Humidifier Market - Forecast(2022 - 2027)

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Humidifier Market Overview

The Humidifier Market is forecast to reach $4.2 million by 2026, growing at a CAGR of 4.1% from 2021 to 2026. Humidifiers are devices that emit water vapour or steam into the room to increase the moisture levels in the air humidity. Humidity levels in the air depend on the season like in the summer humidity levels will be higher and during winter they tend to be low. Ideally the humidity levels in the air should be between 30% and 50% below or above this level can cause problems like in low humidity Dry Skin and Itchy Eyes and in high humidity Respiratory problems and develop allergies. Evaporative Humidifier systems are used for commercial purposes like in shopping malls or departmental stores and they are also used for residential purposes. The Covid-19 driven demand for medical ventilators will drive the adoption of ultrasonic humidifiers in the short term.

Report Coverage

The report: “Humidifier Market – Forecast (2021-2026)”, by IndustryARC covers an in-depth analysis of the following segments of the Humidifier Market.
By Humidifier Type – Central, Impeller, Evaporators, Steam Vaporizers, Ultrasonic and Others.
By Installation Type – Fixed and Portable.
By Channel – Exclusive Stores, Multi Brand Stores, E-commerce Websites.
By Application – Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Agricultural and Others.
By Geography - North America (U.S, Canada, Mexico), Europe (Germany, UK, France, Italy, Spain, Russia and Others), APAC(China, Japan India, SK, Australia and Others), South America(Brazil, Argentina and others), and RoW (Middle east and Africa).

Key Takeaways

  • Humidifier sales across the globe are increasing rapidly due to rising pollution levels and impact the quality of air outside which leads to adoption of humidifiers.
  • In 2019, the revenue generated through humidifier sales across globe was $3.0 billion and is estimated to grow more in forecast period.
  • Humidifier therapy adds moisture to the air to prevent dryness problems which causes irritation to many parts of the body. Humidifiers ease some symptoms like flu and common cold.
  • Usually the humidity in the air should be 30% to 50% and humidifiers emits vapors or steam in order to keep the humidity in medium level.

Humidifier Market, By Installation Type, 2020

Humidifier Market

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Humidifier Market Segment Analysis - By Humidifier Type

There are different types of humidifiers are available and it should be used depending on the climatic conditions and there are cool-mist humidifiers and warm-mist humidifiers. Warm-mist humidifiers allow the moisture to reach highest level and they also kill the bacteria with steam. Cool-mist humidifiers on the other hand use air filters to remove impurities. Central Humidifiers dominate the market with share of 30.5% share in 2020. The significant usage of humidifiers for sleep apnea applications will in particular drive the market growth. Sleep Apnea is a serious sleep disorder in which breathing repeatedly starts and stops. Untreated sleep apnea causes major health issues leading to chronic disorders such as cardiovascular diseases, high blood pressure, atrial fibrillation, stroke and obesity. Hence, increase in the prevalence of sleep disorder across the world would eventually increase the demand of sleep apnea devices.

Humidifier Market Segment Analysis - By Installation Type

Humidifier installation is done in two ways fixed and portable. Fixed humidifiers work with a building heating and cooling systems to add needed moisture to the air as it circulates. This segment is set to dominate the market with a share of 66.9% in 2020. They are installed between the supplies and return air ducts and works with HVAC system. Types of fixed humidifiers are bypass, fan-powered and steam humidifiers. Portable humidifiers are standalone appliances which adds moisture directly in to the air of the room they are situated in. Types of portable humidifiers are Vaporizers, Ultrasonic and Evaporative and each use different technology to add moisture.

Humidifier Market Segment Analysis - By Geography

Asia-Pacific air humidifier market is set to dominate the market in the forecast period reaching 36.2% by 2026. India, China and Japan are the countries which led to deployments of humidifiers across these regions due to rapidly growing pollution levels in this countries and deteriorating air quality both indoors and outdoors. The shift in consumer lifestyles and rising demand for advanced medical products will in particular drive the humidifier market. The demand in for particular rising for ultrasonic humidifiers and evaporative residential humidifiers is expected to grow rapidly. The climate change driven temperature variations as well as increasing implementation of smart homes equipped with automated humidifiers and other temperature moderation equipment will drive the market in North America and Europe and is expected to provide lucrative opportunities for the market.

Humidifier Market Drivers

Government Regulations Driving The Market Growth

Government institutions and policy makers globally are increasing efforts to successfully to create the awareness among public. Respective governments and market players are investing aggressively on advertisements and awareness creating campaigns to reach the public. Government and various international organisations are suggesting guidelines to maintain healthier living environment indoors. These guidelines are helping in creating awareness among public as a result more people are opting for humidifiers for safety purposes.

Automotive Industry Driving The Market Growth

Automotive Industry is one of the major driving factors of humidifiers across all regions. Especially its manufacturing applications will have a wide array of facilities and spaces for different purposes. Each facet from procurement of raw material to end process they require absolute humidity control to safeguard the product quality and safety and wellness of employees. To protect employees from ingesting chemicals, dust, bacteria and other particles there has to relative humidity control.

