The global microbial lipase market will generate high demand from the cleaning chemicals industry and confectionaries in the near future. The current industrial landscape is banking on the enzyme technology for increasing the efficiency of manufacturing both quantitatively and qualitatively. Enzymes are now being increasingly employed in a variety of industries because of their ability to function in an in vitro fashion after being separated from their living environment. The demand for industrially manufactured products is increasing owing to changing consumer preferences. This is putting enormous pressure on industry market players to manufacture at a faster rate. Enzymes such as microbial lipase, therefore act as catalysts that can remarkably increase the rate of production. Lipase, which is naturally produced inside the pancreas has found immense industrial usage, thus increasing the scope of microbial lipase market. Microbial lipase acts as a biocatalyst in the production of cleaning chemicals, bakery products, dairy products, and others. According to the International Trade Centre’s Trade Map, 500,000 tons of prepared enzymes worth $5 billion were imported by countries worldwide in 2018. This statistic is reflective of the high demand for enzymes across all industrial platforms, thereby highlighting the high demand associated with the microbial lipase market. 

The microbial lipase market has been estimated to exhibit growth at a CAGR of 6% during the forecast period of 2019-2025. In 2018, the market earned a revenue of $412 million globally. The forecast period will witness a high demand from the food and beverage, and chemicals industry.

Industries Positively Impacting the Growth of Microbial Lipase Market

The growth of the microbial lipase market is highly dependent on the industries where this enzyme is being used. Some of the industries that have contributed to the growth of this market are-

Ø  The Food and Beverage Industry- Microbial lipase is employed in the manufacturing of a variety of different products in the food and beverage industry. Some of the sub-divisions of this industry where microbial lipase is used are dairy, vegetable oils, egg processing, baking, and HMF (human milk fat) substitutions.

 ·    Vegetable Oil Processing- The demand for vegetable oils is extremely high with rising food consumption through packaged foods, take out restaurants, and dining services. In 2018, the countries of the world collectively imported vegetable oils worth $97 billion. This statistic shows the extremely high demand that countries are experiencing, which is highly advantageous to the microbial lipase market. Microbial lipase is extremely effective in the processing of vegetable oils. Lipase is used in the catalysis of processes such as esterification, hydrolysis, transesterification, and others. During the forecast period, the microbial lipase market will highly bank on this food and beverage division for its growth opportunity.

·    Dairy and Egg Processing- Dairy has been an important part of human food habits and recipes. Dairy products form an indispensable part of the human diet and this is visible through statistical information. In 2018, dairy products and birds’ eggs worth $91 billion were imported by different countries throughout the world. This shows the high demand for dairy products and eggs which is exerting pressure for fast-paced production on industries. Microbial lipase is highly used in the production of cheese where the enzyme is employed for breaking down milk fats and providing flavors to different kinds of cheeses. Furthermore, microbial lipase is used in egg yolk processing by catalyzing the emulsification process. Factories manufacturing products derived out of eggs such as mayonnaise, batters, and baked goods massively employ microbial lipase for improving the emulsification power of egg lipids. This is highly important as the global demand for egg-based emulsified dressings is rising with approximately 3 million metric tons sold per year. Therefore, the rising demand for dairy products and egg-based condiments will have a positive impact on the microbial lipase market in the upcoming years.

Ø  The Cleaning Chemicals Market- Cleaning chemicals form an important part of industrial manufacturing as routine cleaning is important for maintaining quality while conforming to government safety regulations. Cleaning chemicals have also found immense residential applications where they are being employed as hand sanitizers, floor cleaners, and others. The global cleaning chemicals market size has been estimated at $136 billion in 2018 and will grow with a CAGR of 4% during 2019-2025. Microbial lipase is highly used in the production of cleaning chemicals. They accelerate the conversion of lipids such as tri-glycerides into glycerol and other fatty acids. This process is pivotal in the production of detergents and helps them in efficient removal of stains from clothes and other materials. Without the microbial lipase market, the production of cleaning chemicals will be severely hindered and this has formed an important premise for the market growth.

Bakery Products as the Most Promising Segment of the Market

According to IndustryARC’s research, bakery products have emerged as the most lucrative segment of the market with an estimated CAGR of 7% through to 2025. Bakery products are in high demand, especially in the North American and European countries. In 2018, bakery products worth $36 billion were imported throughout the world. Microbial lipase plays an indispensable role in the production of bakery products. Lipase assists in the liberation of short-chain fatty acids that is important for providing flavors to bakery products during esterification. Furthermore, microbial lipase is also used as an emulsifier which helps in making cream-based desserts. The microbial lipase market will witness immense growth in the feature owing to this segment as bakery industry players employ this enzyme for fast-paced production of confectionery food products.

APAC Region Taking the Lead in the Global Microbial Lipase Market

The APAC region has emerged as the most promising region of the microbial lipase market. In 2018, the region held a 34% share of the total revenue earned by the market globally. The APAC region houses two of the most populous countries in the world- India, and China. In 2018, the overall population in Asia grew at an approximate rate of 1% adding millions of people to the continent’s census. The population is rising in these regions at an extraordinary level and generating a high demand for the cleaning chemicals market and the food and beverage industry. This, in turn, is contributing positively to the microbial lipase market. According to the International Trade Centre’s Trade map, in 2018, China imported enzymes worth $249 million owing to its global status as a manufacturing hub. Additionally, both India and Singapore imported enzymes worth $127 million and $125 million in the same year. Since microbial lipase is immensely used in the production of vegetable oils, this food and beverage industry subdivision has contributed maximum growth to the market in this region. In 2018, Indonesia exported vegetable oils worth $20 billion, exceeding any other country in terms of export demand. Furthermore, India topped worldwide for the highest demand in vegetable oil consumption at $10 billion. The high demand for vegetable oils and simultaneous production of the same in Asian countries has been pivotal in ensuring the growth of the microbial lipase market in this region.

Microbial Lipase Market Key Players

The key companies which are ahead of the curve in the microbial lipase market are Novozymes, DSM, Chr. Hansen, Amano Enzymes, Associated British Foods, and DowDuPont.

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