Rising Consumer Concerns On Food Safety And Quality Set To Drive The Food Safety Testing Equipment Market

Published By: IndustryARC Published On : 01-Oct-2015

Food Safety and quality are two major concerns in the recent years. The rising incidents of food-borne illness, free global trade activity and consumer awareness has created a need for food safety testing. Microbial contamination, mislabeling, and adulteration have been the major causes of food scandals globally. The usage of food testing equipment is driven by the increasing food trade and recent food outbreaks. Active mass media coverage of such mishaps has pressurized food manufacturers to comply with the regulatory standards and go overboard to appease customers. The food safety equipment market is witnessing a significant growth and offering a wide pool of opportunities for the manufacturers. The food testing equipment market was estimated at $2,189m in 2014 and is projected to grow at a healthy rate in coming years.

Increasing Incidents Of Contamination And Food Mislabeling Propel The Growth

Food safety is one of the major issues in China after 2008 dairy products scandal where that led to death of six infants and made approximately 300,000 sick. In July 2014, other incident took place where expired meat was supplies in a well-known food chain in China. One after other rising incidents of dairy and meat scandal in the country has increased the demand for food safety testing. In 2013, the horse meat scandal in U.K., where horse meat was found in frozen beef burgers. In January 2015, Washington Beef LLC, (U.S.), recalled 1,620 pounds of boneless beef trim product due to the possible E.coli contamination. In Feb 2015, Whole foods (U.S.) recalled its packaged raw macadamia nuts due to possible Salmonella contamination. Apart from this the food mislabeling issues has also raised concern for food safety. In Japan, almost 307 cases of food mislabeling were reported in 2013.

To reduce such incidents thorough food testing and nutritional analysis is required. Mandatory and stringent food regulations by the government will result in high demand for food testing equipment.

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