Humidifier Market Challenges

High Maintenance Cost

One of the major challenges faced by humidifier sales market is regular high maintenance of these devices. If not maintained properly humidifiers can emit harmful elements which lead to respiratory problems. Due to high maintenance cost of these devices a lot of people have been restricting their usage in household and commercial spaces. These devices are embedded with sensors and sensitive electrical components which is a hindrance to regular cleaning. These are the reasons behind the slow growth of market.

Humidifier Market Landscape

Product launches, acquisitions, and R&D activities are key strategies adopted by players in the offshore wind energy market. The offshore wind energy market is dominated by major companies such Condair, Carel, Mee Industries, HygroMatik, GaintSteam, Dristeem, Armstrong International, Nuomande, Runlu, Julong.

Acquisitions/Technology Launches/Partnerships

  • In Oct 2019, Carel partnered with Texas Air Products to continue to bring the leading edge technology to all HVAC customers. They are trying to sell their full line of isothermal and adiabatic humidification products in all of their locations.
  • In Aug 2019, Condair Group acquired Aireven Pty Ltd in Australia and continued the strategic forward integration of Condair into promising geographic markets. It is also trying to strengthen the global humidification and evaporative cooling business.

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2. Humidifier Market - Executive Summary
    2.1 Market Revenue, Market Size and Key Trends by Company
    2.2 Key trends By Application
    2.3 Key trends segmented by Geography
3. Humidifier Market – Market Landscape
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        3.1.1 Product/Company Benchmarking-Top 5 Companies
        3.1.2 Top 5 Financial Analysis
        3.1.3 Market Value Split by Top 5 Companies
        3.1.4 Patent Analysis
        3.1.5 Pricing Analysis (Comparison of General Price of Industry Solutions)
4. Humidifier Market – Industry Market Entry Scenario Premium (Premium)
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    4.2 Ease of Doing Business Index
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    4.4 Customer Analysis
5. Humidifier Market – Startup Company Scenario (Premium)
    5.1 Venture Capital and Funding Scenario
    5.2 Startup Company Analysis
6. Humidifier Market - Market Forces
    6.1 Market Drivers
    6.2 Market Constraints
    6.3 Porters five force model
        6.3.1 Bargaining power of suppliers
        6.3.2 Bargaining powers of customers
        6.3.3 Threat of new entrants
        6.3.4 Rivalry among existing players
        6.3.5 Threat of substitutes
7. Humidifier Market – By Strategic Analysis (Market Size -$Million/Billion)
    7.1 Value Chain Analysis
    7.2 Opportunities Analysis
    7.3 Product Life Cycle/Market Life Cycle Analysis
8. Humidifier Market – By Humidifier Type (Market Size -$Million/Billion)
    8.1 Impeller
    8.2 Evaporative
    8.3 Ultrasonic
    8.4 Central
    8.5 Steam Vaporizers
    8.6 Others
9. Humidifier Market – By Application (Market Size -$Million/Billion)
    9.1 Residential
    9.2 Commercial
    9.3 Industrial
    9.4 Agricultural
    9.5 Others
10. Humidifier Market – By Installation Type (Market Size -$Million/Billion)
    10.1 Fixed
    10.2 Portable
11. Humidifier Market – By Channel (Market Size -$Million/Billion)
    11.1 Exclusive Stores
    11.2 Multi Brand Stores
    11.3 E-Commerce Websites
12. Humidifier Market - By Geography (Market Size -$Million/Billion)
    12.1 North America
        12.1.1 U.S
        12.1.2 Canada
        12.1.3 Mexico
    12.2 Europe
        12.2.1 Germany
        12.2.2 France
        12.2.3 UK
        12.2.4 Italy
        12.2.5 Spain
        12.2.6 Russia
        12.2.7 Netherlands
        12.2.8 Others
    12.3 APAC
        12.3.1 China
        12.3.2 Japan
        12.3.3 South Korea
        12.3.4 India
        12.3.5 Australia
        12.3.6 Indonesia
        12.3.7 Malaysia
        12.3.8 Others
    12.4 South America
        12.4.1 Brazil
        12.4.2 Argentina
        12.4.3 Chile
        12.4.4 Colombia
        12.4.5 Others
    12.5 RoW
        12.5.1 Middle East
        12.5.2 Africa
13. Humidifier Market - Market Entropy
    13.1 New product launches
    13.2 M&A's, collaborations, JVs and partnerships
14. Humidifier Market – Industry Competitive Landscape (Premium)
    14.1 Market Share – Global
    14.2 Market Share by Region
    14.3 Market Share By Installation Type
15. Humidifier Market – Key Company List by Country Premium (Premium)
16. Humidifier Market - Company Analysis
    16.1 Company 1
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    16.5 Company 5
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    16.7 Company 7
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