The South America grinding and crushing equipment in mining market size was evaluated to be $467.84 million in 2018, and is estimated to be progressing at a CAGR of 4.43% during the forecast period of 2019-2025. The crushing equipment that includes products ranging from jaw crusher, cone crusher, and impact crusher to gyratory crusher is increasing rapidly. The market is gaining substantial traction as the economic interest of China in the region’s mineral reserves is untamed and is pouring determining investments in LACs mining sector. Now, China is the leading mining nation with 23.5% share of the global output in 2017. The Chinese dominance in mining can be confirmed by the fact that the succeeding region’s (USA) output was half of China at 11.5% the same year. Even though China is the world’s largest producer of 31 different mining commodities, it is the largest importer of iron and copper ores and concentrates, with majority of imports from LACs. As calculated by the International Trade Centre (ITC), China in 2018 imported 19.5 million tons of copper ores valued to be $32.7 billion and more than 1000 million tons of iron ores valued to be approximately $75 billion, with substantial purchased from South American countries. Whereas in the list of leading exporters of iron ores, Brazil held the second spot, and the exports of copper were dominated by Chile (1st) and Peru (2nd).

A substantial 54.1% of Brail’s iron ore were purchased by China along with 53.3% and 64.8% of Chile’s and Peru’s copper ores respectively. Similarly, 66% of manganese ores, 95% of chromium ores, and 99% of zinc ores by Brazil were exported to China in 2018. As China is the largest consumer of mineral raw materials globally, its calculated and viable attentiveness in LACs is undeniable, as these nations are amongst the principal producers of iron ore and copper ore in the world. LACs mining sector received approximately $27 billion Chinese FDI during 2003 – 2016. It is a major factor aiding the South America grinding and crushing equipment in mining market share growth. China demands copper to fuel developments in its pivotal power and construction sectors, and also as it is the leading producer of steel globally, demand for iron ore is abundant in the region. Consequently, as the economy of China is gradually gaining sophistication, it necessitates a wider array of mineral produces to maintain its industries. Moreover, declared trade war with the United States has also instigated lucrative tie-ups with other regions as a mandatory solution for Chinese companies. Since South America have a lot of minerals in abundance, China has established itself as a progressively significant market for LACs exports, mostly in the mining sector where imports to Chinese have multiplied in the previous decade. LACs mineral exports to China augmented from 19% of total exports in 2006 to nearly half (45%) in 2016. During 2011-2017, Chinese made an investment of around $4.5 billion in mergers & acquisitions in the mining and metals sector of LACs.

Brazil is the leading region in terms of demand for grinding and crushing equipment in mining market of South America. The second largest producer of iron ores and concentrates globally held 35.73% of the South America grinding and crushing equipment in mining market demand.

South American countries are global leaders in mining of commodities imperative and inevitable for modern batteries:

South American countries including Brazil, Chile and Peru are among the top nations producing an extensive array of metals and minerals globally. These countries hold the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th spot respectively in terms of global export of ores, slag and ash. Now, mining production rate has increased in Latin America by 24.3% during the timeline of 2000 – 2017. The continent in 2017 accounted for 6.6% of global mining production. Analyzing further the country-wise production insights, in 2017 Brazil was reckoned to be the 5th largest manganese producing nation with 6.6% share in global production. The same year Brazil held the second spot in natural graphite production with 9.0% of global share. Similarly, Chile and Argentina held 2nd and 3rd spot among Lithium producing countries with 30.3% and 11.5% share in global production respectively.

All these commodities including lithium, manganese, and graphite are integral constituent of the modern battery technology. Hence, the increasing demand in global battery market is stimulating mining activities in South America. Consequently, it is a major growth driver for South America grinding and crushing equipment in mining market demand. Technologies such as grid power, industrial, and domestic power storage are boosting the growth prospects of global battery market. The advent of electric vehicles and exuberant growth rate in its market is adding further impetus to the market of battery. The growing production including import and export of batteries worldwide offered opportunities worth $115.62 billion in 2018. Since South American countries are dominating the mining of minerals installed in modern batteries, the globally battery market growing at a CAGR of 8.21% (up to 2025) is a major motivator of South America grinding and crushing equipment in mining market share.

Recent developments in South America grinding and crushing equipment in mining market:

As mining is the major constituent of the economy in LACs, it is very essential for the sector to maintain and ecological front for sustainable growth. Hence in 2016, Cámara Argentina de Empresarios Mineros (CAEM), the national mining association in Argentina adopted the Towards Sustainable Mining (TSM) initiative, a corporate social responsibility program developed by the Mining Association of Canada (MAC) to improve ecological and societal drills in the mining industry.

Metso Corporation, a leading player in South America grinding and crushing equipment in mining market accomplished a deal in 2018 to supply technologies for comminution and material handling to iron ore and copper projects South America. The supplies included equipment for several types of crushing and grinding mills. Some of the other players operating in the market are Metso, Sandvik AB, Terex Corporation, Triaso, S.A. de C.V., Weir Group, Remco Industries Inc, Astec Industries, Inc., McCloskey International Ltd., Kawasaki Heavy Industries Ltd., FLSmidth & Co. A/S, thyssenkrupp AG, and Global Crushers.

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