In the modern era of globalization enterprises are attaining tremendous outreach and eventually creating demand for remotely accessed and flexible platforms to conduct business processes. Innovations such as mobile devices and wireless networks along with computing are witnessing a comprehensive transition towards cloud, deliver to the paramount necessity of mobile workforce. Hence, as an imperative contributor towards sanctioning any organization dependent on mobile devices, with the lucrative aspect of secured mobility, Mobile Device Management (MDM) Market size is gaining tremendous traction as an efficient and economical solution. A well-organized and secured mobile interface provided by integration of MDM solutions and gadgets such as laptops, tablets and smartphones to accomplish assessments and deliver real time communication and updates is the catch, and an assured trend with capacity to transform itself into a prominent market growth driver for any enterprise. MDM solutions including device management, security management and application management is delivering to this demand of secured and efficient mobility of task for various sectors that includes but is not limited to healthcare, telecommunications, retail, automotive and transportation & logistics being the major ones penetrating into this stride. Bring your own device (BYOD) is a major trend amongst enterprises and a major factor adding impetus to global mobile device management market share. MDM solutions enables enterprises to deliver to the employees using their own device a legit admission to the internal networks along with remotely managing the device configurations with minimal disruption to the workers programs. This paradigm shift is enabling enterprises to alleviate its assessments from a confided work space and limited business hours, and enable a disseminated workforce accomplished of working anywhere at any time, which is a major MDM market growth driver. Rampant implementation of software as a service (SaaS) among enterprises has provided an upper hand for cloud based mobile device management solutions over the contemporary and uneconomical on-premises deployment counterpart. Cloud-based systems enable rapid set up, with lower capital costs compared to on-premises solutions that is reliant on hardware. In 2015, the technology giant Microsoft Corporation, traced the lucrative opportunities in the MDM market and added numerous elementary mobile device management (MDM) tools to all commercial Office 365 subscriptions. This offered the subscribers an access management to Office 365 data across a diverse range of phones and tablets, including Android, iOS, and Windows Phone gadgets. And as of 2018, Microsoft claimed in their annual report for the FY 2018 that Outlook Mobile is employed by more than 100 million iOS and Android devices globally. Such colossal development by the foremost market vendor, depicts the progression in the global mobile device management market size that is evaluated to be $ 2.58 billion as of 2018. And with rampant development in the telecommunication sector that is enabling unprecedented adoption of mobile devices globally along with bourgeoning number of small and medium sized enterprises implementing cost-effective MDM solutions, opportunities in the market is progressing at a global CAGR of 20.6% during the forecast period of 2019-2025.

5.1 Billion People Subscribed to Mobile Services Globally; Telecommunication Sector Rampantly Employing Mobile Device Management Solutions:

After an acute analysis of the various application industry verticals in the global mobile device management market, telecommunication sector is estimated to be the fastest growing segment progressing with an application CAGR of 22% going through to 2025. The dominance of this sector can be attributed to the unprecedented penetration of mobile phones globally amalgamated with the inception and flourishing adoption of IoT devices. According to the findings by the Global System for Mobile Communications Associations (GSMA), the year 2018 concluded with 67% of the global population, that is 5.1 billion people globally listed as mobile services subscribers. Exuberant growth rate in the number of new mobile subscribers can be indicated by the fact that since 2013, a humongous 1 billion new subscribers have been added. Moreover, by 2025, the number of people anticipated to subscribe to mobile services for the first time is 710 million. The flourishing telecommunication sector is an avid employer of mobile device management services for numerous operations listed below-

· Remote managing of mobile handsets along with ensuring that configuration of devices are constantly updated. Management is conducted by connection of a mobile phone to the device provider’s management server, for tracking the configuration and the version of software installed in the device.

· Mobile Device Management also provides automatic back up of the user’s content, such as address book and audio/video files on the telephone or the SIM card. In case of devices being misplaced or lost, MDM solutions have the potential to lock the device and delete confidential data as well. Moreover, data can also be retrieved and transferred to a new device.

The Increasing Adoption of Cloud-Based MDM Solutions among the SMEs is expected to Offer Huge Opportunities for the Growth of Mobile Device Management Market Size:

Funding being the most prominent factor, modern small and medium enterprises are taking substantial portion of their operations towards a digital path with mobile devices and the Internet-driven ecosystem to avoid the outlays of hiring a physical workplace. Hence, increasing adoption of cloud based services among the SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) as a consequence of digitalization in emerging economies such as India has allocated voluminous trade opportunities to marginal enterprises and has supplemented their profit margins as well. This has created a pool of enterprises for the inexpensive cloud based mobile device management market to capitalize and provide them with services and expand their application vertical as well. The progress in the number of SMEs can be indicated by a data by India SME Forum stating that the number of members in forum increased from 400 in 2011 to more than 76,000 in 2019. These facts very well resonates with the findings by the World Bank that depicts formal SMEs contribution towards total employment to be a substantial 60% along with and up to 40% input in national income (GDP) of emerging economies. Hence, SMEs taking the leap towards digitalization are adding substantial impetus to global mobile device management market demand. MDM solutions equip the marginal enterprises with lucrative services such Mobile Information Management (MIM), Mobile Application Management (MAM), Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) and Mobile Content Management (MCM). All these amenities have the necessary caliber to assist SMEs to establish themselves as large enterprises in the distant future.

North America Accommodating the Frontrunners of Mobile Devices Management Market:

Some of the key players operating in the global market are IBM (International Business Machines Corporation), Microsoft Corporation, BlackBerry Limited, SAP ERP, VMware, Inc., Sophos Group plc, Citrix Systems, Inc, Soti, MobileIron Inc., and Mitsogo Inc.

As majority of the companies with significant shares in the market are located in North America, this region accounted for a substantial 42.5% share in global mobile device management market demand in 2018. Apart from hosting majority of the key vendors, dominance of North America is attributable to its prevailing digital infrastructures in various sector such as healthcare and retail that is already compatible for MDM adoption. Similarly, North America’s telecommunication sectors is rampantly progressing, with 50% of the total connections estimated to be 5G by 2025 in the United States. Similarly, mobile data usage in North America will be growing five-fold by 2024, from 10 GB to 24 GB per subscriber per month. Such heavy spur in data usage fairly indicates the penetration of mobile devices that will eventually allocate demand in the market for MDM.

Retail Sector Heavyweight ‘Walmart Inc.’ Adopting BYOD Trend:

In 2018, Walmart confirmed by an online release, its stratergies to implement BYOD to offer its associates an additional front to stay connected via their own smartphones. The retail giant is already an avid employer of MDM solutions over handheld devices integrated with Walmart’s digital network and has plans to employ tens of thousands more of such devices to the stores. Similarly in 2013, Walmart has already employed AirWatch's enterprise mobile device management (MDM) solution to manage 10,000 employee devices. These developments indicates the prominence of retail sector as an MDM solution employer and also points towards the opportunities in the technologically advance settlement of North America.

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