Collagen protein plays an essential role in the human body as it deals with the maintenance of overall structural integrity. Marine collagen is eco-friendly and sustainable collagen. It is a good source of amino acids and also possesses more effective absorption in the body. Firming, wrinkle reduction, age-defying, anti-inflammatory, revitalizes, and rejuvenates are the primary benefits of collagen that are supporting the growth in the marine collagen market size. On March 12, in 2019, the International Journal of Sports Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism publication, regarding the latest study on collagen benefits, stated that the intake of the hydrolyzed collagen before an hour to a rope jump leads to an improvement in the body’s collagen synthesis.

Additionally, it is also playing a crucial role in the injury prevention and tissue repairing of an individual. The growing demand for nutraceutical supplements and nutria-cosmetics are increasing the Marine Collagen Market revenue. As a result, the global marine collagen market size was at $642.6 million in 2018 and is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 7.4% through to 2025.

The aging body fails to support the production of new collagen, and breakdown of existing collagens affect the joints, bones, and skin. In addition to this, the loss of collagen in a body leads to weak immune systems, increased risk of digestive problems, and chronic diseases. Hence, the necessity of marine collagen is increased for strong ligaments, bones, skin, face, muscles, and teeth. As a result, the global marine collagen market revenue is experiencing an upsurge. There are some medical benefits associated with the ingestion of marine collagen. It builds bone strength, enhances hair, nails, and skin, stabilizes blood sugar, improves wound healing and reduce scars, boosts metabolism, reduces inflammation and helps with joint pain, brain health, thyroid boost, and antibacterial effects.

Moreover, it is a superior protein source for weight management. Furthermore, marine collagen supplements consumption results in the improvement of skin moisture and level of photoaging as well. Thus, these marine collagen products which are certified by the non-profit organization, namely non-GMO-Project, are accepted as right products. This is significantly driving the marine collagen market.

Demand Influx in the Cosmetics Industry Flourishing the Marine Collagen Market:

Marine collagen acts as a potential applicant for medical, food, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, and other industrial applications. However, the cosmetics application segment of the global marine collagen market is set to grow at the fastest CAGR of 7% over the forecast period 2019-2025. It is due to the emergence of marine collagen supplements that are instilling strength in the skin. Degradation of collagen in the human body is higher to the collagen rate of replacement; it is raising the signs of aging. Glycine, proline, and hydroxyproline are the three key amino acids, which are important for the creation of the collagen fibers that provide optimal hydration and firmness to the skin. Therefore, the requirement for healthy skin is driving the marine collagen market demand.

Moreover, the significance of collagen cream has been evolving in the skincare treatment because creams packed with marine collagen protein are boosting the intake of Vitamin C, which helps improve the elasticity and the complexion of the skin. Fast-absorbing gel creams and anti-aging creams formulations are targeting to reduce wrinkles, restoration of youthful glow, and also in hydrating the skin back to health. Also, these formulations are skipping the need for even surgery in some cases to obtain a youthful skin. These marine collagen creams are offering the complexion nourishment and abundant moisture through anti-aging formulations in providing tightened and toned skin. Recent clinical trials have presented that the usage of marine collagen augmented skin hydration by 28%, enhanced skin suppleness by 19%, and reduced micro-furrows by 26% while decreasing the wrinkles. Wide range acceptance of effective creams and lotions in cosmetic uses is because of collagen molecules and its moisturizing effect of the cream. Collagen peptides have become the current trend as the consumption of collagen is resulting in better visual appearance of skin. Thus, the increase in applications of marine collagen in skincare is supporting the growth of marine collagen market.

Marine Collagen Market Ruled by APAC Region: 

APAC region has established as a leading region as of 2018, because of its dominating share of 32.2% among other regions in the global marine collagen market. As per the International Trade Centre (ITC), beauty preparations and skincare preparations imports are topped by China for the year 2018. As well, this country has experienced annual growth of 73% in the import value of the above-mentioned preparations from 2017 to 2018. APAC countries occupied nearly 48% of share in world imports of these preparations. Collagen is extensively used in skin health products, particularly in Japan. Marine collagen is mainly used as an ingredient in the Japanese joint health food and drinks market. Besides that, collagen plays a promising role in building up strong bones, assisting hair growth, and improving gut health. These diverse range of applications are bolstering the marine collagen market demand. Vierra Everyday Marine Collagen, Bioglan Marine Collagen Powder, Sports Research Marine Collagen Peptides, and Vida Glow Marine Collagen Pineapple are the popular marine collagen drinks and supplements in Australia which are creating significant opportunities in the Australia marine collagen market. 

Marine Collagen Market – Competitive Landscape:

Amicogen, Inc., Ashland Global Holdings Inc., BHN International, Co. Ltd, Connoils LLC, Darling Ingredients, Inc., Gelita AG, Nippi Incorporated, Seagarden AS, Beijing Taiaitai Biotechnology Co.Ltd, Bega Bionutrients, Amar Aquatic, Vinh Hoan, Vital Proteins LLC, Weishardt Holding SA, DeepMarine Collagen, and Jellagen are some of the primary players which are operative in the global marine collagen market. These companies are more focused on the development of new products to strengthen their portfolio, thereby gaining stable existence in respective geographies.  

Majorly In-Use Marine Collagen Supplements:

Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides, Zint Premium Collagen Peptides, Truvani Marine Collagen, Goop Genes Marine Collagen SuperPowder, and Kalumi Marine Collagen Variety Pack are the well-known marine collagen products, which are verified by the third-party testing of supplements namely non-GMO project. These products are gaining traction of consumers and stimulating the growth of the marine collagen market.

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