increasing number of people participating in outdoor sports and recreational activities. This will, in turn, bolster the growth of the adventure sports and water sports market in the coming years. The Global Adventure Sports and Water Sports Market has been tracked by IndustryARC since 2016 till date 2019 based on various parameters includes revenue generation by various channels including Ticketing, Corporate Events, Ride Ticketing, Food and Beverage, Merchandise/Retail, Resort, Parking Facilities, Guided Tours, Coaching/Training and Others.

With the growing interest and participation in water sporting activities, several novel water sporting categories are being introduced in recent times. Among these novel water sports, jet-powered hoverboards, flyboarding and inflatable catapults are garnering interest. Other such activities include aquatic hover boards and Water Jetpacks. Adventure sports such as micro flight flying, flying foxes and heli skiing are also witnessing increased demand particularly in Europe and U.S. Blob jumping and sub-wing are the two other novel categories of adventure sport, which are gaining popularity. The advent of such novel adventure and water sporting categories is likely to create new avenues of growth and rise of new competitors offering these novel activities. 

Artificial water bodies for kayaking and rafting are gaining popularity among water sports enthusiasts. The U.S. National Whitewater Center situated in Charlotte, North Carolina, US, has the largest artificial river in the world, which is suitable for rafters and kayakers. The Kielder Water and Forest Park in Northeast England is one of the largest man-made lakes in the region, which has become extremely popular among tourists for canoeing and water-skiing. Another well-known example is that of surf parks integrated with artificial wave technology. Such artificial, man-made attractions provide consumers with a convenient and easier option which averts the hassle of travelling long distances or waiting for the right season to indulge in a sport. 

The increasing number of innovative water sports equipment launches is an emerging trend that is expected to significantly contribute to the market's growth during the forecast period. Competitors are focusing on the introduction of innovative product offerings with respect to design, color, shape, and weight, to meet the needs of individual consumers. With the transition from beginners to seasoned recreational adventure and water sports enthusiasts, the demand for water sports equipment that is required for underwater observation increases. Many water sports equipment manufacturers are, therefore, launching new lightweight and more advanced equipment to cater to the changing consumer preferences. Moreover, consumers prefer to purchase equipment with new and improved features that is well suited to their specific needs. Such initiatives and changes are likely to enhance the growth of the global water sports gear and equipment market during the forecast period. This is leading to highly technological advanced adventure and water sports activities being offered by companies. However this has also led to rise in price as the cost of this equipment can be significant. Despite this price rise, the market for adventure and water sports will continue to grow during the forecast period driven by increased demand in Middle East and Asia.
1. Global Adventure Sports and Water Sports Market - Market Overview
    1.1 Definitions and Scope
2. Global Adventure Sports and Water Sports Market - Executive Summary
    2.1 Market Revenue, Market Size and Key Trends
    2.2 Key trends by Activity Type
    2.3 Key trends segmented by Geography
3.Global Adventure Sports and Water Sports Market - Industry Market Entry Scenario Premium
    3.1 Regulatory Framework Overview
    3.2 New Business and Ease of Doing business index
    3.3 Case studies of successful ventures
4.Global Adventure Sports and Water Sports Market - Market Forces
    4.1 Market Drivers
    4.2 Market Constraints
    4.3 Market Opportunities
5.Global Adventure Sports and Water Sports Market – Strategic Analysis
    5.1 Product/Market Life Cycle Analysis
    5.2 Porters five force model
        5.2.1 Bargaining power of suppliers
        5.2.2 Bargaining powers of customers
        5.2.3 Threat of new entrants
        5.2.4 Rivalry among existing players
        5.2.5 Threat of substitutes
6.Global Adventure Sports and Water Sports Market – By Component (Market Size -$Million)
    6.1 Amusement Park
    6.2 Beach Sports Park
    6.3 Resort
    6.4 Event Hosting
7.Adventure Sports and Water Sports Market by Facility Type 
    7.1 Indoor Facilities
    7.2 Outdoor Facilities
8.Adventure Sports and Water Sports Market by Revenue Generation Channels 
    8.1 Ticketing
    8.2 Corporate Events
    8.3 Food and Beverage
    8.4 Merchandise/Retail
    8.5 Training/Coaching
    8.6 Parking Facilities
    8.7 Guided Tours/Hosting
    8.8 Others
9.Adventure Sports and Water Sports Market by Activity Type
    9.1 Water Activities
        9.1.1 Parasailing
        9.1.2 Jet Skis
        9.1.3 Paddle Boards
        9.1.4 Boat Rides
        9.1.5 Kayaking
        9.1.6 Rafting
        9.1.7 Scuba Diving
        9.1.8 Surfing
        9.1.9 Wind Surfing
        9.1.10 Others
    9.2 Adventure Activities
        9.2.1 Bungee Jumping
        9.2.2 Skiing
        9.2.3 Snowboarding
        9.2.4 Hot Air Ballooning
        9.2.5 Dirt Biking
        9.2.6 Zorbing
        9.2.7 Mountain Biking
        9.2.8 Rock Climbing
        9.2.9 Hang Gliding
        9.2.10 Hiking/Trekking
        9.2.11 Caving
        9.2.12 Others
10.Global Adventure Sports and Water Sports Market -  By Countries (Market Size -$Million)
    10.1 Europe
        10.1.1 Germany
        10.1.2 France
        10.1.3 U.K
        10.1.4 Italy
        10.1.5 Spain
        10.1.6 Benelux
        10.1.7 Russia
        10.1.8 Nordic Region
        10.1.9 Poland
        10.1.10 Czech Republic
        10.1.11 Others
    10.2 North America
        10.2.1 U.S
        10.2.2 Canada
        10.2.3 Mexico
    10.3 South America
        10.3.1 Brazil
        10.3.2 Argentina
        10.3.3 Chile
        10.3.4 Peru
        10.3.5 Others
    10.4 Middle East
        10.4.1 U.A.E
        10.4.2 Bahrain
        10.4.3 Qatar
        10.4.4 Saudi Arabia
    10.5 Africa
        10.5.1 South Africa
        10.5.2 Egypt
        10.5.3 Nigeria
        10.5.4 Zimbabwe
        10.5.5 Others
    10.6 APAC
        10.6.1 Japan
        10.6.2 China
        10.6.3 India
        10.6.4 South Korea
        10.6.5 Australia
        10.6.6 Indonesia
        10.6.7 Malaysia
        10.6.8 Thailand
        10.6.9 Others
11.Global Adventure Sports and Water Sports Market - Entropy
12.Global Adventure Sports and Water Sports Market Company Analysis
    12.1 Company Revenue, Water/Adventure Parks, M&A, Developments
    12.2 Company 1
    12.3 Company 2
    12.4 Company 3
    12.5 Company 4
    12.6 Company 5
    12.7 Company 6
    12.8 Company 7
    12.9 Company 8
    12.10 Company 9
    12.11 Company 10
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