Websites on the Internet are indexed with a specific domain name and can be accessed only through a particular internet protocol (IP) address allotted to it. Domain name service is equivalent to a directory for the internet, and was introduced simultaneously with the outbreak of the Internet. Over the years, the number of websites and web services have increased exponentially, which has cemented the requirement for concurrent domain names. With bolstered advancements in Internet technology and increased volumes of active web applications, the risks of cyber breaches and cyber-attacks have significantly amplified. To reduce the risks posed by such malicious activities, the concept of the firewall was initiated. These firewalls prevent unauthorized access and protect computers from a potential breach. The domain name service firewall is an advanced network security solution that restricts users on the network from accessing potentially harmful internet locations. The advent of advanced computing techniques such as cloud computing, IoT, and big data have increased demand for the domain name service firewalls market which was valued at $272m in 2018. Foreseeing the boom of the Internet and prevailing web applications, the Global Domain Name Service Firewall Market is projected to grow at a CAGR of 11.56% during the forecast period of 2019 to 2025.    

Bolstering Demand in North America

North America is one of the most developed regions in the world, which can be attributed to the highly advanced technological innovations and practices prevailing in the region. North America was observed as the most lucrative region in the domain name service firewall market, and it accounted for 34.73% of the total domain name service firewall market share. This hefty market share is attributed to the presence of some of the major players in the market coupled with the population’s early adoption of the Internet and easy availability of web-based services. Technological giants such as Google, Amazon, Salesforce, and Microsoft have their headquarters located in the U.S. which indicates the maximum use of domain name service firewall in the region. Moreover, the massive internet network spread in the region that caters to innumerable consumer electronics devices has augmented the regional demands in the domain name services firewall market. However, the APAC region is witnessing faster growth comparatively, as the penetration and influence of the IT industry in the region is gigantic. Integration of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and the emergence of electronics manufacturing coupled with rapid software development have significantly expanded business activities and productivity. The presence of some fast-paced economies including India, China, and Japan are inducing growth of the IT industry which in turn, is boosting demand in the domain name service firewall market.   

Dominant Application in the Telecom and IT industry

Globally, businesses are extremely dependent on the information technology industry. Information technology is a field that provides tools and techniques to people to ramp up their business in terms of efficiency and productivity. The current dependency on the Internet and computation have made it imperative for businesses to rely on the IT industry. Henceforth, the telecom and IT industry were estimated to be the most profitable verticals in the global domain name service firewall market. The segment is estimated to generate revenues at a CAGR of 15% during the forecast period. The telecom sector is another branch profiting the domain name service firewall market. According to The Pacific Telecommunications Council, the density of mobile subscriptions is projected to reach 9 billion by 2022. Additionally, the same source suggested that there will be 6.2 billion unique mobile subscriptions and 8.3 billion mobile broadband subscription by 2022. In 2015, the World Economic Forum (WEF) launched a project titled, ‘The Digital Transformation Initiative’ to support the new opportunities and themes prospering from the latest developments for the digitalization of society and businesses. The initiative estimated the aggregate operating profits in the telecom industry to touch $1.2 trillion during 2016 and 2025. The massive digitalization wave across the world is supporting growth in the telecom and IT industries, which further is estimated to augment demand in the global domain name services market.      


Market Forces Impacting the DNS Firewall Market  

Robust Adoption of Cloud Computing: Cloud computing has radically influenced availability of websites. With the cloud, hosting and managing a website have become fast and easy tasks. By leveraging internet connections, businesses are able to expand their reach and availability globally. Cloud enables companies to scale their business according to their individual requirements. All the data stored in the cloud is stored at a physical server that can be accessed easily with the help of specific credentials. This transaction of data from the cloud server to the host server requires a safe and secure path. The domain name server firewall plays an important role in safeguarding the identity and data stored in the host machine. Security breach at any level of cloud computing can lead to a significant loss for the company as well as the service provider. Virtualization is another branch in the cloud computing sector that allows people to use software services virtually without any significant computer resource. Virtualization is incorporated in producing an efficient, secure, and scalable domain name system firewall. Virtually hosted websites use virtual DNS firewall for ensuring a secure path for data to pass from the server to the host. According to England-based internet service provider Netcraft, there were 1.65 billion active websites, 226 million domains, and 80.4 million web-facing computers in 2018. With such an influx of active websites and rampant domain availability, the requirements of DNS firewall will surely witness unprecedented demands in the domain name service firewall market.


Emerging Autonomous Segment in the Automotive Industry: The autonomous vehicle (AV) segment is projected to be one of the major growth drivers in the domain name services market. The advent of the autonomous vehicle will require secure internet and software capabilities to prevent breaches and hacks that could affect the vehicle software. With such significance and the dire need for secure internet connectivity in autonomous vehicles, the global domain name services firewall market is estimated to generate substantial revenues.      


Radical Cyber Breaches Worldwide: The German parliament attack caused massive damage and infected 20,000 computers in 2015, according to Forbes. The attackers were suspected to belong to the Russian secret services, who stole confidential data from the German government. Another disastrous cyber breach was recorded in the same year when Chinese hackers were suspected of stealing data from 22 million current and previous employees of the U.S government. An even more nefarious cyber-attack was observed in the U.K. which halted operations in three hospitals and affected hundreds of scheduled surgeries and was eventually responsible for many casualties. Considering the consistently increasing risks posed by cyber-attacks, phishing, and breaches in the government, healthcare, banking, financial and insurance (BFSI), and e-commerce sectors, demand in the domain name service firewall market are projected to shoot up.  


Domain name system firewall Market Competitive Landscape

Major key players are teaming-up with local companies to expand their geographical presence. Some of the major companies influencing the global domain name system market are Cisco, Cloudflare, EfficientIP, EonScope, BlueCat, Infoblox, IBM Corp., Microsoft, Google, and Oracle.


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