Growth of consumer electronics in the North America ushered in the evolution of new technologies in the PCB market.

Published By: IndustryARC Published On : 29-Sep-2015

Increased rate of technology change in the Printed Circuit Board (PCB) market is due to the augmented growth in the electronics industry.

Demand for the enhanced electronic products had resulted in new technologies in PCB segment, such as

  • Multilayer PCB
  • High Density Interconnection (HDI)
  • Flexible PCBs.

Proliferation of smart phones and digital control in the various applications such as defense, aerospace, automotive and medical industries fueled in the growth of PCB market.

North America’s PCB market is considered as a diverse market. Manufacturers in North America tend to come up with new technologies every time because of heavy demand in the products that use Wireless data. Access to high speed wireless data has become mandatory in various industries including, Mobile networks, Defense applications and many more. Thus high frequency PCB has been evolved to address increased functionality, higher power levels and reduced solution cost. More Advanced PCBs sold in the North America are mostly used in high-end and low volume applications.

Smartphones market is projected to reach $407 billion in North America by the end of 2015 and it is growing at a CAGR of 25%. Tablets market is also increasing steadily, but is estimated to decrease by 8% and reach $62 billion by 2015. Every market apart from smart phones is decreasing. Smart phones market is in huge demand due to the evolution of 4G LTE and slim, portable devices handsets. Overall urge for the small size and flexible electronic products have led in the expansion of PCB market by developing flexible PCBs and rigid-flex PCBs.

It is anticipated that long-term growth of PCB market in North America might stay constant or decrease because the dominant customers of PCB market are changing continuously. Growth of electronic manufacturing and original design manufacturing (ODM) has been increasing in Asia Pacific because of low manufacturing cost. China PCB market is expected to grow because of the developing opportunities in the telecommunication industry.

  • 3D Inkjet printing technology made fabrication of PCB’s easy as well as faster compared to other traditional techniques.

In today’s dynamically changing and competitive world, the intensity of technological changes has become the hallmark of industrial, commercial and residential productivity evolution. Because of the evolution of powerful electronic products, growth for complex and high end PCBs is been increasing. By using traditional methods, it would be difficult to produce complex PCBs quickly with low cost.  But, now it is possible with the help of inkjet printer. Third generation drop-on-demand inkjet printer helps in fabricating flexible PCBs with low cost maintenance. Industrial inkjet printers could print 60 panels per hour at 600 dpi resolution with on-the-fly UV curing and a power consumption of only 400 watts.

If the deposition of materials is processed by 3D inkjet technology then it replaces traditional solder mask, legend application and imaging processes in PCB fabrication. This process enhances the productivity by improving yield, accuracy, reliability and at the same time reduces the demand for manpower and eliminates the process of treating waste products. To print solder mask and legend application needs only three stages but the traditional methods require seven stages and cost saving would be reduced by almost 50% per panel when compared with the photo imaging process. By using 3D inkjet technology several technical benefits can be achieved including, zero clearance, different thickness in different parts can be printed, glossy, matte or semi-matte print can be obtained from the same ink.


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