Mango Puree Market By Type (Organic & Inorganic), By Application (Drinks, Confectionery & Bakery, Convenient foods, Frozen dessert, & Infant specific foods, & many more), By Packaging (Polyethylene terephthalate containers & bottles, Jars, Glass bottles, Cans, Pouches, corrugated cardboard), By Distribution Channel (Direct channels, Indirect channels (Hypermarkets/Supermarkets, Convenience Stores, Online platforms, Retail stores)) - Global Opportunity Analysis & Industry Forecast, 2022-2027

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Mango Puree Market Overview

Mango Puree Market size is estimated to reach $3.2 billion by 2027, growing at a CAGR of 7.6% during the forecast period 2022-2027. Mango Puree can be delineated as a thick paste that is prepared from pulverizing mango pulps, and then sieving them following exclusion of seed and covering. Mango Puree falls under the category of natural flavors as it derives its aroma naturally from mango. It is rich in vitamins (A, E), and also exhibits nutrients like Selenium which extend fortification from several heart-associated maladies. Therefore, it is widely used in several infant foods, and drinks. On another hand, it also finds a place as an important ingredient in the kitchens of innumerable commercial food providers for the preparation of frequent unique dishes and desserts such as flavored yogurts. As there is an elevation in demand for flavored beverages and confectionery items mango puree is emerging as a really important flavoring agent. Broadening demand for products fabricated from puree is a significant factor set to drive the growth of the Mango Puree Industry for the period 2022-2027.

Report Coverage

The report: “Mango Puree Market Forecast (2022-2027)”, by Industry ARC, covers an in-depth analysis of the following segments of the Mango Puree Market.

By Type: Organic and Inorganic.
By Application: Drinks, Confectionery and Bakery, Convenient foods, Frozen dessert, and Infant specific foods, and many more.
By Packaging: Polyethylene terephthalate containers and bottles, Jars, Glass bottles, Cans, Pouches, corrugated cardboard.
By Distribution Channel: Direct channels, Indirect channels (Hypermarkets/Supermarkets, Convenience Stores, Online platforms, Retail stores).
By Geography: North America (U.S., Canada, and Mexico), Europe (Germany, UK, France, Italy, Spain, Russia, and Rest of Europe), Asia-Pacific (China, India, Japan, South Korea, Australia & New Zealand, and Rest of Asia-Pacific), South America (Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Colombia and Rest of South America) and Rest of World (the Middle East and Africa).

Key Takeaways

  • Geographically, the Asia-Pacific Mango Puree Market accounted for the highest revenue share in 2021 and it is poised to dominate the market over the period 2022-2027.
  • Massive congeniality regarding mango products around the globe is said to be a preeminent driver driving the growth of the Mango Puree Market. However, the carbohydrate-rich nature of mango puree is considered inimical for people trying to lose weight and is said to reduce market growth.
  • Detailed analysis on the Strength, Weaknesses, and Opportunities of the prominent players operating in the market will be provided in the Mango Puree Market report.

Mango Puree Market- Geography (%) for 2021.

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Mango Puree Market Segment Analysis-By Packaging

The Mango Puree Market based on the packaging type can be further segmented into Polyethylene terephthalate containers and bottles, Jars, Glass bottles, Cans, and Pouches. The pouch segment held the largest share in 2021. The growth is owing to several factors such as pouches being fabricated by the use of plastic or aluminum which provides a proper shield from the air, water, and other particulates, and keeps products safe inside. On another hand, pouches come with re-sealable options, stand-up, and cost-effective nature, and they are more portable as compared to big jars and bottles. However, corrugated cardboard is estimated to be the fastest-growing segment with a CAGR of 8.9% over the forecast period 2022-2027. This growth is owing to accruing alertness among people about eco-friendly materials, campaigns against the use of plastic, government policies all over the world to safeguard the environment, and tackling the activities that are harming the environment. Around 79% of the plastic ever produced lies in the landfills, while only 12% makes it through re-use, which poses a grave challenge to the authorities, thereby, corrugated packaging would grow at a rapid pace.

Mango Puree Market Segment Analysis-By Distribution Channel

The Mango Puree Market based on distribution channels can be further segmented into Direct channels, Indirect channels (Hypermarkets/Supermarkets, Convenience Stores, Online platforms, Retail stores). The Indirect channels segment held the largest share in 2021. The growth is owing to an increase in Supermarket/Hypermarkets outlets all over the works, especially in developing countries, Convenient and comfortable shopping which saves the time of consumers, sweeping increase in urbanization, migration of people from rural to urban areas for a better lifestyle, in extended demand due to increase in population. However, the Online segment is estimated to be the fastest-growing segment with a CAGR of 9.1% over the forecast period 2022-2027. This growth is owing to rapid elevation in digitalization around the world, government bracing through amiable schemes to lure businesses, serene and economic shopping, and internet access around the globe. For example, Nature’s First Alphonso Mango Puree-Pack of 16 each weighing 300 grams is available at a discount of 12% on MRP, furthermore, a 10% coupon can be redeemed from the retailer’s site which makes the overall cost equivalent to INR 1075.15.

Mango Puree Market Segment Analysis-By Geography

The Mango Puree Market based on Geography can be further segmented into North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, South America, and the Rest of the World. Asia-Pacific held the largest share with 38% of the overall market in 2021. The growth in this segment is owing to the factors such as the presence of top mango-producing countries like India, China, Indonesia, and Thailand. India is the biggest mango producer in the world as the country has approximately 2,309,000 acres of mango-farming land, and the country contributes around 50% to the global mango supply. Moreover, Asia-pacific is expected to offer lucrative growth opportunities over the forecast period 2022-2027. This growth is owing to the massive likability of mango among the Asian continent as mango is native to several South Asian nations like Bangladesh, Pakistan, and India.

