Animal-Sourced Squalene Market - Forecast(2021 - 2026)

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Animal-Sourced Squalene Market size forecast to reach $220 Million by 2025, after growing at a CAGR of 7.8% during 2020-2025. With increasing consumer awareness of the usage of high-quality cosmetic products, the market demand for animal-sourced squalene will grow. Dominance of animal source is mainly due to the price of squalene obtained from animal source is less than that of squalene obtained from vegetable and other sources which will create hurdles for the animal-sourced squalene market due to the stringent governments’ regulations towards protection of animals.

Report Coverage
The report: “Animal-Sourced Squalene Market– Forecast (2020-2025)”, by IndustryARC, covers an in-depth analysis of the following segments of the Animal Sourced Squalene Industry.

By Application – Cosmetic (Skin care, Hair care, Fragrance), Health Care (Cancer treatment, Heart Disease, Skin Health), Food Supplement, Others. 
By Geography – North America, South America, Europe, APAC, RoW.

Key Takeaways
  • Europe dominates the animal-sourced squalene market, owing to the high spending power of consumers in the region, as well as the growing demand for natural cosmetics with good quality products 
  • Increasing spending and R&D on oncology medicines, is likely to aid in the market growth of animal-sourced squalene.
  • Squalene prevents the formation of age spots, protects from UV damage, and promotes cell growth in skin. It is widely used as a cleansing and moisturizing compound in personal care and cosmetic products including, creams, lotions, bath oils, hair conditioners, lipsticks, sunscreens, and others, will increase the market demand for animal-sourced squalene in the near future.
  • The dominance of animal source is mainly due to the price of squalene obtained from animal source is less than that of squalene obtained from vegetable and other sources which will create hurdles for the animal-sourced squalene Market.

Application - Segment Analysis
Cosmetics holds the largest market share in the Animal-sourced Squalene Market, as Squalene act as lubricants on the skin surface, which gives the skin a soft, smooth appearance. These ingredients also act as hair conditioning agents. Squalene is found in large quantities in shark liver oil, and in smaller amounts in olive oil, wheat germ oil, rice bran oil, yeast, and in various other foodstuffs. Squalene is made by completely hydrogenating squalene. The hydrogenation process can occur naturally in the human body. Squalene – though can be produced from plants – is typically derived from the liver of deep-sea sharks, since these sharks have especially large reserves of squalene, as their livers comprise one-third of their entire weight. 

Geography - Segment Analysis
Europe dominated the animal-sourced squalene Market followed by North America and APAC.  Countries such as U.K, Germany, France, Italy among others are the largest market in this region, as these countries are developed countries and people in here are more educated or literate than any other part of the world, so they are more aware of using different cosmetics related to skin care, hair care, among others. Whereas Health centers in these regions are regarded as the best Health centers around the world. Whereas world’s most dominant cosmetic industry players such as L’Oreal (France) and Beiersdorf (Germany) are also in the region.
Drivers – Animal-Sourced Squalene Market
  • Helps in health Issues
Squalene is a polyunsaturated fatty acid that helps the body absorb cholesterol. It can also be transformed in our bodies into HDL cholesterol, which helps lower the levels of bad (LDL) cholesterol. It also can help generate oxygen in your body, which can have a purifying effect on the blood. Squalene is a major component of human skin surface lipids and helps to keep skin soft and healthy. Squalene is also a unique oxygen generator; this increased oxygen level helps to improve natural metabolism of human body.  

  • Boost Immune system or Immune System Restorer
Squalene is a natural lipid belonging to the terpenoid family and a precursor of cholesterol biosynthesis. It is synthesized in humans and also in a wide array of organisms and substances, from sharks to olives and even bran, among others. squalene enhances the immune response to various associated antigens, and it is therefore being investigated for vaccine delivery applications. Since this triterpene is well absorbed orally, it has been used to improve the oral delivery of therapeutic molecules. All of these qualities have rendered squalene a potentially interesting excipient for pharmaceutical applications.

Challenges – Animal-sourced Squalene Market
  • Impact of Covid-19
Covid 19 have majorly impacted the Animal-sourced Squalene market, as most of the Cosmetic, pharmaceutical industries among with others are lockdown. Bigger European cosmetic brands such as Unilever, L’Oreal with others all are shut down because of the lockdown situation. Whereas companies are using social media platforms such as Instagram, YouTube to promote their products and engage more customer base. Due to the lockdown situation throughout the world, international transportation is completely shut down which is likely to create few hurdles for the animal-sourced squalene market.

Market Landscape
Technology launches, acquisitions and R&D activities are key strategies adopted by players in the animal-sourced squalene market. In 2019, the market of Animal-Sourced Squalene has been consolidated by the top five players accounting for xx% of the share. Major players in the animal-sourced squalene Market are  Sophim, Amyris, Kishimoto Special Liver Oil Co. Ltd., SeaDragon Marine Oils Limited, Arista Industries Inc., Ekiz Olive Oil & Soap Inc., among others. 

Acquisitions/Technology Launches
  • In November 2017, Royal DSM, a global science-based company active in health, nutrition and materials and Amyris, Inc., the industrial bioscience company, announced that they have enhanced their strategic alliance through the sale of Amyris Brasil Ltd to DSM and the establishment of a long-term manufacturing partnership for Amyris' high-volume products.

