Spray dryer – a commonplace in the food & beverages (F&B) industry for powder production of milk, coffee, tea, egg, enzymes, and other such food products, has a profitable market. The spray drying equipment market is augmented due to the contemporary trend of healthy foods which has created a spur in the production of whey protein that utilizes spray dryer. Additionally, chemicals such as dye and detergents are also powdered using a spray dryer. There is a tangible growth in the demand for dye, due to the growth of the textile industry and the detergent market which has taken a profitable leap in the developing countries. It is also incrementing the spray drying equipment market size. The end-use industries use different types of spray dryers that include industrial spray dryer, fruit dryer machine, laboratory dryer, flash dryer, tray dryer, rotary dryer, meat drying equipment, fluid bed dryer, spin flash dryer, and drum dryer, the choice of which depends upon the requirement. 

Also, spray dryers are used as hoppers on construction sites for drying sand or copper slag for the blasting process. This industrial application boost the Spray Drying Equipment Market size that was evaluated as $4.39 billion in 2018. Spray dryers are also used in chemical industries for drying various chemicals such as zinc oxide and sodium triphosphate. Owing to increasing demand from end-use industries, the players in the spray dryer market are innovating and upgrading their equipment offerings. For instance, GEA Group AG upgraded its product, rotary atomizers for spray dryers which enable better dispersion. This upgradation by GEA helps manufacturers to obtain a spray dryer’s important processing parameters such as particle size, particle size distribution, density, and throughput.

There are also innovations in spray drying technology and it’s quite evident when the 2nd International Conference on Advances in Chemical Engineering and Technology was held on November 16-17 witnessed the development of Spray Flash Evaporation (SPE) which is a technique breakthrough in spray drying equipment market. SPE technique enables much smaller particle size of the material introduced for drying as compared to the conventional spray dryer. 

The current growth of the F&B industry due to the rise in disposable income and a need to fulfill the nutritional requirement of the growing population is leading to prospects to prosper for players in the spray drying equipment market. It is because spray drying equipment plays a vital role in the drying process of processed food. So, the increased demand for food products is catapulting the spray drying equipment market size. Similarly, the demand from other end-use industries will continue to increase in the upcoming years which will lead to a growth in the spray drying equipment market size at a CAGR of 6.86% during the forecast period 2019-2025, according to a recently published spray drying equipment market research report. The report documents the spray drying equipment market size by type and applications, top 5 companies and also by the startups.

North America Spray Drying Equipment Market Share & the Opportunities for the Vendors:

North America is analyzed to be the most lucrative region with the maximum spray drying equipment market share of 30% in 2018. Despite the high operational cost of spray dryers and exuded consumption of thermal energy during the process of drying, North America spray drying equipment market is thriving, owing to stable economy and consistent demand from the F&B, pharmaceutical, and chemical industry.

· The North America F&B Industry: A Favorable Spray Dryer Marketplace–

The F&B industry increasing in the region, owing to high disposable income of North America’s working population, especially in the U.S., Mexico, and Canada. . The consumption of flavorings under spray drying has been increasing in North American countries, owing to the convenience food retail market growth in the region. Furthermore, the growing concerns related to obesity is making the populace resort to healthy foods and this has created a demand influx for whey protein that provides nutrition, flavor, and functionality. Whey protein undergoes drying before consumption, and hence, the growing whey protein market in North American countries is supporting the spray drying equipment market growth.

· The U.S. Pharmaceutical Industry: A Profitable Spray Drying Equipment Marketplace for the Vendors –

North American countries, especially the U.S. boasts of an impressive healthcare infrastructure which reflects in the country’s booming pharmaceutical industry. The U.S. houses world’s largest pharmaceutical industry which witnessed a high revenue of $453 billion in 2017. Many of the pharmaceutical drugs are dried using spray dryer to obtain the powdered form. Furthermore, the U.S. is poised to have 41% share in the projected more than $1 trillion pharmaceutical market by the end of 2020. Hence, booming pharmaceutical industry is one of the most lucrative spray drying equipment marketplace for the vendors targeting the U.S.

· The Canadian Chemical Industry Creating a Demand Influx in the Spray Dryers Market –

Canadian Chemical Industry contributes significantly to the country’s economy and the industry was valued around$52 billion in 2017. The Chemical The industry of Canada is one of the most lucrative end-users for the spray drying equipment market.

The growth of the North America spray drying equipment market can be further gauged by the growing import of entities of the parent industry that includes spray dryers. Below mentioned table signifies the growth in the import value during 2018–

Table 1 – The Import Value Corresponding to the Parent Industry of Spray Dryers

Sr. No.


Import Value Corresponding to the Parent Industry

(USD Billion)

Year on Year Change














Import Value Data Source – ITC

The above table shows rise in the import of machines of the parent industry which implies the growth in the demand for spray dryers – a significant segment of the industry. This, in turn, shows the spray drying equipment market growth in North America.

Spray Drying Equipment Market: Key Application–

The key application in the spray drying equipment market is nozzle atomizer by type. This application segment is projected to grow at a CAGR of 5.7% through to 2025. This is attributable to the technical advantage of nozzle atomizer that makes it useful in a gamut of industries such as pharmaceutical, chemical, and others. Nozzle atomizer is more energy-efficient than other spray dryers, as it provides more area, thereby accelerating the process of drying. Furthermore, in industries such as chemical and pharmaceutical, the feed rate is more because of which nozzle atomizers are more suitable than other types of spray drying equipment. With the growth of the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, the demand for nozzle atomizers will increase over the forecast period.

Global Spray Drying Equipment Market Growth Drivers–

· The Global Pharmaceutical Boom Creating a Profitable Environment for the Spray Dryers Market –

The International Federation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association (IFPMA) has projected that the global pharmaceutical market is poised to attain a valuation of $1,430 billion by the end of 2020. This forecast period will witness a growth in the pharmaceutical industry in emerging economies such as India, wherein the country’s government envisions India as the largest manufacturer of drugs in its program called “Pharma Vision 2020”. Hence, the growth of the global pharmaceutical industry will lead to an increment in the spray drying equipment market size.

· The Spray Drying Equipment Market Demand in the Global Manufacturing Industry –

The manufacturing industry contributed with 15.646% in the global GDP during 2017. Sustainable industrial development is a prime target of the United Nations in its sustainable development goals (SDGs). It will augment the manufacturing activities across the globe in order to fulfill the demand for goods by the increasing population. These production activities include the manufacturing of chemicals that are dried using spray dryers. Henceforth, the growth of the manufacturing industry will increase the spray drying equipment market size.

Spray Drying Equipment Market Companies:

The companies with the maximum spray drying equipment market share are GEA Group AG; G. Larsson Starch Technology AB; SPX FLOW, Inc.; Dedert Corporation; Shandong Tianli Drying Technology and Equipment Co., Ltd.; Hemraj Enterprises, New AVM Systech Pvt. Ltd.; BÜCHI Labortechnik AG; Yamato Scientific America, Inc.; Swenson Technology, Inc.; Tetra Pak International S.A.; Saka Engineering Systems Private Ltd.; Tetra Pak International S.A.; and Acmefil Engineering Systems Pvt. Ltd.

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