Mechanical Explosion Proof Equipments to aid Industrial applications significantly in the coming future

Published By: IndustryARC Published On : 01-Jun-2015

All heavy equipments used in any industry whether it is manufacturing, mining or shipping pose danger to human life and the surroundings. The malfunctioning of the machinery could arise either due to the technical glitch in the system or by the operator in the close proximity of the equipment. Human machine interface can be improvised by manual training but the working and operations of heavy machineries have to be controlled by developing and deployments better safety equipments. Explosion Proof Equipments are a recent advancement in the field of safety and control of the heavy machinery that can avoid or prevent accidents caused due to leakage of explosive gases or formation of explosive materials in the hazardous zones( as per the norms of IEC)of the industrial plants. The types and attributes of the Explosion Proof products varies based on the type of zones in which they are being deployed. Explosion proof equipment is used in automation and control systems to identify and resolve the risk of explosion.

ATEX certified Explosion Proof Couplings are among the most extensively used engine component across every industry as the mechanism is capable of either creating or eliminating the dicey threats.

Explosion Proof Couplings are being deployed in three different types depending on engine power.

  • Flexible Shaft Coupling
  • Jaw Cut Coupling
  • Safety Clutch Coupling

These types of couplings are proficient enough to cause as well as eliminate the spark and heat in order to prevent explosion. The motor engines used in the shipping are equipped with explosion proof couplings depending upon the engine requirement.

WEG, a leading manufacturer of electric motors and drive technology presented ATEX certified W22Xd series Explosion Proof Motors in various categories. The company introduced W22X 800 explosion proof geared motors for medium as well as high voltage and a drive helical unit coupled W22X ex-proof motor for high voltages. The geared motors are can be used for both Equipment 1 and Equipment 2 groups in both 1/21 and 2/22 explosion hazardous zones. These motors have the capability to reduce energy consumption and the operating cost of the systems. These gear motors are resilient and secured as they are ATEX certified and powered with the impact resistant discs of high grades. The W22X motor housing incorporates advanced cooling system that is capable of reducing noise emissions due to increased whirling speed eventually dispensing better efficiency. These motors will have wide range of applications in the mining as well as shipping industry. Right use of well-maintained equipments and adapting all possible safety measures will certainly help in reducing the industrial disaster and human fatalities.

For any industry to be successful, it has become essential to assess and evaluate the risk involved such as explosion, fire, noise and others. Manufacturing industry include many such activities which are prone to these situations that can cause severe fatalities. Companies are focusing on imparting continuous efforts to control the risk raised by hazardous materials or activities.

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