Wrist Wearable devices to witness Mobile Wireless Energy Transfer Technology Soon

This technology helps humans to surveil and measure the proficiency of each activity that they perform throughout the day such as steps walked, distance travelled, calorie intake, and activity tracking and so on.

Published:30 August 2015

High Impulse Magnetron Sputtering Technique Used Over Traditional Dc Magnetron Sputtering In Particle Accelerator (CERN)

Burgeoning demand in electronics and favorable Government initiatives to drive the Asia-Pacific (APAC) Sputtering Targets and Evaporation Materials Market to $1.5 Billion & Global Market to $3.2 Billion by 2020

Published:25 February 2016

Foot Orthotic Insoles Miles to Walk Where We Are

According to a survey, plantar fasciitis was among the five most common foot and ankle injuries observed in professional athletes and 11-15% of all foot symptoms requiring professional care whereas, about 60 to 70 percent of people with diabetes have some form of neuropathy in the United States.

Published:01 June 2015