Increasing Utilization of Polyamide-Imide Resins in the End User Industry is foreseen as a Major Contributing Factor for the Growth in Near Future

Published By: IndustryARC Published On : 10-Oct-2016

Polyamide-imides are polymer compounds used in producing different types of coatings. Polyamide-imide are advanced materials used in various end-user industries such as wire enamels, automotive, pulp and paper, wood applications and marine sectors. Polyamide – imide falls under the category of thermosetting amorphous polymer, which has high mechanical and physical properties. They display an array of physical properties that are common to both polyamides and polyimides, such as high strength, exceptional heat capacity and high chemical resistance, to name a few.

For many years the pace towards the usage of water based coatings has been very sluggish and cautious as market reception was slow. Now we see an escalating interest in evolving this type of coatings, starting from the further advancement of high performance latex paints, but increasingly in other systems as well such as PAI dispersions and even polyamide-imide protective coatings. Unlike some of the other polymer based resins polyamide – imide resins did not have many health hazards related to their use. The most common use of PAIs includes the use of it in the coating industry; wire coatings makes the most use of this. Enamel coating application extended by PAIs has been found to have superior quality when compared to other resin. These wiring systems in turn find extensive application in construction and automotive industry. The availability of base material for the process of production acts as a boon for the growth of the market.

Wiring industry is ever growing and has innovations coming into the market every now and then. Some of the new entrants in the field of coating that has challenged PAIs are expected to pose a threat to the existing market. But the multipurpose utility of the resin is expected to propel the growth. Architecture industry is one of the largest and fastest growing sectors in the world. From the dawn of man, strength of a civilization has been marked by the structural enhancements predominant in that region. Innovations in this field have led to the advent of much construction based materials that have helped to improve the quality of these structures. Materials like steel and aluminum were used extensively before the advent of polymer based resins. Designs of molded plastics have shown a positive influence on the usage of polyamide-imide resins in the automotive industry.  Coating application of the resin that provides high thermal stability finds application in both construction and automotive industry. Wire enameled coating has found its application in the electronics sector and has directly influenced the construction sector.

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