Poland Testing, Inspection & Certification Market Predominantly Gaining Traction from the Automotive and Manufacturing Industries While the Industry Players Are Also Identifying Lucrative Opportunities in the Catapulting Construction Activities and Aerospace, Mining, and Energy Sectors

Primarily driven by the booming Polish automotive industry, Poland testing, inspection & certification market is also making strides due to the growing food & beverages industry in the country, which is creating a consistent demand for food testing. The future looks bright for the companies that provide third party or outsourced industrial inspection as there is a substantial demand influx from the manufacturing industry. On the other hand, the infrastructure development is increasing the construction activities across the country which is also supporting the Poland inspection market, mainly because radiographic and ultrasonic testing for leakage detection is an integral part of the industrial construction projects. There are three major infrastructure projects in Poland with hefty investments and abundant scope for the inspection market companies operating in the country. The projects are – development of green areas around the PGE Nation Stadium in Warsaw, protection from floodwaters of Vitsula River, and S6 bypass of the Tri-City Metropolis with $306 million, $690 million, and $380 million worth investments respectively. These infrastructure development projects are significantly increasing Poland testing market that witnessed an impressive valuation of $2.35 billion as of 2018. Furthermore, the Global Infrastructure Hub has projected the infrastructure investment need in Poland to be $24 billion by the end of 2025. This will create a profitable pricing environment for the Poland testing market players.

Another factor that is contributing to Poland certification market growth is the perpetually growing energy and power sector in the country, which is creating lucrative opportunities. The increasing demand for penetrant testing from the plastic, metals, and ceramics market in the country is leading to an enhanced Poland inspection market demand. Auditing has become more stringent in Poland system compliance, and there are opportunities in plenty that are supporting testing market players in the country. Additionally, visual testing is gaining revenues from the industrial equipment market in Poland. The overall increasing demand from the end-user industries will escalate Poland testing, inspection & certification market size at a CAGR of 6.47% during the forecast period 2019-2025.

There is a staggering growth of 23% in the entities imported to Poland between 2017 and 2018. The country witnessed an import of various goods worth $267.7 billion in 2018, according to the International Trade Centre (ITC). Evidently, these goods are inspected and evaluated through electronic devices or by the consignee before the appraisement procedures. The growing import of trade evinces an increment in the certification and valuation of shipments segment of the Poland inspection market.

Poland Testing, Inspection & Certification Market Growth Drivers:

·  Poland Inspection Market Key Application: Automotive Industry –

Poland automotive industry is one of the most sustainable testing market revenue sources, and the forecast period will witness a surge in the requirement for inspection services at a profitable CAGR of 7.85% through to 2025. This is attributable to the production of humongous amount of vehicles in the country. According to the International Organization of Motor Vehicle Manufacturers (OICA), 659,646 number of vehicles were produced in the Poland automotive industry during 2017-18. Inspection is an indispensable part of the automotive industry as it is imperative to quality check the parts of automobile engine and vehicles. While outsourced inspection and certification market may gain revenues from Poland automotive industry growth, the upcoming years are poised to witness a trend of automated testing using machine vision camera, which is already gaining grounds in the country. For instance, STEMMER IMAGING – one of the leading machine vision company in Europe caters testing services to the automotive industry of 19 countries, including Poland.

· The Growing Manufacturing Industry and Opportunities for the Poland Testing Market Players –

Manufacturing is one of the most important industries in Poland that has been contributing to the country’s GDP. According to the World Bank, the manufacturing industry value-added GDP had increased from 15.903% in 2013 to 18.054% in 2016. The growth of the manufacturing industry in the country is giving rise to growth prospects for companies in Poland testing market.

· The Growing Food Testing Requirement in Poland Increasing Poland Inspection Market Size –

Food & beverages industry in Poland is regulated by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development that enforces compliances for veterinary inspection and agriculture & food quality inspection. Poland is the largest food market in Central and Eastern Europe. In 2016, Poland imported $21 billion worth of food, agriculture, and seafood products, according to the latest report by Global Agricultural Information Network (GAIN). This import of food products is leading to a demand for imported food inspection, which in turn, is creating growth prospects in Poland food safety testing market. Furthermore, according to the Polish Investment and Trade Agency, the overall sales value corresponding to the food processing industry translated to $53.08 billion in 2016, which significantly created a demand in Poland inspection market.

· The Polish Aerospace Industry Driving the Testing Market Growth –

The Polish aerospace industry witnessed sales of $1.75 billion in 2016 with a year on year growth of 22%. The aerospace industry is one of the most lucrative sectors for the testing and inspection market players, especially the vendors that provide non-destructive testing (NDT) services. The growth of the Polish aerospace industry is increasing its inspection testing market share in the overall valuation.

·  Poland’s Lucrative Coal Mining Industry and Energy & Power Sector Increasing the Inspection Market Demand –

Poland is the second-largest producer of coal in Europe only exceeded by Germany. Coal mining is on the rise because coal fulfills most of the part of the power requirement in the country. While the growing coal mining industry in the country is creating a demand for safety inspection during the mining activities, the power sector is boosting the outsourced and in-house inspection activities. According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), the electricity consumption in Poland has increased from 144.45 TWh in 2010 to 159.14 TWh in 2016. This increase in electricity consumption is catapulting the operations in power plants, which in turn, is enhancing Poland testing, inspection & certification market demand.

Poland Testing, Inspection & Certification Market – Competitive Landscape:

The players in the Poland inspection market that are forging ahead to increase their revenues are Kiwa NV, SGS S.A., Eurofins Scientific, Bureau Veritas S.A., Intertek Group Plc, DEKRA, TUV SUD, TUV Nord Group, Applus+ IDIADA, TUV Rheinland Group, J.S. Hamilton, and Shield Group.

In February 2017, Kiwa NV innovated its Polyethylene (PE) batch testing method with the latest Strain Hardening Testing (SHT) in order to reduce the magnitude of time taken to execute the inspection process.

In May 2019, Kiwa Inspecta teamed up with FORCE Technology. The merger is envisioned to increase Kiwa’s revenues in Europe inspection market, which will also enhance its Poland testing market share.

In December 2017, Eurofins Scientific announced the successful acquisition of EAG Laboratories for a sum of $780 million. The acquisition will position the organization in the materials and engineering science industry and eventually increase its Poland testing market revenues in the sector.

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