Oral hygiene is one of the most underestimated health issues that have led to severe repercussions for a large section of the global population. Moreover, the surging necessity to smile for making the first impression and feel confident amidst all is creating an impact on the growing dental industry. The cosmetic dentistry is the fastest-developing field in the dental division. The vast array of services such as dental implants, teeth whitening, invisible braces, orthodontics, prosthodontics, enameloplasty, and other restorative procedures are attracting people and indulging the business leaders in spending in the cosmetic dentistry market. Poor reimbursement options and the mounting cost of dental imaging became a hindrance in the cosmetic dentistry market growth. However, recent developments are forecasting a healthy cosmetic dentistry market outlook in the upcoming years. The recent cosmetic dentistry grant program (CDG) by the Oral Aesthetic Advocacy Group (OAAG), is going to have a tremendous ripple effect on the cosmetic dentistry market, paving the way for anyone to enhance their smile and dental aesthetics by giving out $1 million grants every year.

Moreover, as per the publication of 502 of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), a wide range of dental treatment procedures, such as fluoride treatments, fillings, sealants, braces, extractions, and dentures are tax-deductible. Though IRS states that some cosmetic dentistry procedures are not tax-deductible, the determining factor for it is whether the treatment is medically necessary or not. As of 2018, the cosmetic dentistry market size attained a global valuation of 19.6 billion, and it is estimated to witness an increment at a CAGR of 6.6% during the forecast period 2019-2025. 

Cosmetic Dentistry Market Industry Analysis: Key Application

The Global Burden of Disease Study 2016 analyzed and assessed that around 3.58 billion people, which is half of the world population, were affected by oral diseases. Amongst the multifarious dental issues, tooth decay was the most prevalent ailment. These disquieting figures are creating an impact on the cosmetic dentistry market, as individuals are getting concerned for their dental health. The principal purpose of cosmetic dentistry can be testified through dental implants technique. The application of it in the cosmetic dentistry market is going to witness an increment at a CAGR of 5.6% throughout 2025. Recently, Ms. Teschmacher from the original 1978 Superman movie, Valerie Perrine suffered Parkinson's disease and underwent brain surgery at the age of 74. The actress was at the verge of losing her teeth as they were getting weak and fragile due to the extreme medications. Finally, she went for permanent dental implants and restored her smile. While cosmetic dentistry is expensive, the Smile Fairies is an organization helping patients, who fail to afford a procedure. Perrine took its help for getting back her sensuous smile of the 70s. Cosmetic dentistry not only restores or repair teeth for aesthetic purposes but also undertakes functional concerns. These dental charity organizations will further convince people to take initiatives to look after their dental health issues more vividly. Besides, Professor Giuseppe Luongo from the University of Naples Federico II, Italy, manifested his progressions of computation modeling and scaffold technology in dental implants, in August 2018. This advancement will yield clinical achievement in both dental and orthopedic implants by the dynamic means of osseointegration. Also, experts at the University of Plymouth in England, researchers from the School of Biological Sciences, and the Peninsula Schools of Medicine and Dentistry have unfolded a special coating, named nanocoating. This combination of titanium oxide, silver, and hydroxyapatite is applied to the titanium post of a dental implant. The nanotoxicology resulted in lesser growth of bacteria on the dental implant surface. This coating, coupled with osseointegration, further heightened the healing speed at the implant site. These path-breaking modifications are going to escalate cosmetic dentistry market demand in the upcoming years.

Cosmetic Dentistry Market Overview in Europe:

The launch of several innovative outcomes across the Europe region, which will be comprehensively recognized in the cosmetic dentistry sector will perceive a notable upsurge in the Europe cosmetic dentistry market in the next years. These innovations after constant R&D aims to improve the appearance of teeth and gum through procedures such as gum depigmentation, gingivectomy, teeth straightening, and others are providing an extreme impact on the Europe cosmetic dentistry market. As of 2018, Europe held the most significant cosmetic dentistry market share of about 35% amidst unprecedented global share that is foreseen to increase in the upcoming years. Here are the few growth drivers that would drive Europe dentistry market –

· Victoria House Foundation Inc.'s (VHF) R5 to Establish a New Trend in the Europe Cosmetic Dentistry Market –

Technological progression is slowly reaching the zenith. Victoria House Foundation Inc. (VHF) executed the latest innovation in the field of cosmetic dentistry. In May 2018, VHF presented an ultra-modern 5-axis grinding and milling machine, named R5. This profoundly automated device with a tenfold blank changer is suitable for both wet and dry machining. R5's unique modification will bestow new possibilities for the cosmetic dentists, which will help in the rise of the cosmetic dentistry market.

