Spinel Ferrite Composites to be the Next Step in Adsorbent Technology for Water Purification.

Published By: IndustryARC Published On : 19-May-2016

Much attention has been paid on Nano-materials in recent years due to their fundamental and technological applications. The physical and chemical properties of Nano-materials have been enhanced because of their surface-to-volume ratio. Spinel ferrite with the general formula of MFe2O4 (M is a divalent cation) have attracted much attention because of their interesting properties. Nickel ferrite (NiFe2O4) Nano-crystals are amongst the most widely used ferrites because of their applications in storage devices, gas sensors and microwave sensors and as catalysts & adsorbents. NiFe2O4 Nano-particles which have been prepared by co-precipitation method over active carbon can be used to remove a number of Azo dyes such as methyl orange from water. These composite materials have been have been proven to have high adsorptive activities for these dyes and their tendency for removal of anionic dye and cationic azo dye was higher than others.  It has thus been established that this composite is a superior adsorbent compared with either NiFe2O4 or active carbon alone.

Spinel ferrite magnetic materials are another important class of composite metal oxides containing ferric ions, which possess excellent magnetic characteristics, high specific surface area. Another important feature for these composites is the ease with which they can be modified or functionalized. As a result of these multifunctional properties, affordability, and magnetic separation capability, SF adsorbents are a top choice for water purification applications that require high adsorption efficiencies and rapid kinetics. As an important member of the ferrite family, MnFe2O4 (MFO) has attracted noteworthy industry interest due to its strong magnetic and electromagnetic properties. Nanoparticles, nanostructures, and thin films of MnFe2O4 show diverse properties, such as, high anisotropy constant, size-dependent saturation magnetization, super spin glass state, super Para-magnetism, and high Curie temperature. Recently, it was found that MnFe2O4 magnetic Nano particles were effectively used an excellent adsorbent for the removal of the Azo dye Acid Red B from water. Zinc ferrite nanoparticles prepared by one-pot microwave assisted combustion in the solid state and later encapsulated in an organoclay resulted in a magnetic heterostructured adsorbent, with increased adsorption of organic dye pollutants from an aqueous solution.
Dye pollution in waste waters causes serious environmental and health risk, legislation problems and is a serious challenge to environmental scientists. These composites can hence serve cheaper alternatives to the existing chemicals used in water purification and will open up a differentiated product in the existing adsorbent market for the manufacturers.

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