Vibration Sensors Deployment Acknowledged as one of the Emerging Measures to Ensure Equipment Performance and Reliability.

Published By: IndustryARC Published On : 26-Feb-2016

Maintenance and Safety of the equipment has always been the prime objective of the manufacturing industry. A number of solutions has been developed integrating electronics into the mechanical components to improve the operational efficiency and minimize the complexity of the process. Vibration sensors help to analyze the frequency and intensity of vibrations in order to take decisions regarding performance, production and quality of the object in various industries. These sensors are extensively used to determine the specific cause and location of machinery problems. Vibration sensors are capable of measuring and analyzing displacement, linear velocity, and acceleration. These sensors primarily facilitate measurements of vibration displacement, velocity and acceleration. With the development of computer technology, electronic technology and manufacturing process, a variety of vibration sensors have drawn attention and importance in various industry verticals.

The vibration sensor market has witnessed significant deployment rate in the past few years majorly in automotive and aerospace industry. The vibration sensors in automobiles perform real time monitoring of the automobile mechanical systems in order to prevent breakdown and intimate the drivers beforehand. The vibration sensor market in automotive industry is projected to attain market worth of $881.3m by 2020 as per the IndustryARC analysis. The recent advancements in the automobile systems such as driver assistance systems, commercial telematics solutions have embraced the sensor technology at an extensive level and have perforated high ends market of the automotive industry. OEMs are constantly making efforts to make these technologies accessible to a larger customer base rather than serving the niche segment. The awareness among the end users has remarkably increased and is acknowledging the offered technology. Europe and North America are the dominant regions in the vibration sensors market owing to the presence of leading end user industries in nations such as The U.S.A, Canada, Germany, and the U.K. 

Apart from automotive, vibration sensor has revealed promising applications for equipment maintenance in non-destructive testing, nuclear, oil & gas industry. Nuclear power plants majorly depend upon vibration monitoring systems for ensuring continuous power generation and safety of personnel and equipment. Nuclear reactor outage costs are very high and thus unexpected downtime may lead to enormous losses to the company. Thus approximately 90% of the operation cost is utilized for the monitoring of machinery health using equipment such as vibration sensors. In Oil & Gas industry, the vibration sensor market is speculated to register double digit CAGR by 2020. Vibration monitoring systems are highly effective in determining machinery health, planning maintenance intervals, reducing downtime and avoiding catastrophic loss. Sensors offering hazardous area approvals are widely used on gas and oil well heads, supply lines, natural gas power engines, multi-stage gas compressors and other machinery operating in hazardous environments.

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