Power Electronics Market Says 21st Century as the Golden Age of Electronic Power Control Devices

Published By: IndustryARC Published On : 24-Jan-2018

Power Electronics is the advancement of electrical engineering in recent times and has impacted human life in almost every sphere. Power electronics is a hybrid of power engineering, analogue electronics, semiconductor devices and control systems.

Power Electronics Market is a technology that deals with the conversion and control of active electronics power with high efficiency switching mode power electronic devices for a wide range of power electric applications. These include as DC and AC power supplies, electrochemical processes, Power IC, Power Module & Power Discrete, AC-DC converters, AC-AC converters, DC-AC converters, Static switches, DC-DC converters and Diode rectifiers. This is defined as 21st century as the golden age of electronic power control devices.

Power electronics market is ushering in a new kind of industrial revolution because of its important role in energy conservation, bulk utility energy stores, and renewable energy, and electric and hybrid vehicles. The traditional role in the industrial automation and high efficiency energy systems brings a major change in the performance.  Power electronic converters have merged as a high-tech frontier in power engineering. From the current trends, it is evident that power electronics will play a significant role in solving the climate change problem in the coming future.

Power electronics market started advancing dramatically with the introduction in almost universal in the control of power electronics systems. The connection of renewable energy sources to power grids is not possible without power electronics. Growth areas of power electronics are transport, power supplies, motor drives, future electricity networks. America, Asia-Pacific, Europe and Rest of the World are the continents to have shares in the market.

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