Next generations IP systems, the increase in the R&D investments, and rising government funding towards military groups are the major factors that are boosting the demand for the C4ISR market. Additionally, the increasing navigation, cybersecurity concerns, and missile defense systems, there is an increase in the market demand. Owing to such factors, the IndustryARC’s analysts have valued the global C4ISR market at $98.4 billion in 2018. And, the demand for C4ISR is growing at a CAGR of 3.59% during the forecast period 2019-2025.

Most of the defense operations such as information operations and electronic warfare, are being digitalized by using big data and Internet of Things (IoT) across all platforms such as naval, land, and airborne. Furthermore, the next generation IP systems are used for communications in different applications such as armored personal carriers (APC), main battle tanks (MBT), and combat vehicle crew. According to the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute  (SIPRI), the global military expenditure stood at $1.8 trillion in 2018 with five major contributors such as United States, China, Saudi Arabia, India, and France. Together these countries reckoned for 60% of global military spending.      

The demand for C4ISR systems is driven due to an increase in the new procurement programs and military expenditure in the countries such as China, India, South Korea, the United States, Brazil, and the The United Kingdom. Along with the countries facing hostile neighbors and territorial disputes are driving the growth of the C4ISR market. The war outbreak in Afghanistan and Iraq have recently highlighted the significance of C4ISR systems in the modern warfare. As a consequence, many developed and developing countries are investing and focusing on the developing their warfare capabilities.  

Global C4ISR Market: Leading Segments

Regionally, North America dominates the regional C4ISR market share with 35.18% in 2018. North America is highly advanced and matured market with strong infrastructure having large regional revenue share. The increasing investment in the defense to improve the technology and the R&D activities every year in the United States have increased the opportunities for C4ISR applications. With the increasing geopolitical tensions and cross border issues with multiple countries is increasing the demand for the C4ISR market. According to the Federal Government Budget, the U.S Department of Defense for technology estimated its spending to be $42.5 billion in 2018. The United States is highly advanced in terms of technology that are being used in the defense sector as compared to any other countries defense.

Furthermore, the key application pinpointed by the IndustryARC’s analysts is the electronic warfare systems. The need for uninterrupted access to electronic warfare systems is boosting the C4ISR market segment. The U.S. Army is now working to rediscover the electronic warfare for ground operations. This discovery is termed as spectrum warfare, as the centralized command authorities are planning to combine electronic warfare (EW) operations and cyber operations for better result. The U.S. Army is the first armed force to merge EW with its cyber command. The objective behind this collaboration is to provide the commanders with real-time information. Moreover, the growing opportunities for the application are progressing at a CAGR of 3.95% during the aforementioned forecast period.

Global C4ISR Market: Market Trends and Growth Drivers

·   The most commonly used growth driver is the Radar that is very frequently being used for military electronics. Radar is majorly used as an active protection system. This evolution has helped in evolving electronic technology and improving the capabilities of the systems.

·   The U.S. Army has increased its investments on the unmanned aircraft since 2018 for deploying numerous production systems. After the development of drones and self-driving cars, the U.S military is spending an ample amount of money for developing a perfect unmanned aircraft.

·   System-agnostic devices are the computing components that can function without requiring any special adaptations of the technology. This is gaining an edge in the defense group of major developed countries such as the United States and China.

·   Another trend in the C4ISR market is the Integrated Air and Missile Defense Battle Command System (IBCS). The IBCS turned out to be a revolutionary command-and-command (C2) trend. These systems are developed to help the defenders and combatant commanders to take critical decisions in seconds.  

Global C4ISR Market: Competitive Landscape

Some of the key companies identified in the report that are currently holding majority shares in the global C4ISR market are Rockwell Collins, Rafael Advanced Defense Systems, BAE Systems, Lockheed Martin Corp., Elbit Systems, Northrop Grumman Corp, SAIC, CACI, Raytheon Company, and L-3 Communications.

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