Nanotechnology in Coil Coating Pretreatment to Change the Phase of Coating Industry.

Published By: IndustryARC Published On : 19-May-2016

Coil coating is a very proficient method to create a uniform, high quality, coated finish over metal in a continuous automated fashion. Coil coating also refers to pre-painted metal, as the metal is painted prior to, rather than after, fabrication. Prepainted metals offer more cost-savings, durability and specialized coatings. Moreover, the most considerable benefit is the energy savings which the coil-coating process affords. The energy used to treat coil-coated metal is significantly less than other processes. In addition, prepainting delivers superior finish, as a flat sheet enables outstanding control of coating weights of both the pre-treatment and the paint, depending upon the equipment and the paint system being applied.

Regarding the world of metal surface treatment, some nanoparticles are currently used in pretreatment processes to form conversion coatings. Nanotechnology enhances the technological changes which are directly related to improvement of nano-polymer composites. These materials exhibit good abrasion and wear resistance by mechanical strength, lightness, ease of processing, versatility and low cost, together with acceptable thermal and environmental resistances which are suitable for coating applications. Coil coating industry has experienced various advantages with the advent of novel nano technologies for coil coating pretreatments such as Reduction of pretreatment stages, faster and easier solution control and management, elimination of rinsing stages with demineralized water consumption, elimination of waste to treat in the water treatment plant and consequent elimination of waste sludges disposal, increase of the mechanical characteristics and corrosion resistance performances and more.

Nanoparticle-based lubricant additives (mostly boron or carbon) that can compete on performance with traditional coil coating materials are being developed, which interact with the contact surface to produce a low environmental impact and high performance. Some of the nanoparticles commercially used in pretreatment process to form conversion coating include zirconium, titanium and manganese acidic solution. Moreover, Silicium, cerium and aluminium oxide nanoparticles are frequently used in the preparation to enhance the corrosion resistance properties of the conversion coatings.

However, it is evident that some nanoparticles in some condition can be toxic so it’s essential to continue the innovative trend without forgetting safety and environmental concerns.

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