Increasing Demand for Products with Specific Health Benefits Fuels the Adoption of Nutritional Premixes

Published By: IndustryARC Published On : 19-Feb-2016

Premixes are ingredients used for food and supplement fortification. Nutritional premixes generally refer to the customized nutrient blends that are used in the manufacture of food, feed and supplement products in order to enhance the nutritional profile. The global nutrition industry is growing at a healthy pace driven by the increasing consumer preference for products with high nutritional value. Furthermore, expanding product mix in functional food & beverages coupled with widening application base for nutrients has been encouraging the adoption of premixes in the nutrition industry. Nutritional ingredients and premixes market have been consistently supported by various technical and commercial studies highlighting health benefits of micro-nutrients, their formulations and associated supplement products.

The demand for products that offer specific health benefits is growing with consumers seeking foods that combat particular adverse health conditions and nutrient insufficiencies. Consumers have been active in gaining knowledge on essential nutrients and related benefits which is influencing their buying preferences. Heightened consumer awareness is allowing the end-product manufacturers to target particular consumer groups with tailored nutritional profiles. According to the industry estimations, the nutritional supplements industry is estimated to reach $60 billion by 2020 exhibiting a double digit growth rate. 

The expanding footprint of aforementioned markets provides huge scope for innovation of new nutrients, formulations and respective applications which entails high cost of R&D and production. Nutritional premixes have the potency to reduce operational costs and enable the end-product manufacturers to meet the desired nutritional profiles. Driven by the mounting need for highly personalized nutrient blends, nutritional premixes market is expected to surge in the coming years. In addition, key players in the market have been enticing the food companies with their path breaking research on fortification methods for products offering health benefits that are unaddressed by the industry. These efforts help both the premix and end-product providers to widen the scope of the market, thus fuelling the growth. 

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