GAA FET Technology Market - Forecast(2024 - 2030)

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The Global market for Gate All Around FET (GAA FET) Technology is forecast to reach $203 million by 2025, growing at a CAGR of 39.5% from 2020 to 2025. The demand for GAA FETs over FINFET Technology is rising due to the claims of overcoming drawbacks of FINFETs like minimization of energy loss, increase in durability and efficiency. As the GAA FETs have been able to successfully eliminate some of the drawbacks of FINFET technology, it is expected that GAA FETs can turn out to be a major competitor for FINFET in the future. Furthermore, development towards nano-scale technology is a major driver in fueling the market growth and thus, becoming a great alternative for FINFETs.  

Key Takeaways

  • The challenges faced in FINFETs led to the discovery of GAA FETs, which essentially focused on providing high performance. 
  • Increased advancement towards nano technology has led to keep the foundation of GAA FET Technology in the market. Factors like better performance, energy efficiency, and high durability are major points towards the invention of GAA FETs.
  • GAA FETs can be used in Electronic switches for power management, street lights auto intensity control, chip designs for electronic devices, low voltage switches and consumer electronics. The rising demand of GAA FET technology in consumer electronics sector is expected to provide more opportunities in the coming future.
  • North America region is expected to dominate the global GAA FET technology market during the forecast period 2025 due to their high investments in Research and Development activities and adoption of GAA FET technology in electrical vehicles.

Technology- Segment Analysis 

GAA FETs are seen emerging as replacement for traditional FIN FETs due to their better performance computing and easy accommodation of more devices on same piece of silicon. Gate-all-around FETs are emerging as the successors to FINFETs for extremely scaled process nodes. For overcoming the limitations of 5nm FIN FETs, 3 nm GAA FET is to be used further which offers performance gains and energy efficiency. This 3 nm requires evolution of new technologies like nano sheets and nanowires. According to IBM, industry had gradually merged upon horizontally stacked nano sheets as the alternative for 5nm generation. GAA looks like alternate layers of silicon and SiGe are patterned into pillars.

Application - Segment Analysis

GAA FET technology is the latest technology expected to be widely used in place of FINFETs in the upcoming years. GAA FET Technology has various applications which makes it more popular than FINFETs. GAA FETs are used in consumer electronics devices such as smartphones, televisions, computers and many others. They are used for industry purpose like semiconductor or chip designing companies. Designing ICs using GAA FET technology is a major application in semiconductor industry. They can be used as Electronic switches for power management, low voltage switches (less than 200 V), which can be used in power saving devices such as inverters. Different GAA FETs applications are used in smart devices that enhance the performance of the processor within them. The rising demand of consumer electronics sector is expected to provide more opportunities in the coming years for GAA FET market.

Geography - Segment Analysis

The Gate all around FET technology market in APAC is expected to grow at 42.1% prior to the forecast period. The analysis shows that the Global GAA FET technology market will have a huge substantial growth in market share followed by Europe and North America. Various factors like high investments in Research and development activities and adoption of GAA FET technology in electric vehicles are expected to mark major growth in the APAC market over the forecast period. Toshiba Corporation and Renesas Electronics Corporation are the major key players in APAC region which make the market growth due to increased competition across this region. 

Drivers – GAA FET Technology Market

  • Growth in Nano technology

The rising demand of Nano technology has made a positive impact towards GAA FET market growth. Gate all around (GAA) FETs have variants like Nan sheet FETs , Nanowire FETs, hexagonal FETs, Nano-ring FETs and Nano slab FETs. This nano technology based design helps to provide a compact design and also claims that it can fit in about 30 Billion transistors on the chip using GAA FET technology on a 50 mm² chip.

  • Improvement in performance

GAA FETs share a major difference with FINFETs design as in GAA FETs, the channel region is surrounded with gate material from all the sides. The design structure gives a much more efficient transistor design and helps in a tremendous jump in performance per watt over a 5 nm FINFET process. This implies that GAA FETs provide better performance results than FINFETs ensuring more efficiency and durability. This factor is considered to be a major driver for the market growth of GAA FET technology. 

Challenges – GAA FET Technology Market

  • Higher fabrication cost 

The major challenge for GAA FET technology is the high cost of fabrication, which essentially hampers the market growth. As per IBM says, the chip uses EUV (Extreme Ultra Violet) lithography for the first time for front line patterning thus making it expensive. The fabrication process leads to production of semiconductor devices used in integrated circuits. Fabrication of   GAA FET makes use of advanced processes which are expensive, thus indirectly hindering the market growth of GAA FET.

Market Landscape

Technology launches, acquisitions, and R&D activities are key strategies adopted by players in the GAA FET Technology market. GAA FET Technology market is expected to be dominated by major companies such as Infineon Technologies AG, NXP semiconductors, Renesas Electronics Corporation, ABB Group, Toshiba Corporation, Fairchild Semiconductor, Digi-key Electronics, STMicroelectronics, IXYS Corporation, Power Integrations and among others.

Acquisitions/Technology Launches

  • In February 2020, Samsung has succeeded in making the world’s first 3 nm semiconductor prototype, as reports confirmed by Korean Maeil Economy. By 2030, Samsung is planning to become world's number one semiconductor manufacturer. The 3nm prototype is based on the Gate All Around (GAA) FET technology. This apparently has reduced the total silicon size by 35% and power use by 50%. Moreover, compared to 5nm Fin FET process, the 3nm process accounts for same amount of power consumption and 33% increase in performance.

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    14.4 Renesas Electronics Corporation
    14.5 ABB Group
    14.6 Toshiba Corporation 
    14.7 Fairchild Semiconductor
    14.8 Digi-key Electronics
    14.9 STMicroelectronics
    14.10 IXYS Corporation
    14.11 Power Integrations
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