The briskly moving lifestyle of individuals has inclined them to seek convenient eating solutions. Pizza is one of the popular food consumed by people all across the globe, which has eventually lead to the development of the frozen pizza market. Frozen pizza is nowadays considered as a premium food product found in a wide range of varieties such as regular thin crust, extra thin crust, stuffed crust, and deep-dish. Health consciousness amongst people is leading to an increase in the gluten-free and dairy-free frozen pizza trend. With an increase in gluten sensitivity and celiac disease, a few companies introduced a line of dairy-free and gluten-free frozen pizza. Both large and small manufacturers such as Against the Grain Gourmet, Amy’s, and Bold Organics have stepped into and launched their no-dairy gluten-free products in the frozen pizza marketplace. Furthermore, vegan frozen pizzas are gaining huge prominence among vegetarian consumers. The new and existing vendors are introducing new toppings according to the demand in their region. Moreover, the manufacturers are utilizing environmental-friendly processes to manufacture high-quality and innovative frozen quick pizza.

Owing to such innovations by the enterprises, the global frozen pizza market size was evaluated to be $13 billion as of 2018, and the demand for the same is poised to increment at a CAGR of 7% during the forecast period 2019-2025.

North America Dominated Global Frozen Pizza Market Revenue with 35%

As of 2018, the global frozen foods market valued at $57 billion with a growth of 2.6% from 2017 in the U.S. Frozen food category is the major consuming grocery purchased by the consumers of North America. In regards to the vast spending capacities of the North American consumers along with rising demand for convenience and ready-to-eat food products, have increased the requirement of frozen pizza. The innovation in food products such as low-on-artificial-preservative products, whole wheat, multigrain, trans-fat, and low fat are boosting the frozen pizza market in North America. As a result, the consumers spend more time purchasing frozen food or the ingredients such as frozen pizza dough, store-bought pizza dough to cook instant homemade pizza. Millennials and Generation Z are highly dependent on frozen food and are the major consumers of frozen pizza.

With the major frozen pizza brands entering the food industry in North America, these brands are simultaneously innovating the product and creating a little room for the new entrants to enter the market. The business leaders have recently launched a variety of crusts such as cauliflower, pepperoni, fire-roasted vegetable, supreme, and five cheese. In September 2017, Nestle acquired Sweet Earth, a California plant-based food manufacturer. This acquisition allowed Nestle to enhance its product portfolio in the plant-based frozen pizza segment. Customer is more conscious about their health these days and prefers consuming more vegetables and plant-based protein diet, to meet their demand, the enterprises are continuously bringing innovation. Immediately after acquiring Sweet Earth, Nestle invested in Outsiders Pizza Co. The company offers frozen pizzas based on regional styles such as Milwaukee and Detroit.

Frozen Pizza Market Growth Drivers and Trends:

·       Clean Label Ingredients: Generation Z and Millennials are highly dependent on convenient and ready-to-eat food products, due to their busy lifestyles. However, due to growing concerns related to health, they are more particular in checking the packaging of the product owing to this, the clean label trend is a new-must that helps in avoiding artificial ingredients. Boomers are also focused on clean label than millennials as they prefer food rich in vitamins, protein, and fiber. The future of frozen pizza is expected to rise due to an increase in the demand for clean label trend by the consumers. Therefore, the manufacturers these days are more emphasizing on the packaging of the products coupled with a clean label, and this trend is driving the growth of the frozen pizza market.

·       Thin Crust: Thin crust is likely to be one of the top-selling frozen pizza as compared to the other types of pizzas which is projected to grow at a CAGR of 6.5% during the forecast period. Owing to the softer base pf the pizza that increases the demand for thin crust pizza coupled with good eating experience. Additionally, thin-crust pizza is more favored because it contains fewer calories than the regular, deep-dish, and conventional frozen pizza that helps in limiting the calories intake. The growing concerns regarding calorie consumption are expected to spur the thin crust frozen pizza market growth.

·       Hectic Lifestyle of Working Population:  According to the World Bank report, the total labor force in the world recorded in 2018 was 3.4 billion. An increase in the global working populace and their associated hectic lifestyle demand for appropriate frozen food products. This is the primary reason for the growth of the frozen pizza market. For the people suffering from gluten and dairy intolerance, the firms have introduced specialty frozen pizza such as gluten-free and dairy-free pizza which is driving the market growth. Further, the change in the taste and preference, rising disposable income, and increase in the retail outlets are boosting the global frozen pizza market.    

·       Food Chain Services Driving Higher Sales: The largest distribution channel in the world is considered as food chain services. As the digitalization is improving and innovating with the emergence of technology, the customers are becoming more dependent on the ordering food online, which adds value to the food chain services. People prefer to order food online rather than dine out. Owing to an expansion in the number of customers ordering a frozen pizza, online food delivery is growing. For instance, Zomato is considered as one of the most popular online food delivery services globally. According to the India Brand Equity Foundation, as of 2018, Zomato received monthly food orders of more than 21 million in India. In addition to this, it Gross Merchandise Volume (GMV) was evaluated to be $700 million as of 2017 and expected to reach $2.5-3.5 billion by the end of 2021.   

The Major Frontrunners in the Marketplace

Some of the key players in the frozen pizza market are Palermo Villa Inc., Nestle S.A., Freiberger Lebensmittel GmbH & Co. KG., Dr. Oetker GmbH, General Mills Inc., Daiya Foods Inc., Hansen Foods LLC, California Pizza Kitchen Inc., Atkins Nutritionals Inc., and Connie's Pizza. These pioneering companies are utilizing extensive resources on developmental and innovational activities to deliver essential products and solutions to global customers, deliberately strengthening their brand image and setting new trends for the global market.

·        Palermo Villa Acquires Connie Natural L.L.C

In February 2017, Palermo Villa Inc., manufacturer of frozen pizza, acquired the assets of Connie’s Natural LLC of Illinois, frozen pizza producer company. After the acquisition, the Connie Natural will sell their pizzas under Palermo Villa’s brand name. Additionally, Palermo will also handle the distribution of Connie’s products as a part of the agreement signed by both the companies.

·       Freiberger Buys Richelieu Foods

In November 2017, Freiberger Lebensmittel GmbH & Co. KG., a subsidiary of Sudzucker Group, signed a definitive agreement with Richelieu Foods Inc., largest frozen pizza producer in the USA with private label. This acquisition became possible with subject to approval from the U.S. antitrust authorities. The acquisition’s objective was to create a market for frozen pizza by the Sudzucker in Europe. It was also expected that it would help Sudzucker in reducing the random increase in sugar prices. Lately, Sudzucker generated the sales of $3.9 billion in the first half of the year. 

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