According to the reportUnmanned Aircraft Systems Market- by Product Type (Fixed Wing, Rotary Wing); by End User (Commercial, Consumer); by End User Applications (Agriculture, Law enforcement, Survey, Others)- With Forecast (2015 – 2020)”, published by IndustryARC, the UAS market is estimated to grow $4.1 Billion by 2020 at a high CAGR.

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Unmanned Aircraft Systems, generally abbreviated as UAS are aircraft systems that are remotely operated/ controlled. Unmanned aircrafts has evolved continuously from being used only in combat purposes to being used for commercial and consumer purposes as well. The overall UAS market has been analyzed based on the end-user (Commercial and Consumer), by type (Fixed Winged UAS or Rotary Winged UAS), by Endurance (Low-Endurance Low-Altitude, Medium-Endurance Low-Altitude, Average-Endurance Average-Altitude and High-Endurance High-Altitude UAS), By Application (photography/ videography, agriculture, industrial, earth observation, law enforcement and so on).

In 2014, of the overall revenue generated by UAS Market, nearly 47% was contributed by commercial drones. The Americas region has emerged out to be the leading market for UAS contributing to nearly 38% of the overall UAS market dominated by the North American region. However, the APAC region is displaying the highest growth rate led by China and Japan. By 2020, based on extensive research conducted by IndustryARC, the UAS Market is estimated to generate revenue of $4.1 Billion. Increasing needs for automation in manufacturing plants as well as need for low cost operation are the major factors driving the growth of this market. 

Rising need for low cost operations due to increasing labor & utilities cost combined with the need for an alternative for faster and accurate operations are the major factors for driving this market. For instance in agriculture sector, operations are generally spread across large areas. Efficient operations associated with such large spaces is quite a challenging task as it involves large human force to manually monitor the crops from time to time.  Farmers can instead use drones to spray pesticides, fertilizers, water, and other related applications. UAS can also be used to identify and possibly treat a disease before it spreads.  Livestock producers can monitor cattle and other livestock. Hence, commercial drones in agriculture segment can be widely used by farmers to reduce costs and boost overall production.

With regards to mapping, survey as well as other GIS sector applications, UAS are used to capture high-quality, real-time imagery, which are critical for accurate data monitoring. Also, advancement in technology has increased the need for faster delivery of data combined with need for higher resolution. The aero-dynamics of the UAS makes it possible for the drones to fly at low altitudes and aids in collecting precise data, which is generally not possible for manned aircraft or satellites. Similarly the UAS can aid in cost reduction of operations across a wide range of industries. 

The Key Players profiled based on the Research conducted include:
  • Da-Jiang Innovations Science and Technology Co., Ltd. (China)
  • Lockheed Martin Corporation (U.S.)
  • AeroVironment, Inc. (U.S.)
  • Parrot SA (France)
  • SenseFly SA (U.S.)
  • 3D Robotics, Inc. (U.S.)
  • Aeryon Labs Inc. (Canada)

DJI Phantom recorded the highest number of sales in Consumer Drones Market, followed by Parrot SA. Parrot SA manufactures wide range of consumer drones such as Parrot Bepop series, A.R Drones series and so on. 3D Robotics is one of the major market players, especially in the Americas region and contributes to nearly 16% of overall consumer drones market.


The Key Stakeholders who would benefit from this report include:
  • Product OEMs
  • Distributors
  • UAS software vendor
  • Service Providers
  • Component/ Sub-Component suppliers
  • System integrators
  • Investors

Government regulations play a vital role in the civil drone market expansion. Though drones are allowed for industrial purposes, civil drones are yet to get permission from the governments. China & Japan has no specific regulations on drone operation, however operating drone in the line of sight and maintaining specified distances from the airports and military base is a must. Several countries have set UAV regulations and are now trying to liberalize them by issuing appropriate pilot licenses.

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