Increasing usage of virtualization coupled with low capital expense and total cost of ownership is driving the Hyper-Converged Infrastructure Market. This software system can connect, measure, and stock in a single server thus inviting industries that require huge calculation and collection of facts and figures. Data centers are spurring in every corner of the world. Most eye-catching being the Microsoft sponsored Project Natick. After Microsoft employee and US Navy submariner Sean James presented the concept of the underwater data center, Norm Whitaker created a team to explore the plan. This Natick datacenter is efficacious and is designed to operate without maintenance for up to 5 years. The mounting need for data centers copulated with data protection and disaster recovery is directly creating an impact on the growing demand for hyper-converged infrastructure, which is benefiting the end-user market vendors. Although cloud computing enables the multinational companies to embark on digitization, yet they are not enough as infrastructure-as-a-service. Thus, hyper-converged infrastructure market is gaining traction. Earlier, hyper-converged infrastructure systems fell behind in front of software-defined networking (SDN); though, currently, IT administrators had to integrate software-centric SDN layers if at all one wants to deploy hyper-converged infrastructure. It is further helping in the expansion of the hyper-converged infrastructure market. The new players are entering the hyper-converged infrastructure market as the concept is both an alternative as well as an evolution to a traditional three-tier data center architecture. Hyper-converged infrastructure market collected revenue avenue of around 5.6 billion by the end of 2018, which is further expected to grow at healthy CAGR of 31.28% over the forecast period of 2019-2025.

As per the analysis of the National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center (NERSC), the growth in NERSC's storage systems amounts to roughly 1.7x per year. These statistics attribute to the ongoing demand for storage across the world hinting at the flourishment of the hyper-converged infrastructure market in the upcoming years.

Growing Hyper-Converged Infrastructure Market in APAC:

The hyper-converged infrastructure market growth can be fathomed by extreme research and development in various industries such as healthcare, financial institutions, education, cloud service providers, and others of APAC. This software system architecture brings together multiple data center services to intensify networking, computing, and storage in order to reduce costs and enhance performance accuracy, and therefore, it gives advantages to these aforementioned industries. As of 2018, Asia Pacific grabbed the largest hyper-converged infrastructure market with almost 36.88% of the global market size.

· School Enrollment Analysis of the APAC Countries Directly Contributing to the Upliftment of the Hyper-converged Infrastructure Market –

Here's the table highlighting the school (primary) enrollment rate of various countries of APAC, which is an indication of the extension in the APAC hyper-converged infrastructure market – 

Sr. No.


Annual Growth Rate



(Last Findings)





























School (Primary) Enrollment Data – The World Bank

These statistics prompt at the fantastic growth rate of students registering for education across several Asia Pacific countries. This substantial bulk storage, at an economical cost with favorable government policies, needs the implementation of hyper-converged infrastructure, which is offering to the heightening of the hyper-converged infrastructure market.

Hyper-converged Infrastructure Market: Key Application

Owing to the increased R&D, the data centers spread across the globe, are collecting innumerable number of data, which require a higher level of management. In a day, the world produces around 2.5 quintillion bytes of data and this production has risen by 90% in the last two years. Furthermore, the global IP traffic rose nearly by threefold during 2014?18, and a similar trend is set for 2018-2022. These statistics are evidencing enough of the bolstering impact that the data center industry is going to experience in the upcoming years. The key application of hyper-converged infrastructure can be witnessed in the data center sector. All the elements necessitated for a secured server that also has a convenient user interface and a reliable cloud for simple self-management is allowed by hyper-converged infrastructure. It is bodily placed at the organization, from where it produces a secure and scalable cloud for all digitization requirements. Thus, with the impeccable growth of data centers, hyper-converged market players are also set to view marvelous profits in the next years.

Hyper-converged Infrastructure Market Growth Drivers –

Hyper-converged infrastructure enables an abundance of versatility in a defined budget. It can be bought from a single vendor as a fully integrated appliance solution or as standalone software, which can be installed on the existing x86 servers. Hyper-converged infrastructure is truly a software-defined data center (SDDC) design giving multifarious options to the hyper-converged Infrastructure market players.

· Outgrowing Information Technology (IT) to Bring an Impact on Hyper-converged Infrastructure Market –

The IT industry is constantly booming. As per the reports of the Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA), the global information technology industry is expected to reach $5 trillion in 2019. This data is attributing that the IT industry is set to observe surplus growth in the upcoming years. Hyper-converged infrastructure appliances extend benefits in the IT sector and its workload by simple acquiring, deploying and managing skills. Henceforth, a substantial part of this market is contributing to the expansion of hyper-converged infrastructure market.

· Healthcare Industry to Implement Hyper-converged Infrastructure Benefiting Hyper-converged Market Players –

As per the reports of Australia's Biotechnology Organisation, the global healthcare expenditures are anticipated to reach $8.7 trillion by 2020. Thus, it can be deduced that the healthcare industry is set to see tremendous growth. The healthcare industry is slowly implementing the usage of hyper-converged infrastructure as the system promises to consolidate IT systems which will ensure dramatic cost savings. So, with the development of the healthcare industry, hyper-converged infrastructure market is expected to thrive further.

· Autonomous Car Industry is Pushing the Hyper-converged Infrastructure to Expand Further –

With growing research and development, the automobile industry is flourishing and self-driven or autonomous and semi-autonomous cars are gaining traction. As per the reports of National Association of Insurance Commissioners, by 2040, 75% of the cars on road will be autonomous. These autonomous cars will need huge data that can be stored and instantly downloaded and worked on when the car is moving on its own. These data can be easily stored on hyper-converged infrastructure. Therefore, with the growth of autonomous car industry, the expansion of hyper-converged infrastructure market is inevitable.

Hyper-converged Infrastructure Market: Competitive Landscape

The major market forces who are currently holding maximum shares in the hyper-converged infrastructure market are Dell EMC (US), Nutanix (US), Cisco (US), HPE (US), Huawei (China), NetApp (US), VMware (US), Pivot3 (US), Scale Computing (US), Startoscale (US), DataCore (US), Maxta (US), Microsoft (US), HiveIO (US), Supermicro (US), Hitachi Vantara (US), Diamanti (US), Lenovo (China), NEC Corporation (Japan), Riverbed Technology (US), IBM (US), Fujitsu (Japan), StarWind (US), Sangfor Technologies (China), and StorMagic (UK).

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