Specialty Zeolites Market - Forecast(2023 - 2028)

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Specialty Zeolites Market Overview

Specialty Zeolites Market size is forecast to reach US$55 million by 2026 and is growing at a CAGR of 3.2% during 2021-2026 due to increasing demand from building & construction, pain & coatings, automotive, cosmetics & personal care, and petroleum industry. Specialty zeolites are used to produce high petroleum products and lightweight concrete is also likely to remain a major driver for the market. Zeolites are used commercially because of their unique adsorption, ion-exchange, molecular sieve, and catalytic properties. Ultra stable zeolite Y is an effective catalyst, which is used for catalytic cracking in petroleum refineries. Specialty zeolites have volatile organic components (VOCs) interception properties, due to these properties’ zeolites are used in paint & coatings. Zeolites are hydrated aluminosilicates of the alkaline and alkaline-earth metals that are used in various end-use industries which are estimated to grow the demand for specialty zeolites.

The Emergence of COVID-19 Pandemic

The tragedy of COVID-19, which is declared as a pandemic by the World Health Organization, is having a noticeable impact on global economic growth. This has affected the demand and supply chain as well, thereby limiting the growth in 2021. Thus, all pending activities are limiting the consumption of specialty zeolites.

Report Coverage

The report: “Specialty Zeolites Market – Forecast (2021-2026)”, by IndustryARC, covers an in-depth analysis of the following segments of the Specialty Zeolites Industry.

By Method: Hydrothermal Method, Microwave Method, and Sol-gel Method.
By Application: Waste Management, Detergent, Catalyst Process, Anti-oxidant, Absorbent, and Others.
By End-Use Industry: Building & Construction (Cement Industry, Mortar, Others), Paint & Coatings, Personal Care (Skin Care Products, Makeup Products, Hair Care, Others), Automotive (Heavy-Duty Commercial Vehicles, Light Duty Commercial Vehicles, Others), Refinery, and Others.

Key Takeaways

    • Asian countries such as India and China investing in the residential and commercial sector such as offices, affordable houses, tall buildings, highways, road construction, and so on, is likely to propel the demand for specialty zeolites.
    • Increasing demand for specialty zeolites as they help to reduce volatile organic compounds, which are very useful in the paint & coatings industry. Furthermore, the increasing demand for lightweight concrete from the construction industry is boosting the demand for specialty zeolites.
    • Zeolites are extremely useful as catalysts for several important reactions involving organic molecules. The most important are cracking, isomerization, and hydrocarbon synthesis.


    Figure: APAC Specialty Zeolites Market Revenue, 2021-2026 (US$ Million)

    APAC Specialty Zeolites Market Revenue

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    Specialty Zeolites Market Segment Analysis – By Method

    The hydrothermal method is expected to lead the specialty zeolites market in 2020 due to some advantages including low energy consumption, the high reactivity of reactants, and easy maintenance over the solution. Zeolite Y has a higher silica/aluminum atomic ratio than zeolite X. High silica zeolites are synthesized under hydrothermal method in the temperature range 1500 C-2400 C. Synthesized zeolite reactive alkali-metal aluminosilicate gel at low temperature (~100°C). The hydrothermal process is used in zeolite synthesis due to the lower production costs and convenience of the approach. Thus, this process is widely used in the synthesization of specialty zeolites. 

    Specialty Zeolites Market Segment Analysis – By Application

    Waste management is dominated the global specialty zeolites industry in 2020 and is growing at a CAGR of 3.5% during the forecast period. Zeolites are used as ammonia and ammonium removal in water and another heavy metal removal in wastewater. The zeolite is used as an ion exchanger for water and wastewater treatment. Furthermore, the production of zeolite with sodium provides a clean environment, where zeolite performs ion management to remove heavy metals such as ammonium present in wastewater. Ultra stable zeolite Y is an effective catalyst used for catalytic cracking in petroleum refining and petrochemical products (such a natural gas) which are derived from hydrocarbons. These are used to absorb a variety of materials, also in drying, purification, and separation in wastewater treatment. Hence, such factors are expected to boost the demand for specialty zeolites.

    Specialty Zeolites Market Segment Analysis – By End-Use Industry

    Building & construction dominated the specialty zeolites market in 2020, due to specialty zeolites are used as pozzolanic materials in the construction sector in public buildings, and highways, which increases demand for zeolites in building and construction. Zeolite is a popular pozzolan that reacts with calcium ions or calcium hydroxide in the presence of water that is used as a cement blending material. Building & construction industry appears to consume natural zeolites about 2.4 metric tons per year because they are used in the production of lightweight concrete. According to India Brand Equity Foundation (IBEF), the construction development sector and infrastructure activities sector received Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) inflows amounting to US$ 12.36 billion in 2017. Furthermore, 60 million new homes are expected to be built in India by 2024 with social and affordable housing rising almost 70 percent to 10.5 million by 2024. Apart from this, specialty zeolites are used as volatile organic components (VOC) adsorbents in industrial and paints & coatings applications, as well as odor control. Hence, all such favorable trends in the global construction sector are expected to drive the demand for specialty zeolites.

