Malaysia Spices Market - Forecast(2023 - 2028)

Report Code: IMFBR 0380 Report Format: PDF + Excel

The Malaysia Spices Market research report is an infographic report covering supply, demand and trade statistics for Pepper, Cloves, Cardamoms and Others, both in volume and value. This report looks at the industry state between 2016-2021 and the forecast till 2027. The report also covers trade pricing, patents, university-level research, new product developments and future growth opportunities. 

Malaysia Spices Market Report IndustryARC

Detailed Scope of the Report

1. The Production, Import Export/Trade statistics for Pepper, Cloves, Cardamoms and Others between 2016-2021.
2. Historical demand for Pepper, Cloves, Cardamoms and Others from 2016-2021 and forecast to 2027.
3. Investment, projects, and R&D initiatives done between 2016 and 2021.
4. Patenting scenario covering patents filed, published, and granted between 2016-2021.
5. Research framework based on the assessment of 7 Pillars - Supply, Demand, Trade, Patents, and Macro-environment factors.

Malaysia Spices Market Growth IndustryARC

Key Takeaways & Recent Developments

A. The production volume of Spices in 2021 stood at 0.7 Th Metric Tons.
B. Import volume increased from 132.2 Th Metric Tons in 2016 to 160.9 Th Metric Tons in 2021.
C. The demand was 143 Th Metric Tons in 2021.
D. China Exported more than 44.5% of Spices to Malaysia in 2021.
E. Malaysia exports majority of its Spices to Singapore, Japan, Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam.
F. The average yield per acre from 2016 to 2021 stood at 4102 KG/ACRE
G. Since 2016 total Spices acreage in Malaysia has increased by 4% from 177.8  acres to 184.5 acres in 2021. 

Malaysia Spices Import Export Data IndustryARC

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions):

a) What was Malaysia’s Spices market size in 2021?
Ans: The demand was 143 Th Metric Tons in 2021.
b) Where does Malaysia Import Spices from?
Ans: The majority of imports come from China, India, Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam.
c) Which are the major local universities/ research institutes involved in R&D?
Ans: Universiti Putra Malaysia, Universiti Malaya and Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia are actively involved in R&D.

1. Malaysia Spices Market Overview
    1.1. Scope and Taxonomy
    1.2. Research Methodology
    1.3. Executive Summary (Value and Volume)
    1.4. YoY Growth Rate
2. Malaysia Spices Market Analysis
    2.1. Value Chain and Supply Chain
    2.2. PESTEL Analysis
    2.3. Porter’s Five Forces
    2.4. Top Trends
    2.5. Drivers & Restraints
    2.6. Challenges & Opportunities
3. Malaysia Spices Market
    3.1. Production Data 
    3.2. Import Export Data
    3.3. Trade Pricing Analysis
    3.4. YOY Growth Rate and CAGR Forecast
    3.5. Historical Market Size (Value and Volume)
    3.6. Market Size Forecast and Industry Outlook
    3.7. Investments and Market Growth Opportunities
4. Malaysia Spices Market by Segment - Production, Trade and Demand
    4.1. Pepper
    4.2. Cloves
    4.3. Cardamoms
    4.4. Others
5. Malaysia Spices Market Landscape
    5.1. Investments and R&D
    5.2. Market Growth Opportunities
    5.3. Covid-19 Impact Analysis 
6. Institutional Research Projects
7. Patent Research (2016-2021)
8. Supporting Statistics
9. Data Sources
10. Disclaimer