The advent of Industry 4.0 and applications of the Internet of Things (IoT) into diverse sectors in the world accentuates the need for reliable and durable computational and operating system to deliver high performance and accomplish efficient task even in the harsh industrial environment. Not only the deployment of industrial PCs automates the manufacturing and processing procedures, its incorporation with sensor technology and advanced devices to transform conventional work location into smart factory thereby enabling convenient and autonomous task achievement with minimal intervention of manual workforces in the modern industries. Unlike commercial PC technologies, industrial PCs are coated with durable materials whereby enduring tough operating conditions and now-a-days with innovative solutions these PCs require less space in the industrial setup. Also, the deployment of supercomputers in the petroleum industry achieves high accuracy thereby aids fast tracking of the oil and gas resources consequently upsurging the demand for global industrial PC market simultaneously elevating the economic profit generation. The manufacturing companies are constantly integrating advanced technologies with a wide variety of industrial PCs such as rack mount, panel, box, din rail PC, and others to offer newer products such as industrial tablet PCs, touchscreen industrial PCs, and forklift tablets to the global market thereby boosting the growth prospects for the niche market. The Global Industrial PC Market value stood at $3 billion in the year 2018 and generated a demand which is projected to increase at a CAGR of 5.98% during the forecast period of 2019-2025.

The automotive sector is a rapidly growing industry throughout the world thriving towards newer technological adaptation and physical modification in the manufacturing process of the vehicles. With emergence of modern technologies vehicle assembling procedures have been automated requiring limited manual interaction in this procedure thereby reducing overall labor expenditure and accomplishing much safer workflow in this industry. Additionally, automotive stamping, assembling, and painting incorporates robotic and computerized actions, implementing the smart factory concept, whereby relying heavily in the industrial PCs in the manufacturing process. According to the International Organization of Motor Vehicle Manufacturers (OICA), approximately 95 million commercial vehicles and 72 million passenger cars were manufactured in the year 2018. This statistics highlights the high dependency on adequacy and accuracy of industrial PCs applied in the production of these vehicles resultantly, increasing the demand of the global industrial PC market which is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of 6.7% through o 2025.

Regional Analysis of The Industrial PC Market:

North America dominates the global industrial PC market and in the year 2018, it contributed a major regional share of 35.4% induced by the large and multifarious industrial market and the adoption of IoT and autonomous technologies. The United States excels in manufacturing processes in the past few decades and with the evolution of the industry 4.0, U.S. is indulging in colossal investments to transform the industrial sector in this region which is likely to influence the industrial PC market growth prospect. With emerging economic stability and rising disposable income in the U.S., the automotive industry in this region is expanding gradually whereby promoting the growth of the domestic industrial PC market. As per the American Auto Council, the automotive production in the U.S. is projected to surpass 11.5 million vehicles annually through to 2021 and reach 12 million by the year 2025. This implicates the rising dependency on industrial PCs for automated work accomplishment in the automotive sector in this region which is likely to influence the demand-inflation and growth prospects of the domestic industrial PC market.

Increasing Industrial Dependency:

Revolutionary cost-effective result based solutions accomplished through the application of automated industrial PCs aids in the manufacturing and assembling procedures in the radically changing industrial landscape. Tactile drop-proof forklift or rugged tablet PCs utilized in warehouses and storage facilities, shipping depots, and manufacturing industries for short transport of bulk goods streamline work processes coordinating with several connected devices and can withstand extreme environments, consequently gaining huge customer demand throughout the world. Apart from the vehicle-mounted tablet PCs, automotive industries also deploy in-vehicle industrial grade PCs for a wide range of applications such as tracking and navigating, fleet management, and infotainment services with wireless and 4G connection assisting vehicle passengers and drivers. The rising economic stability of the oil and gas industry, automotive, machinery, transportation, and other manufacturing industries directly influences the growth of the industrial PCs with constant transformation into smart industry by openly embracing Industry 4.0 and IoT technology in the process. This will significantly boost the global industrial PC market growth owing to the upsurge in demand by the industrial sector which is set to change the face of the global industrial market with increasing adoption of intelligent technology products.

Innovation And Advancement Of The Industrial PCs:

Growing industrialization, the evolution of newer chemicals, and change industrial operating situations eventually requires advanced tools, devices, and systems for proper coordination with the adverse situations to gain increased productivity also eyeing on minimum expenditure on the industrial assets. Upgrading operating systems, design improvisation, integrated intelligent, break-proof, and improved lifetime period are major areas of industrial PCs that the solution providers focus on innovating and developing to sustain in the competitive niche market scenario. Recently, Avalue Technology launched ARC series 1232/1532 industrial tablet PCs which are claimed to be highly scalable, boost the industrial automation procedures, operate with low power consumption, and is also suitable for IoT applications. The renowned multinational technology company Microsoft Corporation has collaborated with Intel to work on novel Industrial PC design for factories and industrial purposes which will also operate simultaneously with AI to deliver real-time analysis, monitoring, and discovering of data. Also, Dell launched the 1U rack workstation and towers compatible for industrial users requiring smaller desk space and greater expandability capacity for easier management and task accomplishment and also supports VR content creation. With added features and improved design and operating power, these companies are deliberately capturing industrial demand thereby leveraging high revenue and huge growth prospects for the years to come forth. Similarly, AFOLUX GEN III interactive panel PC introduced by the IEI, Kontron Trace’s touch-screen HMI panel PC adaptable suitable for onboard train environments, Omron’s, and Pangea III computers by IBM to find oil wells more efficiently and swiftly in oil industries are some of the other advancements that took place in the global industrial PC market. 

Market Contribution By Major Players:

High preference for automation and IoT-driven industrial environment accompanied by upstream investment are influencing the manufacturing and innovation of newer industrial PC technology with improved longevity thereby pushing forth the revenue accumulation by several key companies in the global industrial PC market. The companies such as Advantech Co., Ltd. Beckhoff Automation GmbH & Co. Kg Kontron AG Panasonic Corporation Siemens AG General Electric Co. Mitsubishi Electric Corporation Omron Corporation Rockwell Automation, Inc. Schneider Electric SE, and others produce high speed and efficient industrial PCs which can endure difficult operating situations, also making space for better storage, management, and accomplishment of specific tasks. Apart from incorporating advanced software and hardware technologies, these companies also rely on certain marketing and brand endorsing strategies whereby gathering huge customer demand.

Beckhoff Automation is one of the leading automation technology company and builds various PC control, automation software, industrial PCs, and drive technology. Their main investment involvement in the niche market is initiated by the development of a wide range of products which includes control cabinet PCs, panel PCs, industrial motherboards, embedded PCs, control panel, and so on. Furthermore, they introduced a new industrial PC in the market, C6032, which is credited for its durability, storage capacity, updated operating system, speed controlled fan, and is also suitable for withstanding an operating temperature of 55 degrees Celsius.


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