    Specialty Zeolites Market Segment Analysis – By Geography

    Asia Pacific dominated the specialty zeolites market size in 2020 with 30% due to the increasing infrastructure investment in Asian Countries such as India and China. The construction sector in India is the second-largest contributor to economic activity, after the agriculture sector. According to Infrastructure & Construction Equipment Industry in India, Indian Urban Infrastructure investment is estimated to reach US$ 650 billion over the next 20 years. According to the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat (CTBUH), China constructed 11 tall buildings more than 300 meters in 2018, accounting for over 60% of the total number of tall buildings constructed in 2018. Hence, due to increasing investment, the demand for specialty zeolites is estimated to grow in the region.

    Specialty Zeolites Market Drivers

    Increasing Consumption from Paints & Coatings Industry

    Zeolites are used in paint & coatings because of their low volatile organic components (VOCs) property. This is used as inorganic filler in wall coatings, which can be absorbed in the surrounding environment. Zeolites can be used as carriers for passivating ions cerium in anti-corrosion paints. Anticorrosion paints help to reduce zinc phosphate content. On the other hand, synthetic zeolites are widely used as matting agents in paints and coatings due to their high internal porosity, surface structure, and low refractive index. Hence, the growing paints & coatings industry is estimated to grow the consumption of specialty zeolites. 

    Robust Growth in Building and Construction Industry

    Specialty zeolites are used as lightweight concrete materials which increase the performance of concrete. Lightweight concrete is preferred in construction activities due to various properties such as helps to improve fire resistance, less thermal expansion, and better sound absorption. Hence increasing the building and construction sector is estimated to increasing the consumption of specialty zeolites. According to the National Bureau of Statistics, China's real estate market investment jumped from 15.7% in 2019 to 38.3% in January-February 2021. Additionally, according to Central Sanctioning and Monitoring Committee (CSMC), 1,68,606 new homes were approved to construct in urban areas under Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana in 2021. Furthermore, according to the US Census Bureau, new housing unit construction was 11,471 thousand units in 2019 in the United States, which reached 3,642 units in 2020. Hence, all such factors will influence the demand for specialty zeolites in near future.

    Specialty Zeolites Market Challenges

    Easy Availability of Substitute

    Easy availability of substitutes may hamper the market growth of specialty zeolites. Zeolites are used in wastewater treatments which are expected to drive market growth. But the substitute of zeolites in wastewater treatment may limit the market growth. Various substitutes such as metals (zinc, copper, lead, and so on) increase the quality of wastewater treatment without the use of harsh chemicals. Thus, the availability of substitutes as a catalyst in wastewater management is creating hurdles in the growth of the specialty zeolites market.

    Specialty Zeolites Market Landscape

    Technology launches, acquisitions, and R&D activities are key strategies adopted by players in the Specialty Zeolites Market. Major players in the specialty zeolites market top 10 companies are:

    1. Albemarle Corporation
    2. Arkema Group
    3. BASF SE
    4. Clariant AG
    5. Eurecat
    6. Honeywell International Inc.
    7. Tosoh Corporation
    8. W. R. Grace 
    9. Zeochem
    10. Zeolyst Internation, and among others. 

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    8. Specialty Zeolites Market – By Method (Market Size -$Million/Billion)
        8.1 Hydrothermal Method
        8.2 Microwave Method
        8.3 Sol-gel Method
    9. Specialty Zeolites Market – By Application (Market Size -$Million/Billion)
        9.1 Waste Management
        9.2 Detergent
        9.3 Catalyst
        9.4 Anti-oxidant
        9.5 Absorbent
        9.6 Others
    10. Specialty Zeolites Market – By End Use Industry (Market Size -$Million/Billion)
        10.1 Building & Construction
            10.1.1 Cement Industry
            10.1.2 Mortar
            10.1.3 Others
        10.2 Paint & Coatings
        10.3 Personal Care & Cosmetics
            10.3.1 Skin Care Products
            10.3.2 Makeup Products
            10.3.3 Hair Care
            10.3.4 Others
        10.4 Automotive
            10.4.1 Heavy Duty Commercial Vehicles
            10.4.2 Light Duty Commercial Vehicles
            10.4.3 Others
        10.5 Refinery
        10.6 Others
    11. Specialty Zeolites Market - By Geography (Market Size -$Million/Billion)
        11.1 North America
            11.1.1 USA
            11.1.2 Canada
            11.1.3 Mexico
        11.2 Europe
            11.2.1 UK
            11.2.2 Germany
            11.2.3 France
            11.2.4 Italy
            11.2.5 Netherlands
            11.2.6 Spain
            11.2.7 Russia
            11.2.8 Belgium
            11.2.9 Rest of Europe
        11.3 Asia-Pacific
            11.3.1 China
            11.3.2 Japan
            11.3.3 India
            11.3.4 South Korea
            11.3.5 Australia and New Zeeland
            11.3.6 Indonesia
            11.3.7 Taiwan
            11.3.8 Malaysia
            11.3.9 Rest of APAC
        11.4 South America
            11.4.1 Brazil
            11.4.2 Argentina
            11.4.3 Colombia
            11.4.4 Chile
            11.4.5 Rest of South America
        11.5 Rest of the World
            11.5.1 Middle East
       Saudi Arabia
       Rest of the Middle East
            11.5.2 Africa
       South Africa
       Rest of Africa
    12. Specialty Zeolites Market – Entropy
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        12.2 M&As, Collaborations, JVs and Partnerships
    13. Specialty Zeolites Market – Industry/Segment Competition Landscape Premium
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