Increasing penetration of smartphones, high proliferation of 3G & 4G broadband services, the advent of 5G technology and increased customer spending on telecom services are factors influencing the global Mobile Value Added Services (MVAS) Market. According to the Global System for Mobile Communications (GSMA), approximately 700 million new mobile subscribers are estimated to enter the telecommunication sector by 2025 globally. The increase in internet subscribers has augmented growth of the mobile value-added services market. Location-based mobile value-added services is the key factor fuelling the mobile value-added service market growth. Through location-based services, users can get real-time directions to locations, weather forecasts, and updates on traffic from their mobile devices. Location-based services are used by advertisers to generate notifications when the consumer is in the vicinity of their indoor spaces such as outlets, cafes, restaurants, and movie theatres and they can instantly give offer discounts on shopping to such location-specific customers. Mobile messaging plays a significant role in location-based services (LBS). The global mobile value-added services market size was valued at $340 billion in 2018, and is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of 12.34% throughout the forecast period of 2019-2025.

Owing to the growth in the millennial population, increasing demand for high mobile internet speeds, and supportive telecommunication infrastructure there has been a rapid shift from e-commerce to m-commerce systems leading to commercial transactions being conducted electronically through mobile phones. The digitization of key industries such as transportation demonstrates the importance of mobile-based services. For instance, Uber Technologies Inc., an American-based transportation network company and Ola Cabs, an Indian-origin online transportation network company use the mobile location-based service applications that will have a positive influence on the MVAS market.

Major Mobile Value-added Services

Mobile Gaming & Apps

Nowadays, mobile phone games are becoming extremely sophisticated through exponential advancements in display, storage, network bandwidth, interface, and operating system functionality. Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android are the most widely used and supported platforms on smartphones. Cross-platform HTML5 technology runs games on devices such as iPhones, iPads, and Android devices. The content and games provided by telecom operators as value-added services are free from the rules and regulations of app stores and Google Play stores. Pay-per-download, free-to-play, subscriptions and advertising are the monetization models used within commercial mobile games. Mobile games support multiple players via Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G, and Bluetooth. For instance, Tencent Games is the largest publisher of mobile games in China, due to the size of the player base in the country. It is known as the largest video game company in the world owing to its market share.    

Live Streaming of TV Shows

Netflix’s subscription service is changing the pace of the world as a business offering for VAS services offered by the telecom operators worldwide with the online subscription. User interactions via chat rooms play a major role in the live streaming process.  Online platforms such as Facebook Live, 17, and Periscope include the live streaming of promotional activities and TV shows. Major players in the telecom industry are offering more value-added entertainment services to customers by working in combination with major content providers.

Online Storage of Data

With the increase in online social networking, more pictures and content is being shared among users on different platforms. This is leading to mobile users requiring more storage space on their smartphones. It is well connected with the cloud storage VAS platform which gives more storage options for mobile users. People can get more storage space by buying a subscription which enables download and storage of content online, thereby making it accessible at any time and from anywhere, as long as they have a data connection.

APAC Holding Major Share of the Mobile Value-Added Services Market

The APAC region generated approximately 38% of global revenues in the mobile value-added services market in 2018. Emerging economies such as India and China have several potential users for their diversified and personalized services. According to India Brand Equity Foundation (IBEF), with 1,197 million subscribers, India has the second-largest telecom network in the world as of 2018.Use of MVAS services in the education sector resulted in one of the major factors for growth of the market in this region. Research by Wipro Technologies and the Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI) found that there are the multiple opportunities for both domestic mobile operators and global operators in the Indian MVAS market.

The application segment that will be creating the most lucrative opportunities for the mobile value-added services market is the financial sector, which is projected to grow at a CAGR of 14.14% through to 2025. Financial transactions are done with mobile remittance services, mobile wallet services, and business correspondence model-based services, which are contributing to growth in MVAS revenues. The sharp rise in the utilization of mobile payments and social networking applications is boosting the MVAS market size. Advances in technology that enable secure payment processes on mobile devices in a simplified manner are anticipated to increase the usage of mobile payment transactions, which in turn, helps grow the market for mobile value-added services.

The Major Players in the Mobile Value-Added Services Market:

Prominent players in the mobile value-added services market include Comverse, Mozat, Tapjoy, Onmobile, Lumata, Google, Apple, Comviva Technologies, AT&T, Vodafone, KongZhong, One97 Communication, and InMobi.

Mergers and acquisitions are the key strategies adopted by market players to stay ahead of their competitors. India-based mobile entertainment service provider Onmobile Global Limited acquired Appland AB, a Sweden-based mobile distribution and monetization company, in October 2018. This acquisition is intended to roll out 100 games club, increase subscriptions and boost revenues through marketing. Such joint ventures aid market players in expanding their geographical boundaries and accentuating their footprint into the global mobile value-added services market.

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