The emerging 3D imaging technology in collaboration with microscopy is acquiring sky-high demand across the world specifically attributing to the electron microscope market. With breakthrough innovations introduced into the market through propelling enhancement in the optical lenses, the magnifying resolution of the electron microscopes is unveiling latent biological and material object atomic specifications. Consequently, the different categories of electron microscope such as transmission electron microscope (TEM), scanning electron microscope (SEM), scanning transmission electron microscope (STEM), and cryo-electron microscope have radically advanced over the past few decades. Recent revolution sweeping into the electron microscope market is brought about by the researchers in Ben McMorran's University of Oregon, who have launched a new STEM built on electron holography technique. Led by several innovative approaches, the global Electron Microscope Market revenue generation stood at $3.1 billion in the year 2018 and the acquired a demand which is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 7.02% during the forecast period of 2019-2025.

With a diverse range of application in a multifarious fields of studies, electron microscope helps explore minute microscopic particle analysis with greater image resolution power and in-depth structural analysis. Apart from other branches of application, life science industry generates huge demand-pull inflation for the electron microscopes, which is projected to grow at an average CAGR of 8.3% during the forecasted period. Widely used in exploring the molecular analysis of disease causing microbes, analyzing 3D structural view of several tissues and cells, and assessing the nature of microorganisms to formulate specific drugs and vaccinations, the electron microscope is constantly transforming the modern life science industrial sector.

Contributing a major regional share of 41.55% in the year 2018, Asia Pacific holds a dominant place in the global electron microscope market. With a population count of over 4.3 billion people, equaling to 60% of the total global population, APAC is endeavoring huge growth achievements in the life science sectors supporting developmental innovation to improvise the lives of the people in this continent. Moreover APAC is central to the electron microscope industry with several niche companies such as Jeol Ltd., Hitachi-High Technologies Corp., and Advantest set up in this region. Additionally, the growth of semiconductors market in the APAC region is likely to push forth the electron microscope market which is largely utilized for metrology and nanometrology evaluation.

Global Investment Positively Augmenting The Electron Microscope Market Growth:

The initiation of funding and investment revolutionized the development of electron microscopes, related research, and concluding scientific findings offering a scope of opportunity for the niche market to grow and prosper eventually. For instance, Rosalind Franklin institute invested $1.93 million for the developmental project of yielding a high resolution transmission electron microscope to aid the life science studies in the United Kingdom. Also, with the ongoing establishment of a new regional cryo-electron microscope facility at the University of Leicester, a total of $7.48 million investment will be initiated by the collaboration of the Universities of Warwick, Nottingham, Birmingham, and Leicester. This major multi-million capitalization to develop a 300KV electron microscope will enhance the cellular examination studies and augment 3D tomographic biological sampling techniques. Additionally, the non-profit Welcome Trust organization delivered a fund of $24.93 million in cryo-electron microscope to aid several biomedical researches across the U.K., conducted by several research groups. Resultantly, this will pilot major R&D activities assisted by the advanced microscopic attributes thereby upheaving the electron microscope market growth prospects in the future years.

Forensic Investigations And Analysis:

Growing advancement in the forensic science and technology convergence established new set boundaries for the law enforcement and forensic investigators across the globe. With newer tools and techniques, the electron microscope has provided infinite operational resources to aid and accelerate analytic and examination procedures whereby boosting the modern crime investigating methods. Widening the scope of identification and interpretation of several microscopic substances as well as impractical-to-examine objects, scanning electron microscopes is an imperative element in concluding valuable results in various applications. Attributing to its prognostic detailing and exceptional magnification power, SEM is extensively applied in assessment of gunshot residue, handwriting, and prints; examination of counterfeit notes; firearms investigation; cloth, hair, and pollen microanalysis, and many others. Consequently, the technological progress in the SEM eventually pushing forth forensic investigation is largely generating huge demand for the global electron microscope market.

Drug Research And Antibiotic Formulation:

Microbiology and pharmaceutical industry is expanding largely depending on the progressive and cutting-edge microscopic solutions proffered by the electron microscope providing breakthrough scope of development. Emerging drugs and antibiotics and their quality and failure analysis is accomplished through the effective electron microscopes with its facilitating in vitro and in vivo assessment of the administered products. Nano drug delivery and its solubility and dissolution through close analysis of micro-cellular compositions in the pharmaceutical industries have considerably improved several disease researches. Also, clinical viral diagnosis, their structural study, and other pathogenic examinations have broadened the treatment procedures by aiding the antibiotic formulation. Consequently, STEM electron tomography, immunoelectron microscopy, and cryo-electron microscopy are significantly escalating the niche market revenue generation and growth prospects, globally.

Wide Industrial Utilization Of 3D SEM:

Combining high resolution of the 3D imaging technique and metrology analysis, the revolutionary 3D scanning electron microscope offers precise illustration for a multifarious industrial applications. Novel reconstruction of 3D stereo pairs of material images through the photogrammetry software technology offers a wider perspective to microscopic samples highly superior to the conventional 2D micrographs. Additionally, offering greater insight into the analyzing surface corrosion and fracture in metals, nano scale parameter measurement, and treatment effects on human skin texture is simultaneously gathering huge attention towards the SEM market. Resultantly, aerospace industry, automotive industry, healthcare and medical devices industry, printing, packaging, and other industries highly rely on the nanometrology approaches of the 3D scanning electron microscopy leveraging huge prospect for the electron microscope market.

Application In Cryobiology:

Cryobiology is an effective method in the modern medical science achieving greater heights with the emergence of advanced devices such as the cryo-electron microscope. Assisting in the accurate examination of frozen-hydrated specimens of microscopic organisms such as bacteria, virus, and other pathogens, cryo-electron microscopy provides high resolution 3D imaging solutions. Furthermore, with the assistance of cryofixation technique and cryo-tomography, the cryo-electron microscopy aids reconstruction of virus-infected cells, simultaneously analyzing viral life cycle to develop cure drugs and vaccines which is likely to increase the life expectancy of humans.

Major Players In The Global Electron Microscope Market:

The global electron microscope market growth is prospecting gradually with the constant innovational approaches led by the various companies to establish a stronghold market position and generate huge economic income eventually. As an essential ingredient to the success of the ongoing business facilitated by R&D activities, leading companies such as Jeol Ltd, Tescan, Hitachi-High Technologies Corp., Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc., Carl Zeiss, Pemtron Corp., Witec., Leica Microsystems Gmbh, Advantest, and Delong America are largely inclining towards capitalizing immensely, consequently strengthening their product demand.

The Japan-based global market player, Hitachi-High Technologies Corp. successively delivers a wide variety of electron microscopes suiting the requirements of semiconductor industry, material science industry, and life science industry. Among other high resolution electron microscopes, Hitachi recently launched a novel transmission electron microscope -SU3900- to aid several fields with enhanced automation technology combined with camera navigation with stitching features.

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