Hybrid Cloud Storage to Dominate the Next Generation Data Storage Market by 2025.

Published By: IndustryARC Published On : 04-May-2016

Enterprises are heading towards modernizing their IT infrastructures with the rapid embracement of private and public cloud solutions. Adoption levels of cloud services are rising healthily in large organizations as well as the small and mid-sized business firms. About 81% of the enterprises have already incorporated hybrid cloud environments. Cloud storage services have witnessed significant deployment in the past few years and are estimated to become the leading storage solution across all the IT industries and firms in the near future.

Hybrid cloud has emerged to be the most prominent model of cloud computing and is penetrating towards various industries and sectors such as retail, healthcare and financial sectors. Hybrid Cloud is a cloud-computing environment that deploys both private and public cloud services, resulting in the creation of a well-managed, automated and unified computing environment. This infrastructure enables the business firms to improve their efficiency by a remarkable reduction in the overall ownership cost. The on-premise private infrastructure facilitates direct accessibility, thereby greatly reducing latency and access time as compared to the traditional public cloud services. Hybrid cloud storage solutions also address security and compliance issues faced by the business personals in the process of storing sensitive data and other information. Security and compliance issues are also addressed by these hybrid cloud storage solutions owing to sensitive operations present in-house storage facilities. Hybrid infrastructure has aided the companies to curtail their IT spending and has improved their safety and security issues for sensitive applications large chunks of data.

With the increasing size of data volumes over the years, the enterprises are facing difficulty to manage such large chunks of data. There has been a rapid proliferation of mobile applications, machine data, SaaS (Software as Service) and other on-premise applications that has forced the enterprises to develop new models of data storage such as hybrid cloud storage. As per a recent research conducted by IndustryARC, the cloud storage solutions will account for 47.6% of the next generation data storage market in the next ten years. Though actual deployment of hybrid infrastructures is very rare at present, there is an increasing inclination towards adoption of hybrid solutions by the major enterprises in the near future, to address issues of increasing data vulnerability and other performance related problems. Hybrid cloud services are deployed across many applications such as database, commerce software, backup and recovery, enterprise content management and high-performance computing. Improved security and compliance issues, higher management of data coupled with enhanced flexibility and management issues of IT infrastructure have forced the IT firms towards leveraging hybrid cloud infrastructures. The significant reduction in cost has also prompted the enterprises towards adopting hybrid cloud approach. Further, the integration of Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) into OpenStack-powered clouds has helped the businesses to continue their B2B and B2C transactions in a much more sophisticated manner, without the fear of data being lost or exposed. With the growth of Big Data across organizations, Hybrid cloud infrastructure is likely to draw more attention and importance across the major industry verticals. Hybrid cloud technology platforms are expected to usher in the near future meeting the needs of data storage.

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