Photonic Integrated Circuit & Quantum Computing Market Wits to Create a Need for Network Support for Gigabyte Transmission Speed

Published By: IndustryARC Published On : 22-Jan-2018

Photonic Integrated Circuit & Quantum Computing Market compacts with the set of technologies which is analogue to electronic IC. The main difference for the use of photons is the data carried by PIC circuit in contrast to electrons in electronic IC’s.

Photonic integrated circuit & quantum computing market growing reason is the momentum growth of this technology is the numerous benefits it offers. The most prominent ones being high performance, reliability, cost effective, power saving capability, increased functionality and ability to transfer large data at high speed. It will completely alter the computing industry because of its ability to practice large amounts of data at very high speed.

Photonic integrated circuit & quantum computing market has the largest market in the optical fiber communication applications. The fiber optic products where PICs are incorporated ranges from transmitters, transreceivers, transponder modules, Bi-directional optical sub- assemblies, power splitters etc. These PCIs are also used in optical fiber sensors, quantum computing and biomedical. Quantum computing is currently in the development phase and it is forecast to be commercialized in the year 2017.

The IC markets proposed and analyzed the design of a programmable nanophotonics circuit diagram for high fidelity quantum computation and stimulation. This demonstrate that are configurability of our design allows us to overcome two major impediments to quantum optics on a chip. It removes the need for a full fabrication cycle for each experiment and allows for compensation of fabrication errors using numerical optimization techniques. Under a pessimistic fabrication model for the silicon on insulator process, will demonstrate a dramatic fidelity improvement for the linear optics.

The photonic integrated circuit & quantum computing market overall suggests that existing fabrication processes are sufficient to build a quantum photonic IC processor capable of high fidelity operation. Increase in the level of integration and decrease in size of the devices are the key factor fueling the market growth. Low level of digitization is restraining the market demand for integrated photonics technology major opportunity for the market. The technology is in very emerging stage and hence, in geographical contribution the invention is almost equal spread with the North America having a bit slightly higher edge over the remaining regions.

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