Mango Puree Market Drivers

The colossal likability and countless health benefits of mango are Anticipated to Boost Product Demand. 

Mangoes are one of the most likable fruit all over the world ascribing to their great taste. Even mango is so famous in India that it is the national fruit of this country. Mango doesn’t only taste good but also confers several health benefits. The fruits contain antioxidants such as phenol, gallic acid, quercetin, etc. that prevent the body from cancer attacks especially breast and prostate cancer. On another hand, it is quite beneficial in maintaining cholesterol levels in the body and preventing diabetes. All these aforementioned qualities of this fruit gravitate consumers toward it. Within the US, around 50% of the adult population suffers from bad-cholesterol levels, while diabetes affects close to 10% of the entire adult population.

Several uses and the presence of contemporary retail outlets are Expected to Boost Product Demand.

Mango is used in the making of various food items, confectioneries, sauces, and many more. It has found its place in many contemporary desserts such as mango-flavored yogurt. Therefore, the overall demand for use of mango puree is elevating. On another hand, with rapid urbanization, the presence of various modern distribution channels such as supermarkets/hypermarkets and online stores is increasing all over the world. According to Datereportal, in 2021, $3.56 Trillion in retail e-commerce sales were made from mobile users. Ecommerce sites have been optimizing the mobile experience to increase their online sales for years. 58.4% of internet users buy something online every week. The current categories with more spending are consumer electronics ($988.4 billion) and fashion ($904.5 billion). Such retail outlets help in meeting the demand and ultimately fuel the same. Moreover, strategies such as advertising products by highlighting the functional benefits of the product allow the market players to position their products far superior to their other counterparts.

Mango Puree Market Challenges

Carbohydrate-rich nature and dependence on few countries for mango supplies are Anticipated to Hamper Market Growth.

Despite being the most likable fruit mango does have a few downsides which can suppress the overall demand for the Mango Puree Market. It is a rich source of carbohydrates which may turn many people experiencing obesity complications aversive to it. As there is a saying that goes “Don’t put all your eggs in the same basket” the same goes for the world’s dependence upon a few Asian countries. More than 50% of the global mango supply is dependent upon the aforementioned nations which may lead to complications in times of crisis such as environmental catastrophes.

Mango Puree Industry Outlook:

Product launches, mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, and geographical expansions are key strategies adopted by players in the Mango Puree Market. Key companies of this market are-

  1. Galla Foods
  2. Mother India Farms
  3. Tree Top Inc.
  4. Dohler
  5. Kiril Mischeff
  6. Riviana Foods
  7. 7D Mangoes
  8. AGRANA Group
  9. Superior Foods
  10. Varadaraja Foods

Recent Developments

  • On November 10, 2021, US-based company Ellenos announced the recalling of 16 Oz cups of Mango Greek Yogurt due to the existence of unspecified eggs which may lead to health complications that can be life-threatening. Moreover, the product has been distributed in Oregon and Washington through retail stores. The Mango Greek Yogurt 16 oz cup has the UPC 8 57290 00612 6 and has the affected BEST BEFORE the date of 11/28/2021 printed on a blue foil seal.
  • On September 5, 2021, Cia Bella Sorbetto greets fans with ten robust vegan flavors. The company originally had corn syrup in its line-up, however, they have had product innovations. One of the sorbetto launched is based on Mango. The ingredient is mango puree, water, invert sugar, lemon juice, sea salt, and chicory root powder. Additionally, the nutrition per 2/3 cups provides around 160 calories, 0 grams of fat, 40 grams of carbohydrates, 1 gram of fiber, and 38 grams of sugar, while being negligent in protein.
  • In April 2019, Döhler acquired the majority share of Zumos Catalano Aragoneses S.A. (ZUCASA), a Spain-based juices, purees, and concentrates producer.

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3. Mango Puree Market – Market Landscape
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    9.2 Confectionary and Bakery
    9.3 Convenient Foods
    9.4 Frozen Desserts
    9.5 Infant Foods
    9.6 Others
10. Mango Puree Market- By Distribution Channel (Market Size –$Million/$Billion) 
    10.1 Indirect Channels
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        10.1.2 Convenience Stores
        10.1.3 Online Retail
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11. Mango Puree Market- By Packaging (Market Size –$Million/$Billion) 
    11.1 Polyethylene Terephthalate
    11.2 Containers and Bottles
    11.3 Cans
    11.4 Pouches
    11.5 Corrugated Packaging
12.  Mango Puree Market - By Geography (Market Size -$Million/Billion)
    12.1 North America
        12.1.1 U.S
        12.1.2 Canada
        12.1.3 Mexico
    12.2 Europe
        12.2.1 Germany
        12.2.2 France
        12.2.3 UK
        12.2.4 Italy
        12.2.5 Spain
        12.2.6 Russia
        12.2.7 Rest of Europe
    12.3 Asia-Pacific
        12.3.1 China
        12.3.2 Japan
        12.3.3 South Korea
        12.3.4 India
        12.3.5 Australia & New Zealand
        12.3.6 Rest of APAC
    12.4 South America
        12.4.1 Brazil
        12.4.2 Argentina
        12.4.3 Chile
        12.4.4 Colombia
        12.4.5 Rest of South America
    12.5 Rest of the World
        12.5.1 Middle East
        12.5.2 Africa
13. Mango Puree Market - Market Entropy
    13.1 New product launches
    13.2 M&A's, collaborations, JVs and partnerships
14. Mango Puree Market – Industry Competition Landscape (Premium)
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        14.1.1 Global Market Share – Key Companies
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