According to the new market research report by IndustryARC titled “Tricalcium Citrate MarketBy Type (Granular, Powder); By Application (Food & Beverage, Healthcare, Agriculture, Cleaners and Detergents and Others) & By Region (Europe, North America, Asia-Pacific, RoW)-Forecast (2017-2021)”, the market is driven by the extensive use of food supplements globally and growing awareness about health.

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Europe held the largest market share in the Tricalcium Citrate Market
European region holds the largest market share in the Tricalcium Citrate Market and is anticipated to reach $363.4 million by 2023 at a CAGR of 4.30%. However, Americas witnesses highest growth during the forecast period and is expected to reach $192.6 million by 2023 at a CAGR of 4.8%. 

Selected Value Chain Analysis done in the full report
  • The market for Tricalcium Citrate is quite small, although it finds variety of applications in health care, agrochemicals and many more. Tricalcium Citrate is basically fine white powder whose major application is in the health care industry where it is being used as supplements and additives. It is also a business, which is well positioned to add greater value in the future.
  • The value chain of Tricalcium Citrate analyzes the major steps involved in procuring the raw material citric acid in this case, and then adding selected additives in order to produce Tricalcium Citrate. Many other processes are performed further in transforming them into Tricalcium Citrate. Manufacturing of Tricalcium Citrate is not capitally intensive, nor does it require specialized equipment.
  • Most of the manufacturers in the market have their own in-house facilities to convert raw materials into end products.
  • Value chain for Tricalcium Citrate has been established as an interdependent and complex network, comprising of raw material providers, distributors, end users and research institutes.
  • Tricalcium Citrate is produced with citric acid that involves two major purification processes- neutralization and filtration.
  • Citric acid is reacted with calcium carbonate or calcium hydroxide salts to form precipitates which are later filtered to obtain calcium Citrate. It has industrial applications in health care, fertilizers, food & beverage, detergents and many more.
  • Extrusion and Reactive Agglomeration are other two processes used in the manufacture of Tricalcium Citrate which includes blending of citric acid and calcium salt, and heating at elevated temperatures for separation and cooling, but this method is not widely accepted since it includes complex processes and high energy consumption.
  • This Tricalcium Citrate thus exists in two forms that is granular and powdered form. Granular Tricalcium Citrate find its major application in pharmaceuticals and fertilizers, whereas Tricalcium Citrate powder is majorly used in the health care and food & beverage applications.
  • Among various steps involved in value chain, processing methods like fermentation, neutralization and filtration adds value at each step, making the end product better.

Excerpts on Market Growth Factors

  • The Tricalcium Citrate Market is primarily driven by the development of micronized grades for Tri-Calcium citrate in dairy foundation. Also, in detergents, Tri-Calcium is used as a replacement for Tri Sodium Phosphate.
  • Tri-Calcium Citrate is most economic compared to other calcium additives.
  • The market value of healthcare segment is anticipated to reach $127.98 million by 2021 growing at a CAGR of 5.6% because of all the radical technological innovations in this sector.
  • Furthermore, Tricalcium Citrate has specific advantage from pharmacological point of view that shows calcium Citrate inhibits the growth of kidney and urinary duct stones.
  • The factors driving the Tricalcium Citrate Market growth include spectrum utilization, reduced cost, new technology development, energy efficiency and so on.
  • The market for Tricalcium Citrate in food and beverage industry is set to see an upsurge due to the increasing per capita income and the improved consumption of processed, baked and frozen foods. The market revenue is poised to reach $480 million till 2021, growing at a CAGR of 3.76%
  • The market for Tricalcium Citrate in agriculture is set to see an upsurge due to the increasing developments in the agriculture sector. The market revenue is poised to reach $62.7 million till 2021, growing at a CAGR of 4.8% during the forecast period.

Key players of Tricalcium Citrate Market:

  • Among the existing players, Jungbunzlauer and BASF SE are the major players, holding 10% and 8% of the global market share respectively. 
  • Thermo Fisher and Imery’s are the other major players, with 7% and Jungubunzlauer 5% global share respectively.
  • There are many other players for the Tricalcium Citrate market globally. These small companies hold the remaining 70% of the global share. This imbalance in major and minor players exists due to the market being highly fragmented.
  • Most of the players involved in the business are privately held and operate on a small scale to cater to the needs of the regional market.
  • Being prepared industrially on a very large scale by the major companies such as, Jungbunzlauer Suisse AG, BASF SE, Dastech International Inc. Alfa Aesar and Jost Chemical Co., Tricalcium Citrate is being distributed to various industries on a large scale.
  • Jungbunzlauer and BASF SE are the top players in the global market due to a large product portfolio which caters to almost every end user industry of Tricalcium Citrate.
  • Imery’s constitutes the least share among the major players as the revenue generated by the sales of Tricalcium Citrate is very less. When compared to other major players, its global presence is not as prominent.
  • There exists a high degree of competition among the companies as they cater to the needs of the same end user industries. Moreover, there is always a probability of the smaller players to capture the share of the larger players. Thus, the companies have to be competitive in order to sustain in the market.
  • Imery’s has acquired several companies and their businesses in the past few years. They include Solvay’s European Precipitated Calcium Carbonate division (PCC) worth $78Million, BASF’s kaolin business worth $80 Million among others.
  • Imery’s list of acquisitions includes Damolin, a Danish mineral-based solutions provider which will help in expanding business to European markets. It also acquired S&B, a regional leader in industrial minerals. Imery’s aim to expand its specialty business and performance additives with the acquisitions.
  • Chinese companies, namely Anhui Bbca Biochemical Co Ltd, Anhui Chaohu South Membrane Industry Co Ltd and others hold one or two patents each.
  • Some U.S companies include Maxigen Biotech Inc., Cognis IP Man GMBH and others. Again, Individuals hold more number of patents than companies alone.
  • Some Individuals and companies who hold patents in the Calcium Citrate field include Kvasenkov Oleg Ivanovich , Wang Xiaowei, Anhui Bbca Biochemical Co Ltd., Anhui Chaohu South Membrane Industry Co Ltd. among others.
  • From an in-depth analysis of patent holders, it is evident that no company has a monopoly of holding patents in the field. On the contrary, Kvasenkov Oleg Ivanovich, a scientist and author from Russia holds the maximum number of patents. (146 out of 153 patents in Russia are granted to him).
  • The production of Tri Calcium citrate market at global level is expanding rapidly, with growing applications of tri calcium citrate in various sectors such as food and beverages, health care, agriculture and others. Owing to the relatively low entry barriers, simple technology and also low cost raw materials, the market is competitive with many players of various sizes and fragmented across the value chain.
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