· Lifestyle and Attitude of the Swedish population to Generate an Impact on the Europe Dentistry Market –

Researches have been vesting time to gauge variable alterations in society. Contemporary advancements highlight that Swedish adults consider their oral health profoundly. Those suffering from periodontitis have a more negative standpoint towards their dental wellness and are less inclined towards considering help. These findings evince the need for targeted measures to recover the dental hygiene of the country. Hence, this is going to produce a Europe cosmetic dentistry market scope for different end-users.

Cosmetic Dentistry Market Trends & Growth Drivers:

Oral health involving every aspect of one's life is often taken for granted. The systemic diseases often become apparent due to this ignorance. Government has initiated several health programs to lessen oral problems. Cosmetic dentistry market is broadly owing to the improvement of dental health. Here are the growth drivers and trends leading to the cosmetic dentistry market augmentation –

· Diamond Implant in teeth by Beverly Hills Dentist to Benefit the Cosmetic Dentistry Market Vendors –

Many Hollywood celebrities have spent a large sum of fortune to maintain their white teeth. While the common man is following this trend, stars like Hailey Baldwin, Pink, and Katy Perry have taken the trend of cosmetic dentistry to the subsequent level by embedding real diamonds into them. Beverly Hills doctor Rajpal, a well-known celebrity dentist, is adding bling to the smile with this innovation. This addition of real diamonds or Swarovski crystals or other jewels makes one's smile look glamorous. The increasing household disposable income is exponentially giving rise of such innovations. The average net-adjusted disposable income of the top 20% of the OECD countries' population is estimated at around $69,477 a year. Hence, people are bound to spend more on their looks, giving a potential thrust to the cosmetic dentistry market across the world.

· Vericore LLC's ZR Pro Zirconia to Boost the Cosmetic Dentistry Market –

In March 2018, Vericore LLC designed a new tool named ZR Pro Zirconia, which intends to operate on both anterior and posterior sections of a patient's mouth. Its flexural strength and various shaded discs help to produce natural-looking restorations. This new machine is going to attract more patients, and therefore, the cosmetic dentistry market is going to grow in the upcoming years.

· Digital Smile Previews Trend to Drive the Cosmetic Dentistry Market –

One of the fastest evolving trends in cosmetic dentistry is the usage of digital photo enhancement technology. Several cosmetic dentists resort to this to give a preview of a smile before moving towards the makeover. This instills customer trust and increases their conversion rate. So, the cosmetic dentistry market will gain traction by this developing trend. The upcoming years will witness more cosmetic dentistry market companies leveraging the technology to gain more traction from the customers.

· Canada Based 3D System's NextDent 5100 and 18 new NextDent Resins to Pave Prolific Possibilities for Cosmetic Dentistry Market Leaders –

3D Systems brought a revolutionary shift to make a historic mark, in the cosmetic dentistry sector. In February 2018, the Canada-based company introduced NextDent 5100, which is a high-speed 3D printing technology coupled with the industry's broadest portfolio of dental materials. This discovery promises versatile applications, giving unparalleled accurate results, productivity, and repeatability. 3D Systems have also introduced 18 new NextDent resins that would redefine digital dentistry by adding 30 materials to NextDent collection. These factors are expected to contribute to the growth of the cosmetic dentistry market.

· Cosmetic Dentistry Market to Get Leveraged by Usage of Porcelain Veneers –

Dental Veneers division is getting profited by the recent production of porcelain veneers. Their durability for almost 12-15 years is making it more user-friendly. Cosmetic dentists are also inclining towards the implementation of this for better outcomes resulting in the growth of the cosmetic dentistry market.

· The Problem of Gum Diseases Leading to Premature Labor to Contribute to the Cosmetic Dentistry Market Growth –

Recent studies reveal that women entering early labor are more likely to have gum diseases. As per the reports of the World Health Organization (WHO), an estimated 15 million babies are born preterm, every year. This cites a substantial amount of concern towards gum diseases affected pregnant women, which can be quickly taken care of by cosmetic dentistry. Thus, with the growing number of preterm born, the cosmetic dentistry market is going to expand further in the next years.

Cosmetic Dentistry Market: Competitive Landscape

The principal business leaders who are currently holding maximum shares and are focusing on the expansion of their manufacturing capacity to gain an edge over other market players in the cosmetic dentistry market are 3M Company, Danaher Corporation, Dentsply International, Inc., Institut Straumann AG, Zimmer Biomet Holding, Inc., Align Technology, Inc., Sirona Dental Systems, Inc., Biolase, Inc., Planmeca Oy, A-dec Inc., and Q & M Dental Group.

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