ECCA Premium: A Scheme to Ensure Quality and Sustainability of Today’s Prepainted Metals Which Offer More Cost-Savings, Durability and Specialized Coatings Than Ever

Published By: IndustryARC Published On : 15-Feb-2016

Coil coating is a very proficient method to create a uniform, high quality, coated finish over metal in a continuous automated fashion. Coil coating also refers to pre-painted metal, as the metal is painted prior to, rather than after, fabrication. Prepainted metals offer more cost-savings, durability and specialized coatings. Moreover, the most considerable benefit is the energy savings which the coil-coating process affords. The energy used to treat coil-coated metal is significantly less than other processes. In addition, prepainting delivers superior finish, as a flat sheet enables outstanding control of coating weights of both the pretreatment and the paint, depending upon the equipment and the paint system being applied. 

Since past few years, the European Coil Coatings market is experiencing the problem of low quality material and is hence facing increasing challenges owing to the low quality and sustainability standards of the materials. There are no methods to visually conclude the quality of a coil coated material. Though these low quality materials have gained market share, but have put pressure on prices and formed the risk of providing a bad image to all coil coated products. Considering these issues, at the end of 2014, the European coil Coatings Association has launched the prestigious ECCA Premium Sustainability label scheme, which aims to ensure the quality and sustainability by providing the label to manufacturers who have successfully cleared the inspections. The main idea of the label is to certify that the requirements and principles of the existing European product and test standards are met. The label can be granted for prepainted metal products designed for outdoor applications, but post painted constituents are not involved in this scheme. 

ECCA Premium is not constrained to only European coil coaters

However ECCA Premium can be provided to any coil coater whose production line and product fulfill the requirements but this scheme is not confined to only European coil coaters or ECCA associates. This label scheme ensures the quality and sustainability and is fair and harmonized in each country. The earliest four companies to which ECCA has granted its label are Hydro Aluminium Rolled Products (Norway), Novelis Bresso (Italia), Arcelor Mittal Liège (Belgium) and Miralu (France) but more are join the trail soon.

This ECCA Premium label is product and line specific which refers that the label can be provided to a product produced on a specific line. If the same product is created by the same company on some other coil coating line, a distinct inspection procedure will be required. Moreover, this label proposes a distinctive and competitive advantage over their opponents. Additionally, it is granted exclusively to coil coaters who have cleared inspections performed by duly certified, independent auditing bodies.

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