Cardiac Implants Devices as a Way to Help in Repair of Dysfunctional Heart Conditions

The first implantable cardiac pacemaker was done in around 1958 after which several other technologies has been developed and launched in the market which the boosted the market impressively.

Published:11 September 2015

Portable Ultrasound Devices: Paving The Way for Effective Medical Diagnosis

The portable ultrasound devices are able to provide high resolution images at a faster rate while being affordable.

Published:10 October 2015

Virtual Reality The Next Game Changer In Healthcare

The use of virtual reality is going to increase dramatically because of the affordability factor.Oculus Rift is expected to be launched for consumers in 2016 with a price tag of $350-$400.

Published:03 November 2015

Force Sensors in Medical Applications to Ameliorate the Value Based Care Concept

Force Sensors are acknowledged by the researchers and medical equipment designers as the electronic component with high precision that fits the needs of both the doctors and patients.

Published:01 June 2015

Silver Dressing: Proving the Efficacy Through Clinical Trials

According to statistics, 25% the diabetic population is prone to developing diabetic foot ulcers in their lifetime, giving rise to the introduction of bioactive wound dressings in the late 1980’s which are continuing to serve patients worldwide.

Published:21 August 2015

New Application Areas in Healthcare to Revolutionize the Healthcare Industry beyond the Limits of Human Ability

As the diagnosis of a wide range of diseases, including various types of cancers and many endemics relies on optical techniques, numerous compact and cost-effective optical imaging platforms have been developed in recent years for use at the point of care.

Published:05 August 2015

Biosensors: Future Trends That Will Have A Major Impact

Biosensor is a device that consists of physiochemical detector coupled with biological components such as tissues, enzymes, nucleic acids and antibodies.

Published:31 December 1969