Emergence Of Antifreeze Proteins: A Novel Breakthrough In The Food Industry

The food and beverage industry is experiencing rampant growth in the past few decades in terms of output as well as technological developments and innovations. Propelled by several scientific advancements and global trends such as emphasis of consumers on nutrition and the organic food boom, this industry is gaining economic profit significantly. The energy supplements, anti-freezing proteins (AFPs) that can interact with membrane proteins, have emerged as a breakthrough scope for the food and beverage industry to increase its global footprint as it enhances the perseverance and storage timeline of products. The trend of processed food is on the rise and the retail sector is witnessing an organized structure in the form of supermarkets and hypermarkets. Consequently, as the food and beverage market accomplishes new peaks, the antifreeze proteins market size is likely to acquire significant prospects in the forthcoming years. The nascent global Antifreeze Proteins Market generated a revenue of $3.3 million in the year 2018. Also, this market is likely to generate huge prospects during the forecasted period of 2019-2025. Resultantly, the antifreeze proteins market will increase at a robust CAGR of 31.9% during this period. Limiting the formation of ice crystals, antifreeze proteins have prominent application in the frozen food products such as frozen yogurt, ice cream, ice milk, and other frozen desserts. Besides, it also promotes the shelf life of these products. Concurrently, AFPs are widely adopted by the frozen gourmet and beverage industry as the organic trend is gaining prominence in the food industry. In the year 2017, nearly 1.4 billion gallons of frozen desserts were manufactured in the United States. Furthermore, annually, more than 23 pounds of ice cream is consumed by an average American. This statistic highlights the requirement of advanced freeze-tolerant solutions by the manufacturing companies to avoid ice crystallization of the frozen products.

North America is the main region undergoing major developments relating to the application of AFPs in several industrial sectors. Consequently, it contributed a regional share of 35% in the year 2018 and will gather huge end-user demand in the forthcoming years. Apart from a prospering frozen dessert industry in the U.S., the healthcare and paints industry is also acquiring a huge economic benefit in this region. The U.S. exported nearly $2.3 billion of paints and coatings products in the year 2017. Being a cold region country, it requires effective paint coatings to provide a protective shielding to the ice and frost thereby relying on the AFPs. Furthermore, North America also dominates the global cryosurgery and cryotherapy market with 34% regional share in 2018. Being largely utilized in cryosurgery and cryopreservation of organs, antifreeze proteins will generate huge demand from this section in this region. Significantly, these factors will eventually push forth the antifreeze proteins market scopes in North America in the upcoming years.

Health Solutions Proffered By The Utilization Of Antifreeze Proteins:

Cryosurgery and cryopreservation have been the most effective solution to the donors and recipients of organs, tissues, blood, and others. The global cryosurgery and cryotherapy market generated a revenue of $1.95 billion in 2018. This data signifies the resultant prospect for the antifreeze proteins market whereby it will leverage huge economic output in recent times. Approximately 36,528 transplants were performed in the year 2018 alone in the United States. Additionally, 113,000 people required transplant in the U.S. as of January 2019. This indicatesthe scope for the antifreeze proteins market which will gain huge demand owing to the rising number of awaiting organ transplant patients. Furthermore,  around 2,455 patients donated organs in 2018 in Europe. With this statistic of donors, there is a need for cryopreservation technique thereby making scope for the antifreeze proteins market to flourish in this region. Apart from a prominent application in the cryonic services, antifreeze proteins are also utilized in treating hypothermia and transfusion procedures. This novel development will transform the modern healthcare industry with precision solutions in vital medical applications. Consequently, the medical application of antifreeze proteins is anticipated to increase at an outstanding CAGR of 30% through to 2025.

Application In Paint And Coatings Industry:

Overseas countries and other cold geographical regions are constantly encountered with frost and icing problems. This hinders the quality of buildings and houses in these regions becoming a major concern of the residential people gradually. However, with the advent of antifreeze proteins in the global market, the paint and coatings industry is largely benefited from its incorporation in varnish cans. Significantly, these AFPSA-based varnish coatings are claimed to protect the varnished surfaces from outside frost and cold weather simultaneously. Keeping eye on this ice-inhibiting property, several researches have been conducted to produce sustainable and efficient AFPs from biological samples of fishes and the Antarctic microbial. As a result, this new approach towards freezing inhibiting products from organic sources is likely to expedite the global antifreeze proteins market growth.

Pioneering Companies And Their Product Profiling:

The global antifreeze proteins market is rapidly expanding in recent times owing to its wide application and suitability for several industrial purposes. Several AFPs companies are constantly investing a massive amount of money into R&D activities whereby gaining scopes to increase the business footprint in many countries. Also, they strategize new marketing techniques and innovate unique freeze-tolerant solutions whereby strengthening their customer base. Some of the prominent players among the antifreeze proteins market top 10 companies include Unilever, Aqua Bounty Technologies Inc., A/F Protein Inc., Kaneka Corporation, and Sirona Biochem.

 ~ The global biotechnology company, AquaBounty Technologies focused on a novel commercial application of the antifreeze proteins recently. They triggered a new solution for the Atlantic salmon fish to sustain the cold conditions in the Arctic waters. Since salmons are largely farmed and offer a good source of economic profit, the researchers cultured these fishes with AFPs. Consequently, these genetically modified salmons will extract surplus profit for the antifreeze proteins market in the forthcoming years.

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