The growing need for new and efficient energy technologies has stimulated the necessity to make nanomaterials. Atomic layer deposition (ALD) has become an ideal choice for producing precise nanoscale designs and also to improve the performance of materials particularly for energy capture, storage, and consumption. ALD is a popular vapor phase technique which is in demand for thin films deposition onto a substrate. This deposition technique is majorly focused about five aspects of energy technologies, namely fabrication of active materials, deposition of barrier and encapsulation layers, modification of surface properties, synthesis of intricate nanostructures, and elucidation of fundamental material. ALD is used in the deposition of a wide variety of materials such as oxides, sulfides, fluorides, and metals, and these applications are boosting the ALD market revenues. Rise in the usage of ALD process, owing to its precise results in case of ultra-thin nano-layer deposition on a variety of substrates, which includes from micron to sub-micron size particles. Vast application of ALD in nanocoatings and thin films act as a growth promoter for ALD market. Increasing use of nanocoatings and thin films in the semiconductor manufacturing industry is creating opportunities for the ALD market growth. ALD technique support the manufacturing of smaller electronic products, with high standard performance.

On the other hand, it is also engaged in fulfilling the growing demand in the consumer electronics industry. Wide range applications of ALD, in both industrial and academic research, have directed to noteworthy advancements in materials development. These materials are in demand for microelectronics, advanced batteries, chemical, and biological sensing, sustainable energy, lighting, and display technology. As a result, the global Atomic Layer Deposition Market size stood at $1.98 billion in 2018, and is projected to grow at a CAGR of 28.78%, throughout the forecast period 2019-2025.

ALD is elevating as a sustainable process for battery manufacturers, which is used to create precise nanocoatings on particles. As ALD is in demand to deposit both simple and complex metal oxide nano-coatings around particles which are involved in the powder coating on both the anode and cathode electrodes of lithium-ion batteries. This deposition has been replicating the improvement in the battery lifespan, battery capacity, and safety. Widespread of ALD in Nano coated catalysts application is boosting the demand for ALD. Additionally, ALD is adopted in the biomedical industry, specifically with the rise in usage of nanoporous materials particularly in implants, drug delivery, and tissue engineering. Hence, ALD application will be growing at a CAGR of 32.8% through to 2025, in the nanotechnology market.

Propagation of Atomic Layer Deposition Market in APAC Region: 

APAC region has established as most lucrative region, with a share of 46.88%, in the global ALD market in 2018. It is due to wide application of ALD in producing device coupled with the emergence of this technology in developing semiconductor components. Nowadays, smaller and microelectronics are gaining traction among both OEMs and consumers, because ALD is the most effective method which provides controllable and conformal thin films and meets the customer demand in the semiconductor & electronics industry. The ALD technique played an integral role in engineering novel nanostructures through nano-architecture of novel functional materials. Increasing demand for a manufacturing technique, which is capable of depositing atomically thin layers of aluminum oxide is remodeling the industrial equipment market. In China, manufacturers are changing from plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition (PECVD) to ALD to deposit aluminum oxide passivation layers for passivated rear emitter contact (PERC) solar cells. ALD has enabled PERC cells are depicting a growth of 0.05%, in its energy conversion efficiencies compared to passivation layers. Thus, ALD is ideally chosen to obtain lucrative efficiency in solar cell manufacturing. These factors are fuelling the growth of the global atomic layer deposition market.


Major Players in Atomic Layer Deposition Market Include:

AIXTRON SE, Adeka Corporation, Air Liquide S.A., Air Products and Chemicals, Inc., ALD Nanosolutions, Inc., Applied Materials, Inc., Arradiance, Inc., ASM International N.V., ATMI, Inc., Beneq Oy, Beneq Corporation, Centrotherm Photovoltaics AG, CVD Equipment Corporation, Encapsulix SAS, Entegris, Inc., Hitachi Kokusai Electric Inc., Kurt J. Lesker Company, Levitech B.V., Lotus Applied Technology, NCD Co., Ltd., SVT Associates Inc., Tokyo Electron Ltd., Tosoh Corporation, Ultratech, Inc., and Veeco Instruments Inc. are some of the primary players which are operative in the global atomic layer deposition market. These companies have been continuously concentrating on mergers, acquisitions, and partnership to strengthen their portfolio and their stable existence in respective geographies.  


Industry Players Strategies in the Atomic Layer Deposition Marketplace:

· Beneq Corporation is one of the top suppliers of ALD equipment and thin film coating services. In addition to this, it also manufactures thin film electroluminescent displays. On September 2018, Beneq Corporation announced a share purchase agreement, which deals with the acquisition of all Beneq Oy shares by Qingdao Sifang SRI Intellectual Technology Co. Ltd. (SRI Intellectual). SRI Intellectual Company is a Chinese joint venture, which does business in the rail vehicle systems and new technology solutions. This agreement is aimed to enable quicker development in Beneq’s focal markets and added investments in both transparent displays and industrial ALD thin film solutions.

· In May 2019, Beneq introduced a new investment plan to enhance the new industrial ALD solutions. It has announced to invest an amount of over 20 million euros in R&D and production of ALD. This investment is intended for new ALD solutions, which are going to support the emergence in the semiconductor industry. Before this, they have used flexible ALD cluster tools in need for high volume manufacturing. ALD technology applications in image sensors, power semiconductors, micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS), and RF components which are mostly required for the future 5G and IoT solutions are driving the growth of atomic layer deposition market.

· The UNSW is a research and teaching university. Leadmicro is a China-based international manufacturer of progressive solar cell machinery. In 2018, UNSW Sydney has stepped into a partnership with Leadmicro. This business strategy is targeted to develop a new process for the next generation of PERC solar cells, using the ALD technique. ALD supplies higher throughput of PERC solar cells, and it also reduces the production cost of the same. That being so, this novel research project aimed to construct ultrathin layers by the means of the ALD technique. As the incorporation of nanoscopic-thin films within the solar cells provide engineers precise control over the design process. Leadmicro is donating ALD reactor worth $1 million to UNSW to get tested for the adoption of a new process for PERC cell solar cell production. This collaboration between researchers and industry is proposed to test the prototypes before being placed into the full-scale production, are encouraging the discoveries in metal deposition techniques. At present, conversion rate offered by PERC solar cells has reached 25%. With the development of unique nanoscale layers it is envisioned to increase above is 25% that around 27%.

· Picosun is an international supplier of the ALD technology mainly for the semiconductor industry. Nanexa AB is a drug delivery company whose operations are engaged with ALD technology. In January 2019, Picosun is providing a third ALD system to Nanexa to improve its nano-enabled drug delivery solutions.

Furthermore, this ALD system is expanding its partnership in the pharmaceutical atomic layer deposition marketplace. Increase in Picosun ALD equipment demand for manufacturing new medicines by Nanexa to fight against some of the most difficult diseases is encouraging the long-time partnership between these companies. Moreover, this business has revealed the penetration of ALD in the healthcare industry.


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