Technological Shift from Conventional Paper Printing to Digital Media Will Hamper the Rheology Modifiers Market Growth

Published By: IndustryARC Published On : 25-Feb-2016

Rheology modifiers and thickeners are regularly acquainted in paper coatings mainly to accomplish fancied rheological properties and in addition enhanced runnability amid the coating process. Rheology modifiers are combined with coating material or colour to prevent any subsequent deform. Paper coating affects substrates printing properties through opacity, smoothness, porosity, strength, and various other physical properties. Coating is the major end application for rheology modifiers. Without coatings, paper does not have the strength, gloss, printability or resistance to grease and moisture that is required in most of the areas.

Quantity of coated paper production has been witnessing a decline in recent years due to the various factors such as technological shift to digital media from conventional print media and government intervention in promoting paperless work. Different forecast study shows a direct impact of decline in production of coated paper in rheology modifiers market. Global production of coated paper has come down to 41.4 million tons in 2014 from 44.7 million tons in 2010. Decrease in coated paper production is due to the less usage in end applications such as marketing paper, digital print, printing and writing paper and so on. People are more inclined to digital world where they don’t need any paperwork; hence laptops, tablets and other electronic devices has become an integral part of their lives. Despite these difficulties, there remain opportunities for growth in certain sectors of the market. But those opportunities will rely on the ability of specialty paper coatings to provide the necessary performance characteristics.

Though the coated paper production is declining, the demand for higher quality paper products is increasing. High demand for such quality products can be observed in emerging countries like China, India and other Southeast Asia nations. This is the only way where rheology modifiers can still be a part of coating industry and sustain their growth in the paper coating industry.  

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