Potassium bicarbonate, potassium hydrogen carbonate, or potassium acid carbonate are electrolytes, and essential nutrients found naturally in many plants, animals, humans, and in almost all living organisms. The occurrence of usable potassium bicarbonate is rare and is mostly found in a mineral called kalicinite. It is a colorless, odorless, slightly basic, salty, and a non-combustible substance. Artificially, it is derived by the chemical reaction between potassium carbonate and carbon dioxide followed by a recrystallization process. The major application of potassium bicarbonate lies in the food & beverage, agricultural, and pharmaceutical industries. Potassium carbonate is soluble in water, and therefore, it is considered a good application for soil. Using it in the right proportion can reduce acidity in the soil and correct the soil pH. Also, it is used as an agricultural fertilizer or fungicide in organic farming and can be replaced with sulfur or copper for some plants.

Thus, potassium is highly applied in the agricultural industry to check the soil and the growing popularity of organic farming is expected to drive the demands for potassium bicarbonate which will further support the market players indulged in the particular market. Looking over the food & beverage industry, potassium bicarbonate is used as an additive for producing wine. The increasing weekend and party culture among the millennial has pumped up the demands for various alcohols and wines. So, the requirement for potassium bicarbonate in producing wines are certain to surge traction in the potassium bicarbonate market. In 2018, the estimated global Potassium Bicarbonate Market size was $220 million, and the demands for the same are projected to grow at a positive CAGR of 3.8% during the forecast period 2019 to 2025.


Regional Distribution in the Potassium Bicarbonate Market

The APAC region was observed as the most lucrative region in the total potassium bicarbonate market and was accountable for 39% of the global market landscape. The presence of some of the largest potassium carbonate producing countries such as China and Korea are responsible for this massive foothold of the APAC region in the potassium carbonate market. According to the International Trade Corporation, Korea was the largest exporter of potassium carbonate in the world and generated trade value worth $65,444 out of the total trade value of $257,155 in 2018. The demand for potassium carbonate is high from the agriculture-based country India. The country extensively uses potash fertilizers to improve the fertility of the soil and increase the yields of production. The heavy agricultural activities in the country constantly induce demands for potash fertilizer that is further supporting the regional potassium bicarbonate market. However, the demands from North America and the European region are also increasing owing to the growing application of potassium carbonate in the pharmaceutical and the food & beverage industries.


Application Analysis in Potassium Bicarbonate Market

The major application of potassium bicarbonate lies in the pharmaceutical industry. The growing demands for medicines and advanced medical care are burgeoning its requirement in the pharmaceutical sector, and the opportunities in the same are expected to grow at a CAGR of 4.4% during the forecast period. Potassium bicarbonate plays an important role during chemical reactions in the pharmaceutical industry; it is used as an agent for medicines to maintain a specific pH. Maintaining a normal potassium level is important for the ideal functioning of cells, heart, kidneys, muscles, and nerves. Patients experiencing low potassium content in their blood are provided with potassium bicarbonate as a mineral supplement. Potassium bicarbonate is also used in the food & beverages industry as a substitute for baking soda. The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recognizes potassium bicarbonate as a safe food ingredient and a good source of carbon dioxide, and thus, it finds numerous applications in the baking and confectionery products such as cakes, biscuits, muffins, waffles, and doughnuts. Other than applications in the pharmaceutical and the food & beverage industry, the potassium carbonate in its dry powder form is extensively used in fire extinguishers. Installation of fire extinguishers in commercial and residential infrastructures is an inevitable part for the immediate action against fire incidents. Therefore, potassium bicarbonate is considered an essential commodity in numerous end-user industries, and its demands are subject to grow at a considerate pace.


Potassium Bicarbonate Industrial Applications

Manufacturing of Glass: Potassium bicarbonate is used as an ingredient to manufacture lead glass. Lead glass is preferred for ideal for making glass windows, doors, and walls. Integrating potassium bicarbonate in the glass compound increases the durability and helps in controlling viscosity. The increasing demands for glass from the construction industry are expected to drive the adjacent potassium bicarbonate market. The growing prevalence of skyscrapers and aesthetic buildings in both the developing and developed economies is breeding substantial demands for strong and reliable glass further inducing demands for the potassium bicarbonate market players.

Fertilizers: Potassium is one of the most important elements used for the production of fertilizers. Potassium is vital for plant physiological processes such as photosynthesis and the transportation of nutrients from roots to stems, leaves, and fruits. Potassium bicarbonate based fertilizers facilitate and catalyze the synthesis of proteins and starch in plants. These fertilizers remove the plant-eating insects and check the plant from any damage from weeds. Potassium bicarbonate fertilizers are essential for maintaining the quality and increasing the yield of the crops. The globally growing food demands are encouraging the farmers to use potassium bicarbonate fertilizer, thereby supporting the global potassium bicarbonate market.       

Fire Extinguisher: Potassium bicarbonate is one of the important chemicals used in dry fire extinguishers. It is used for combating fire as it is very efficient in interrupting flame chain reaction mechanism. This feature of potassium bicarbonate advocates its utility in the industrial segment for decomposing high temperature found in chemical and grease type fires.

Potassium Bicarbonate Market Competitive Landscape

The companies operating in the potassium bicarbonate market are Wentong Potassium Salt Group Co. Ltd., CellMark USA LLC., GFS Chemicals Inc., Church & Dwight Co. Inc., Noah Technologies, Kudos Blends Limited, and KRONOX Lab Sciences Pvt. Ltd. 

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