Bio-Plastics: A Burgeoning Alternative for Cleaner and Greener Future of Conventional Plastics.

Published By: IndustryARC Published On : 23-May-2016

Burgeoning Demand for non-petroleum based plastics is all set to soon supersede the conventional oil based plastic products.

The three major factors that define the evolution of bio-plastic industry are market demand, government mandates and technical maturity.  In order to address the challenges of today’s modern scenario and society’s plunging demand for better sustainable solutions, many companies have started focusing upon the green aspect of the bio based plastics. As with conventional plastics, bio-plastics have a very broad application spectrum. Bio-plastics tend to have a generally very high consumer acceptance. It derives its use in various commercial applications which includes packaging, textiles, consumer goods, agriculture & horticulture, automotive and many more.  Plastics have been an integral part of our daily life. It has more or the other transformed our way of living.

Right from the small buttons on the shirt, to the pen we hold in our hand or the keyboard we type on, to the packaging we eradicate from our sandwich, the exhaustive and widespread usage of plastic products in our culture is irrefutable. However, this wonder-product has several severe ecological faults in both its production as well as disposal. Conventional plastics are produced using petroleum, coal or gas that are all non-renewal resources and is vulnerable to an unstable market of increasing price and demand, attached with deteriorating reserves. However, the disposals of all these components create greater concern. Plastic pollution takes so long to degrade; it pollutes the land and ocean, where it is often lethal to wildlife.

Plastic Pollution in the Worlds Oceans

In the ocean, plastic does not go away. It breaks down into small pieces that are ingested by sea life and transferred up the food chain, carrying chemical pollutants from prey to predator. Along with reducing unnecessary plastic consumption, finding more environmentally friendly packaging alternatives, and improving product and packaging design to use less plastic, many challenges associated with plastics could be addressed by improving management of the material across its lifecycle. Hence, bioplastic has emerged as a perfect alternative to the conventional petroleum based plastics. According to a recent study, it is anticipated that bioplastic is almost 90% capable of replacing the conventional plastics. It clearly depicts that bioplastics have the capability to bioplastics have the potential to ultimately substitute various plastics plastic products that are made from petroleum feedstock.

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