1. Animal-Sourced Squalene Market - Market Overview
    1.1 Definitions and Scope
2. Animal-Sourced Squalene Market - Executive Summary
    2.1 Market Revenue, Market Size and Key Trends by Company
    2.2 Key Trends by Application
    2.3 Key Trends by Geography
3. Animal-Sourced Squalene Market - Landscape
    3.1 Comparative analysis 
        3.1.1 Market Share Analysis- Top Companies
        3.1.2 Product Benchmarking- Top Companies
        3.1.3 Top 5 Financials Analysis
        3.1.4 Patent Analysis- Top Companies
        3.1.5 Pricing Analysis
4. Animal-Sourced Squalene Market - Startup companies Scenario Premium (Premium)
    4.1 Top startup company Analysis by
        4.1.1 Investment
        4.1.2 Revenue
        4.1.3 Market Shares
        4.1.4 Market Size and Application Analysis
            4.1.5 Venture Capital and Funding Scenario
5. Animal-Sourced Squalene Market – Industry Market Entry Scenario Premium (Premium) 
    5.1 Regulatory Framework Overview
    5.2 New Business and Ease of Doing business index
    5.3 Case studies of successful ventures
    5.4 Customer Analysis - Top companies
6. Animal-Sourced Squalene Market - Market Forces
    6.1 Market Drivers
    6.2 Market Constraints
    6.3 Market Opportunities
    6.4 Porters five force model
        6.4.1 Bargaining power of suppliers
        6.4.2 Bargaining powers of customers
        6.4.3 Threat of new entrants
        6.4.4 Rivalry among existing players
        6.4.5 Threat of substitutes 
7. Animal-Sourced Squalene Market -Strategic analysis
    7.1 Value chain analysis
    7.2 Opportunities analysis
    7.3 Market life cycle
    7.4 Suppliers and distributors Analysis
8. Animal-Sourced Squalene Market – By Application (Market Size -$Million)
    8.1 Cosmetic
        8.1.1 Skin Care
        8.1.2 Hair Care
        8.1.3 Fragrance
    8.2 Health Care
        8.2.1 Cancer Treatment
        8.2.2 Heart Disease
        8.2.3 Skin Health
    8.3 Food Supplement
    8.4 Others
9. Animal-Sourced Squalene Market - By Geography (Market Size -$Million)
    9.1 North America
        9.1.1 U.S.
        9.1.2 Canada
        9.1.3 Mexico
    9.2 South America
        9.2.1 Brazil
        9.2.2 Argentina
        9.2.3 Colombia
        9.2.4 Chile
        9.2.5 Rest of South America
    9.3 Europe
        9.3.1 U.K
        9.3.2 Germany
        9.3.3 Italy
        9.3.4 France
        9.3.5 Russia
        9.3.6 Spain
        9.3.7 Netherlands
        9.3.8 Belgium
        9.3.9 Rest of Europe
    9.4 Asia Pacific
        9.4.1 China
        9.4.2 India
        9.4.3 Japan
        9.4.4 South Korea
        9.4.5 Australia & New Zealand
        9.4.6 Rest of Asia Pacific
    9.5 RoW
        9.5.1 Middle East
   Saudi Arabia
   Rest of Middle East
        9.5.2 Africa
   South Africa
   Rest of Africa
10. Animal-Sourced Squalene Market - Entropy
    10.1 New Product Launches
    10.2 M&A’s, Collaborations, JVs and Partnerships
11. Market Share Analysis (Premium)
    11.1 Market Share by Country- Top companies
    11.2 Market Share by Region- Top companies
    11.3 Market Share by type of Product / Product category- Top companies
    11.4 Market Share at global level- Top companies
    11.5 Best Practices for companies
12. Animal-Sourced Squalene Market - List of Key Companies by Country (Premium) 
13. Animal-Sourced Squalene Market Company Analysis
    13.1 Market Share, Company Revenue, Products, M&A, Developments
    13.2 Company 1
    13.3 Company 2
    13.4 Company 3
    13.5 Company 4
    13.6 Company 5
    13.7 Company 6
    13.8 Company 7
    13.9 Company 8
    13.10 Company 9
    13.11 Company 10 and more
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List of Tables

1 US Animal-Sourced Squalene Market Size 2018
2 Canada Animal-Sourced Squalene Market Share 2018
3 Brazil Animal-Sourced Squalene Market Outlook 2019 - 2023
4 Mexico Animal-Sourced Squalene Market Research 2018
5 Germany Animal-Sourced Squalene Market Trends 2019 - 2023 
6 France Animal-Sourced Squalene Market Growth 2019 - 2023 
7 UK Animal-Sourced Squalene Market Demand 2019 - 2023 
8 Italy Animal-Sourced Squalene Market Segmentation 2018
9 Russia Animal-Sourced Squalene Market Analysis 2019 - 2023
10 China Animal-Sourced Squalene Market Revenue 2019 - 2023
11 Japan Animal-Sourced Squalene Market Volume 2019 - 2023
12 South Korea Animal-Sourced Squalene Market Potential 2019 - 2023
13 India Animal-Sourced Squalene Market Leaders 2018
14 Saudi Arabia Animal-Sourced Squalene Market Forecast 2019 - 2023 
15 Kuwait Animal-Sourced Squalene Market Value 2018

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